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  1. It honestly may be in Trump's best interest to skip the debates if he is going against someone like Harris or Warren.
  2. So apparently the guy Trump mocked for being overweight is a Trump supporter and not a protestor.
  3. I'm not sure when the owner came out, but she seemed **** bent on going on a racism angle. I guess we can't just assume they said he was resisting if there is no evidence they said that. Following the guy into the restaurant and essentially stalking him would have gone over worse. They should have known which car was his after he said he was waiting for her spot. They could've let him go and then ran the plates and if there was a warrant or the car was stolen, gone into the restaurant to arrest him.
  4. Yeah, the police stalking him inside the restaurant would have played over nicely. Did they threaten to charge him with resisting? I didn't see that on the videos I have seen. The restaurant owner was already outside. Couldn't have gone in and spoke with her. I'm surprised they didn't just go over and run his plates and get his ID that way.
  5. Flake still voted to confirm Kavanagh. McCain, along with Murkowski and Collins, voted to save Obamacare. He could have taken a stand. Like I said, good riddance.
  6. Yang isn't going to be the nominee and go against Trump. He's only in this for his pet issue so I'm not sure how being immature will help him. Rubio did this same thing and failed spectacularly.
  7. According to the Royal Oak police, officers are encouraged to get ID from everyone as best they can. It seems like the officer tried for 6 minutes to get ID, the supervisor was called in which took 11 minutes, and then he was released 2 minutes later. It would seem he was inconvenienced for 19 minutes.
  8. Are they not allowed to ask? There's really no point in showing up. If he really was about to commit a crime, he isn't going to say he was.
  9. He did. Is it unlawful to ask for the ID? They let him go without getting his ID. I guess they could have just ran his plates and found out who he was. I have been stopped before by police in Grosse Pointe and asked for ID just because I was hanging out on Kercheval. That was fine. I wasn't doing anything wrong. When they saw my Detroit address and asked what I was doing here, I would just tell them this is a better alternative than hanging out on Warren Ave with the prostitutes and drug dealers.
  10. While I agree with everything Yang said, and I would venture to say Trump is north of 300 and not 280, that is kind of disappointing to hear him say that. I kind of liked Yang and he seemed more professional and that just seems immature.
  11. My response, for about the third time now, is big ******* deal. They asked for an ID. I'm sure the guy is traumatized. Now that the restaurant owners posted it publicly, everyone including the police knows who he is now.
  12. Like I said, big ******* deal. What's the point of the police even showing up? Is the guy really going to say I was stalking this woman?
  13. Don't need to hear anything from Jeff Flake. He voted to confirm Kavanagh. He voted to repeal Obamacare. He voted for these tax cuts. He voted with Trump 80% of the time. Good riddance.
  14. He was stopped because someone called the police because he was staring at them and taking pictures of her and her son. The police responded to that call. Then the peanut gallery forms not knowing why the police are stopping him to throw in their two cents. They asked for his ID. Big ******* deal. I've been randomly stopped and asked for my ID too.
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