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  1. I don't know, I don't think this thread is going to concede.
  2. I have to say, reading the first couple pages of this thread was classic. Seeing Never Trumpers accuse Democrats of voter fraud and even bringing up fraud in Philadelphia in 2012. Trumpers picked up the fraud football the Never Trumpers put down and ran with it. I also never knew Al Franken won his senate seat because of widespread fraud.
  3. North Carolina has the same population as Michigan and the same number of votes. Biden won Michigan by a margin that was double Trump's victory in North Carolina. There are no lawsuits in North Carolina and no questions on whether North Carolina is going to certify the vote.
  4. Who would have thought the guy caught with his hand down his pants would look like a fool?
  5. Just wait until Hunter gets his cabinet position.
  6. After seeing his wife on Instagram, he probably wanted to be out of the house.
  7. Joe Dumars actually built a championship team and Presti hasn't so it should probably be he makes Sam Presti look like Joe Dumars. By the way, wasn't Jordan the GM in Washington when Hamilton was traded for Stackhouse?
  8. Remember when we were talking about Whitmer acting unilaterally and not with state government? Here's the state government at work.
  9. I feel like in 20 years from now, when they do a documentary on starving children in Africa, we'll see them wearing MAGA hats, an Aubry Huff Orioles jersey and sleeping on a MyPillow.
  10. Fun Fact. If Joe Biden's margin of victory in Michigan were a city, it would be the third largest city in the state behind Grand Rapids and ahead of Warren.
  11. Someone refresh my memory. Isn't there any election security bill sitting on McConnell's desk? The Republicans, who are so concerned about election security, have been sitting for months (years?) on an election security bill haven't they?
  12. The Trump cult is strong. I'm reading a post about a pre-production Hellcat Durango stolen in Detroit so of course one of the replies is about Biden. I kindly point out according to the owner's story the truck was stolen in St Clair Shores which is in Macomb County that Trump won and Trump won the city of St Clair Shores. I was then told to suck Trump's dick. They really bring the logic.
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