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  1. Upcoming signings

    Here are the flyers for the next Taylor Town and Redford shows in January. If you do not already have Wayne Comer's autograph you may want to consider getting him. The 73 year old is a member of the 1968 WS Champion Tigers and an original Seattle Pilot and Milwaukee Brewer. I will not be able to attend next week's event in Troy. Hopefully, somebody can post the flyer or type the signer information for their January show. Thanks.
  2. Upcoming signings

    Thanks AHarvey. Jack Morris' autographed ball with an inscription has gone up $10 since the past summer. Once he makes the HOF, I bet he will be charging double from this upcoming show.
  3. Upcoming signings

    Yes you did Stanpapi! I attended both the Redford Show and Taylortown shows today. I needed to get Roger Masons autograph on an offcial MLB ball. Not very busy at either venue while I was there. No line for either Mickey Stanley (1130 am) or Mason (1 pm).
  4. Upcoming signings

    I just returned from today's show featuring Lance Parrish and the hockey Hatcher brothers. Good show with great tables. Lance was real personable. I asked him about Christian Stewart and he said although his defense has become better this past year he doesn't think he will be able to improve much more. He's definitely a leftfielder, not a rightfielder. I also asked him about Grayson Greiner and he emphatically stated that Greiner is a major league defensive catcher right now but need to improve his hitting and strikeout ratio. Lance told me he will be back to manage Erie again next season. Next show in Troy in November has Howard Johnson and darrell Evans:
  5. Upcoming signings

    Taylor Town and Redford new flyers for November:
  6. Upcoming signings

    I didn't see a flyer for the Taylor Town show next month but Troy will have a show in October.
  7. Upcoming signings

    Willie Horton and Dave Rozema are scheduled for the September Taylortown show:
  8. Upcoming signings

    Pretty sparse crowd at Redford today for Doug Bair. Not too many card tables either as August is vacation month. Here is the flyer for the September show with Frank Tanana as the signer.
  9. Upcoming signings

    Got Jack Morris' autograph with an inscription today on a ball. Not as long a line as i would expect in Redford. I was #104 at about noon and there were only 5 people behind me. Please note that there is no Redford show next month. Doug Bair signing is for the August show. Joe Kocur and Ray Lane are signing in Taylor in very early July.
  10. Upcoming signings

  11. Upcoming signings

  12. Upcoming signings

    I picked up these three flyers at today's Redford VFW Show. Ron Leflore at Taylortown in May Mickey Lolich at the Redford VFW in May and Jack Morrs at the Redford VFW in June.
  13. Upcoming signings

    Mike Laga will be the signer at April's Redford VFW Show. Sunday, April 9th -11a - 1pm, $12 and item, $10 per card. Anthony Carter will be at Taylor Town Trade Center Sat. April 1st, $20 any item. Braylo Edwards will also be there April 1st, 2-4pm $30 any item. Combo ticket for both is $45. Brad Park will be at Taylor Town on Sunday, April 2nd 12-2 pm. $30 - puck, photo, lithograph, poster, other flats. $40 - stick, jersey, jerey number, equipment. $20 - card. Each signature includes a complementary HOF inscription. Additional subscriptions $10 each.
  14. Upcoming signings

    I saw the flyer for the next Redford Show on Sunday, March 12. Former Tiger ss Mark Wagner will be signing from 11 am until 1pm. $10 any item and $7.00 for a card.