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  1. When hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey and Christie needed help, did Obama call Chris Christie Chris Crisco?
  2. I get it now. Guess I wasn't reading it as if I were a 3rd grader.
  3. Can someone tell me what Gretchen "Half" Whitmer means? I seriously have no clue.
  4. I guess it's up to Whitmer to fix the damn Coronavirus since Trump can't.
  5. Trump's attacks on Michigan remind me of the age old saying "don't **** where you eat." Maybe he does think he can win Washington instead. He only called their governor a snake.
  6. Probably about 45% of Michiganders will vote for him.
  7. Former Trumper. Not sure if he's from Michigan or a state that matters.
  8. "That woman" needs to be a rallying cry like deplorables was to Trumpers.
  9. Trump withholding aid to Michigan unless the governor complies? I feel like I've heard of something similar? Maybe Susan Collins can chime in on any lessons learned.
  10. I always wonder why they assume the next Venezuela but not Norway?
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