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  1. I typed in Google "Biden are you a junkie" and literally every mainstream media outlet has a report on it. What is the appropriate level of coverage it would need to satisfy you?
  2. I have to imagine the Las Vegas market goes well into Arizona, the Twin Cities market into Wisconsin, and probably some Colorado markets into Montana where the senate race is competitive.
  3. I don't think Virginia, Colorado, Minnesota or Nevada are in play. I'm betting those states are on the low end in funding but still don't want to sleep on them. Just another thought, given that Biden isn't traveling the country doing rallies like he typically would, doesn't that free up cash? He should have more cash that can be spend on ads in states that are pretty safe.
  4. I love how people like Whitmer and Obama can roll with the punches and Trump will go out and whine about why nobody likes him.
  5. We should be asking ourselves why are Republican presidencies ending in national nightmares?
  6. Biden could still win if he loses Wisconsin but wins those two.
  7. The ensuing caravan will arrive at the US border just in time for the election.
  8. Never thought of Maine 2 or Omaha. Spending in Maine makes sense if you can drive up the Biden vote and vote out Collins. I always thought vote by mail favored Republicans which makes it bizarre the attacks and the fact Republicans don't say much to stop him.
  9. Depends on what Biden is considering battleground. He may be considering states like Virginia and Colorado as battlegrounds even though they should be pretty safe. I wasn't even thinking of Maine and New Mexico being battlegrounds.
  10. Just donated to Harrison's campaign. Might as well put that Trump signed stimulus check to good use.
  11. Some that come to mind as actual names of bands: Three Dog Night The Stooges Confederate Railroad The Pretenders Poison The Kinks The Cult
  12. I also seem to remember some conflict happened overseas and Obama knew more about it than McCain and foreign policy was suppose to be McCain's strength.
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