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  1. Once the walls close in on Giuliani and he rats, Trump will claim he never met Giuliani. He's never even been to New York.
  2. Trump would've pointed to Brazil and then write Ucrane in sharpie on the map.
  3. I also find it interesting that Trump's claim to fame is saying the phrase you're fired but would instead say take her out if he meant firing her.
  4. I noticed #hotgirlsforbernie is trending on Twitter. I may be back in the Sanders cult.
  5. Meanwhile, the scandal gripping Canada is Trudeau eating $4 gourmet donuts.
  6. That's weird, I didn't know Hillary was being impeached.
  7. That can be debated but this further corroborates Lev Parnas and once again shows that Trump did know Parnas despite his denials.
  8. I can't keep up so not sure if this has been posted yet.
  9. Hopefully you didn't give her a Little Caesars pizza.
  10. Went to 9and10news.com which is out of Cadillac MI and the very first sentence, in large capital letters, is senate impeachment trial. It also has a link to watch it live. I'm also going to go out on a limb and say this is covered on their news broadcast given how prominent it is on their website.
  11. I also know that in rural Michigan, the Detroit News/Free Press is distributed so they have access to this media.
  12. They gave valid reasons for not liking Bernie Sanders. Frankly, they're all the same reasons I'm beginning not to like him. It has nothing to do with him being a Jew. I would dislike him even more if he were a bible thumping Christian.
  13. Got to love how not liking Bernie Sanders is anti-semitism. How many average people even know Sanders is Jewish? He doesn't practice the religion, go to synagogue, observe Jewish holidays, wear a Yarmulke etc.
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