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  1. You look pretty close to him!
  2. Tradition be damned. No one loses when they get the call right. It's that simple.
  3. De La Cruz, 23, compiled a 5-6 record, 4.19 ERA and 95 strikeouts in 86 innings with Double-A Akron in 2011. Freep.
  4. postseason.tv - For only $3.99 you can watch along with the TBS version. It's pretty snazzy. Here is how it looks on my iPad:
  5. Did anyone notice Bert call Mario out? Inge struckout swinging and Mario said something like, "He's out on what lookd like ball that was low and away." Bert blurted out, "That wasn't low and away!"
  6. Was watching the Cardinals game earlier and noticed how their camera angle is different then we normally see for the Tigers. I think I've seen the Cubs use angle too. What do you guys think? I liked it a lot better. Compared to the FSD angle:
  7. I'm the exact opposite. If we did it, I would love it. 3-1 is too close of a game. Get one base any way possible.
  8. Here's the patch the tigers will wear in honor of Sparky via Jason Beck on twitter.
  9. That's what I was screaming! We would've got the ball back!
  10. That would be awesome. Before today, I thought the only thing standing in our way was Wisconsin. With this big win, I have very high hopes for this season. I'm not guessing 12 wins, but 10 wins seems within reach!
  11. The Spartans offense is going to put on a clinic next week in Ann Arbor.
  12. We are 10 games out of first place and 15 out of the wild card. To make the playoffs, we are going to have a lot of things go our way. But, I refuse to believe this season is over with. At least not yet... Look at the remaining games, if the Tigers can get their act together, they can do this: Royals - 2 @ Blue Jays - 3 @ Twins - 3 @ KC - 2 White Sox - 4 Orioles - 3 @ Rangers - 2 @ White Sox - 3 Royals - 3 Twins - 3 @ Indians - 3 @ Orioles - 4
  13. I know, but he I've loved him since I was in elementary school and I can't let go.
  14. This is how my Tigers widget normally is displayed: But I can't stand to look at those "L's" So I just changed the view: It was cathartic.
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