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  1. Does anyone have any contact info on promoter for Redford show, last time petry was at Taylor they only had glossy photos and I need to see if he will have any matte this time
  2. Has anyone here been to a Willie Horton signing and know if he has the I Am Loved photos there for sale or know where I can get one.
  3. Thank you so much for clearing this up
  4. Howard Johnson November 15th at The Redford Show. $25 any item,$20 card,$10 Inscription
  5. March 15 Redford Show will have 84 Tiger John Grubb
  6. Does anyone have info on Feb 15 redford show?
  7. Does anyone know the price of Denny this weekend at Gibraltar?
  8. Any word on who will be at next redford show ?
  9. I am wondering what is the best to use for autographing a authentic lions helmet a blue sharpie or blue paint pen, I see different photos online and some are more bolder and wondering if that is the paint pen.
  10. Thanks for all the information.
  11. Any word on who will be at next redford show and where can I find information on Al Kaline signing June 7th.
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