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  1. Thanks, but it's not about finding the information (easy enough to do with the Internet), as it is about helping fans appreciate the team. Only dedicated fans/sports history buffs are going to seek out the Wiki pages of former Tigers. But even though the Royals have relatively little to brag about, and I've never given them much thought, going through that little museum really helped me appreciate what they have done. It was fun to get immersed in Royals "lore," if only briefly. I think something like that goes a long way toward helping fans embrace the team.
  2. I never got to see him play, but my parents got my name from him. Aurie's a weird case, because he's obviously well below any player with a retired jersey (or even several up for debate, like Shanny, Fedorov, or Ozzie). And I know and admire that the Wings hold high standards for retiring a jersey. But he's a (back-to-back Cup-winning) Red Wing, and retroactively "un-retiring" him (yes I know the number's not in circulation) just seems disrespectful. It doesn't "take away" from the other retired jerseys. It was in the franchise's infancy and a special case; I think people could understand that. I enjoy looking into the history of my teams, which is what brought Kelly to my attention, even though I obviously never saw him play. It's a really strange case, because as far as numbers, award votes, and writers from the day go, his impact was easily comparable to Lindsay, Abel, or Sawchuk's. He was active in all four Cup playoff runs (which Howe, Abel, Sawchuk, and Delvecchio can't say), he was a captain, and though he only won one Norris, he was the only unanimous All-Star d-man for the three years prior to the award's creation. He's easily one of the Wings' top two defensemen. He clashed with Adams and got sent packing, but so did Lindsay. Adams was notoriously controlling of players, so I find it questionable to hold that against Kelly. Is it because he had the nerve to find further success with Toronto after Adams wanted no part of him anymore? I agree that it probably won't happen at this point; I just enjoy discussing the historical side of sports and it really seems like he's earned it (and it'd be nice to do while he's still alive).
  3. Red Kelly deserves a jersey retirement before anyone else (though Lidstrom's is obviously going up next). It's a joke that it hasn't happened yet. And of course, Aurie needs to be re-retired, but that's more a matter of principle. Congrats to Cheli and Shanny regardless!
  4. I was in KC for the Fourth of July weekend, and attended a Royals game for the first time. I like the stadium, and was especially intrigued by the Hall of Fame museum they have. I know the Tigers have their "through the decades" laid out in Comerica's concourse. But is there anywhere that celebrates Tigers history in the detail that the Royals' museum does for them? I know there's a Michigan Sports Hall of Fame, but I've never went there. How does it compare?
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