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  1. Tiger Autos Wanted

    PM me your address. I have a bunch I will give you. Jim
  2. 2016 collecting goals

    Do you still need Nesbitt, Hardy, Norris and Boyd? I can help with them.
  3. Upcoming signings

    From Twitter:
  4. Upcoming signings

    I received McCann, Zimmermann, Fulmer, and Lowe back. Still waiting on Pelfrey. Sent theme all together early in the season.
  5. Does the Tiger foundation use blue sharpies for the cards or did you send one. I am getting ready to send some in and need to know if i should send blue sharpie with cards.



    1. JimDavison


      I have gotten 4 returns throughout the years and I always write Blue Sharpie Please on a post it note stuck to the top loader.  They have all come back in blue.  Hope this helps.


  6. June 2016 Successes

    Anthony Gose signed for autograph Sunday in Toledo today..
  7. June 2016 Successes

    He was the only guy I needed and did not get at spring training.... $10 to AFAC was well worth it.
  8. Upcoming signings

    Victor, Kinsler, Upton, and others... http://detroit.tigers.mlb.com/det/community/playerappearances.jsp
  9. Upcoming signings

    Chet Lemon will only be doing a private signing. From Marc Himelstein: It is only a private signing.His flight arrangements did not allow for enough time to do a public signing.
  10. Upcoming signings

    How's that? I saw it on another site and lifted it.

    Supper excited to get this ttm from one my favorite (former) players!

    Had a great time at my first Tiger spring training. I'm glad I could help a few collectors on this site. We were pretty lucky to have the construction setup this year. I ran out of cards and left with 39/40 baseballs for my 40 man roster collection. Some how Jordan Zimmerman managed to avoid me all week! Thanks to Dave for showing me the ropes. If anyone needs anything from the Mud Hens or the Sea Wolves this year let me know. Here are a few pictures of my successes.
  13. February 2016 Successes

    Well Dave (detroittigerfan)? Too many to list
  14. January 2016 Successes

    The reason I keep going back to Tigerfest...