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  1. Whether it's illegal or not, I don't think you should be taping officers private conversations without permission because of their race. That is a fireable offense where I work.
  2. So it appears Mayor Pete fired a police chief who is under federal investigation for illegally wire taping white officers. I have to imagine if he fired a white police chief for wire taping black officers, this wouldn't be an issue. Not enough to change my opinion.
  3. Either way, I don't see all the Democratic senators on board with removing Trump let alone getting enough Republicans on board. It's also one thing to support liberal policies and another to remove a president with a net approval rating in your state.
  4. Tester squeaked out a win in Montana. If polls show he may lose by voting to remove Trump, I doubt he does.
  5. We could do much worse than Manchin from West Virginia. I don't think Doug Jones is winning regardless.
  6. If Bernie Sanders can't essentially win his home state, he has no business being in the race.
  7. I'm not even convinced all the Democratic senators would vote for removal, let alone Republicans. Is Joe Manchin in ruby red West Virginia where Trump is most popular going to vote to remove Trump? Jon Tester in Montana? Doug Jones is probably a lame duck senator so he may vote for removal. I'm also not sure what in that letter from Romney makes these never Trump Republicans think he would be some deciding vote. He seemed to make it clear Trump shouldn't be removed from office and then rambled on like he has some sort of moral compass. Romney is a tool. He and Sasse are the worst. At least the other Republican senators don't pretend.
  8. Didn't start as we never talked to a Russian in our lives, to well we talked once about adoptions, to finally there's nothing wrong with getting info from the Russians.
  9. Mom asked what we should do for Easter. I said lets have a Walking Dead marathon. Didn't go over well.
  10. Joe Biden wasn't drafted. Trump dodged the draft. I really have no problem with Trump dodging the draft. My dad was drafted and he said if he had to do it all over again he would have dodged too. The issue is Trump's attacks on McCain who did serve. It's all about Trump's insecurity. Trump was too scared to go to Vietnam and could not stand McCain being celebrated as a hero for doing something he was too weak to do so he had to lash out.
  11. Nothing to worry about here. His handpicked attorney general cleared him despite the actual report saying otherwise. Good thing he fired Sessions to hire Barr who will clear him. Meanwhile, Hillary has been cleared and this same tribe still chants lock her up.
  12. Meh, if Trump does get impeached, Romney is a no vote. Book it. He and Sasse are cut from the same cloth. All lip service and no action.
  13. No, the report didn't debunk coordination whatsoever with Russia.
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