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  1. Motown Bombers

    POTUS Impeachment Watch

    But if he kept his mouth shut, Trump wouldn't believe him down the road if he were to ever testify in front of the senate. It's a no win situation.
  2. Motown Bombers

    POTUS Impeachment Watch

    My news media consumption consists of whatever is posted here, minus whatever papi says.
  3. Motown Bombers

    An Insidious Trend

    The new ingredient was probably one of his bodily fluids.
  4. Motown Bombers

    2018 Midterm Elections

    I never thought Detroit would vote a white man over someone named Coleman Young but it happened.
  5. Motown Bombers

    POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Why couldn't Trump have been owned by Norway and Sweden instead of Russia and Saudi Arabia? This way they could have forced him to provide Americans with things like universal health care.
  6. Motown Bombers

    2018 Midterm Elections

    John James knows exactly what he's doing. He's way behind so he needs to be desperate. This will rally up the base because the liberal media is out to get him with this gotcha moment. Now he also gets free name recognition. I see no negative effect from this for James.
  7. Motown Bombers

    POTUS Impeachment Watch

    I agree. It also depends on what Romney we got. Do we get the governor who laid the foundation for Obamacare or the one pandering to the Tea Party? I remember the old days when making a gaffe like "binders full of women" could cost you an election and grabbing them by the ***** doesn't.
  8. Motown Bombers

    POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Remember, Saudi Arabia supplied the most terrorists in 911 and Trump's Muslim ban, to keep us safe, did not include Saudi Arabia. I'm sure these consulate gents are fine people.
  9. Motown Bombers

    2018 Midterm Elections

    The sign of a true leader. He'll accept all of the credit if the Republicans control the house and none of the blame if they lose it.
  10. Motown Bombers

    2018 Michigan Gubernatorial Race

    I thought that was implied. My house is in an all white neighborhood. I don't yearn for the days of neighbors yelling ****** this on their front porch, stealing anything and everything in site, vandalizing my vehicles, and the occasional gun shots because someone got disrespected at a party the previous night.
  11. Motown Bombers

    Bye week discussion: Taking stock

    And now we're seeing the Rodgers from the Lions game.
  12. Motown Bombers

    Bye week discussion: Taking stock

    Rodgers is picking apart the 49ers defense. Maybe the Lions defense was actually slowing him down and not just the injury.
  13. Motown Bombers

    2018 Michigan Gubernatorial Race

    No. I have a sign on the front of my house that says "Get off my lawn" My workplace is a very sexists workplace. The sexual innuendo and unwanted touching is a bit much. If they didn't pay well, I would leave.
  14. Motown Bombers

    Political Pot-pourri

    I think my congressman is running unopposed. Nary an ad from either side. I wish I could vote in another district. Still trying to find the bus to bring me to another district.
  15. Motown Bombers

    The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    I had no issues with Melania. She didn't seem like she was being treated any differently than any other first lady. Suddenly she shows up with political statements on her clothing and cries now that she is a victim. She's no different than the other deplorables.