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  1. If someone has to block that many people, maybe they are the ones who aren't rational?
  2. Gribbs was a one term mayor between Kavanaugh and Young. He was the last white mayor until Duggan. My mom worked for the city during the Archer and Kilpatrick administration and there was a stark difference between the two. Archer kept the city solvent and got the stadiums and casinos built which Kilpatrick took credit for. The city still had middle class neighborhoods under Archer and functioning city services. That all started to decline after he left. When Kwame took over, it was also the beginning of the Kwame friends and family plan. He created high paying jobs in the city and hired all his friends and family.
  3. The anchor didn't have a maniacal laugh at least.
  4. Dennis Archer was between Young and Kilpatrick. Those were good times. Bing came after Kilpatrick after Cockrell was mayor for a minute.
  5. I plan to vote in the Republican primary for whoever Whitmer stands the best chance of beating.
  6. I think they are basing on zip code. In my precinct, the vote tilts Democratic but father north is Republican.
  7. He's going to lose the city of Detroit no matter what. It's the suburbs, and in particular Macomb County, where he will do well. The issue would be being able to make it through the primary as a non Trumper. If he goes Trump, I don't think he beats Whitmer and he really leaves himself in a precarious position if he has to go back as chief being a Trumper.
  8. I do agree Craig would be a very formidable opponent to Whitmer. I think he will play well in the suburbs. He hasn't shown in nutcase tendencies and will run on law and order. Detroit hasn't had issues with riots and was transparent in their cop related shootings. Whitmer can't really attack him on the crime in Detroit since she's the governor. He also could peal off a few more blacks as I feel he has more appeal than John James to the black community.
  9. I can't wait until the Republicans who fear mongered about the inner city violence coming to the suburbs try to convince us to elect the police chief of one of the most violent cities in the developed world.
  10. We get it. You scrutinized her. What exactly do you want from us?
  11. Crime has decreased significantly since the crime bill. Not specifically in Detroit. Detroit doesn't even really enforce minor crimes anymore. I think the green light program is debatable. The city's violent crime rate is not declining.
  12. I don't know what you want. She didn't want people to go on spring break in Florida. Do you want a recall vote? Put her in stocks in front of the capitol? Sorry if I can't work up enough angst about visiting an ailing father.
  13. Makes sense since one of his ideas to reduce some of the highest gun violence in the world among developed countries is more guns.
  14. Any reports from bakeries on whether Saban's wife acquired a Maze and Blue cake?
  15. She never said you couldn't visit an ailing relative. She cautioned against going on spring break in Florida. You're really trying hard for a gotcha moment.
  16. Jesus Christ we're still going on about Whitmer visiting her father? Nobody cares and nobody would care if Snyder visited his ailing father. Nobody would care if Trump did the same thing. Where do you draw the line on what is transparent? Do we need to know whenever she has a bowel movement?
  17. Wonder what Football Team fans think about building Lions east?
  18. I have this concern as well. Whitmer has a decent chance of winning re-election but a Republican will be governor of Michigan. It's not a matter of if but when. Once that happens, Michigan will be cramming through all sorts of voter suppression bills. Here's another terrifying thought. Biden won the popular vote by 7 million votes. The election really came down to some 40,000 votes. Trump only needed 40,000 more votes in select states and his 7 million popular vote lose would have meant nothing.
  19. I live in an inner ring suburb and houses are selling for more than they ever have. I teased mine on the market and already received full price offers.
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