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  1. Paul LePage is literally the reason Maine changed their voting system so someone like him would not get elected again.
  2. He also had one of the worst approval rates in the country and never won with a majority.
  3. Let's not forget LePage won with only 37% of the vote in a crowded election.
  4. When was the last time Maine voted for a Republican for the presidency? Susan Collins is literally the only Republican in the federal government from all of New England.
  5. I can't be an worse than she is. She is one of the most unpopular senators in the country.
  6. I said she should have. It's too late now. I didn't say she should think like me. She should think like the people of Maine.
  7. I completely forgot about him until this thread. I can still picture that chin beard thing he had going.
  8. The last poll had her down 12 and Biden winning big. Biden is going to carry the state so we'll see if Mainers are as willing to split the ballot as they were in 2008. Her approval rating has also plummeted.
  9. Meanwhile, at 78 years old, Joe Biden is the front runner to be president and the top three Democratic candidates were over 70 years old. I'm not sure Maine is becoming more and more liberal. Maine has an old population and their other senator is an independent. If she switched parties when Trump became president, she could have voted no on Kavanaugh and wouldn't have had to coddle Trump.
  10. Perhaps she should have just switched parties. She probably could have won as a moderate Democrat.
  11. That's what I mean. Republicans in 1996 are probably even moderate Democrats today so I don't think her playing to Trumpers in a state that a Democrat is going to win the presidential election is good strategy.
  12. Susan Collins has been in the senate since 1996. Is her base really Trumpers? Maine has voted for Democrats on the same ticket as Collins. She's already losing so she needs to bring some Democrats to her side and taking part in ramming through a supreme court justice is not going to do it.
  13. I could see moderate senators up for election in 2022 from purple states. Susan Collins has had a bullseye on her back ever since her Kavanaugh debacle.
  14. Probably not in Maine. The biggest reason Collins is in trouble is for voting for a conservative justice. Voters will also look at the hypocrisy. This is only going to be in a states that may be blue such as Maine, Colorado, North Carolina, Arizona.
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