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  1. Clinton didn't force the system into knots. If Clinton damaged the entire Republic as you claim, the senate is at fault for not convicting him. That includes Republicans too.
  2. Trump is their dominatrix. He tells the Republicans what to do. He says lick his boots and they say thank you master.
  3. Wait, I thought Trump wanted this impeachment so witnesses at his senate trial can flip the script on Democrats?
  4. Maybe their cause is so awful it cannot be helped.
  5. I also find it funny when Papi whines about former presidents whose net worth increased after their presidency. Giuliani's net worth increased substantially after 9/11. He also tried to use 9/11 to get an extension on his term and run for a third term.
  6. Giuliani was only mayor for some four months after 9/11. He lied about how often he was at ground zero. He moved NYC emergency command to the WTC against all advice after the WTC had been targeted by terrorists in the past. Like Joe Biden said, a Giuliani sentence consists of three things; a noun, a verb and 9/11. He used 9/11 to his political advantage.
  7. What the ****, I'll just ask. Who, on vacation in Mongolia, decides to just shoot a sheep? I get Eric Trump doing it since he looks like he would be ready to suck the blood out of the sheep.
  8. He hasn't filed any bankruptcies that I'm aware of. Pass.
  9. I can't listen/watch to anything he says. I think it's been at least a year since I actually listened to him.
  10. I don't think Trump will allow us to not hear about the presidency every day of our lives. He's going to whine everyday if he loses. Never Trumpers will do what they can to make sure Biden is one and done, and Trump will likely try again in 2024.
  11. Trump probably knows better than anyone what a fake orgasm looks like.
  12. I think it's ironic since Hillary won the popular vote but since she ran up the score in California and New York, their votes were ignored.
  13. Jim Comey Helped Trump win the election by going public with an email investigation but ****** him over.
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