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  1. I like how she says those are questions they should ask every other governor. Noem should be asking every other governor that question because they all handled it better than she did.
  2. Speaking of lunatics, I work with risk and compliance for my company. Part of that risk is company reputation or customer feedback. I was reading some of the feedback reports and speaking with management in our customer support area and this Qanon conspiracy crap is becoming a big issue. Customers are literally ranting to random call center agents about their conspiracies and how the liberals are destroying America and they constantly antagonize the reps to engage with them. They literally complain to agents about how Donald Trump had the election stolen. I was around in 2012 and no customer complained about Obama or Romney. They then go on social media and spread conspiracies about the company being liberal and out to get them and I literally have to research this bull**** for our regulators to determine whether it's valid or not.
  3. I also found the exact moment Fox News learned Donald Trump was the Republican nominee:
  4. Welcome to the team Socialist. Someone will be around shortly with your health care card. First pay check from George Soros will be in two weeks and you're invited to a riot and looting seminar sponsored by Antifa.
  5. I found exclusive video of the dinner at CPAC attended by Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and Matt Gaetz among others:
  6. Especially when his dom wants him in Florida.
  7. I'm about 25 years younger than Thune and I made $5.25 when I was a kid. I wish I was making $6 back then.
  8. Sign up for all of them. My parents signed up with Macomb County and Meijer and got contacted by both of them. Macomb County was first so they went there. I'm enjoying being socially distant so I'm in no hurry.
  9. I wouldn't say Cooper has been a disappointment. If I got Amari Cooper with the 7th pick I would be satisfied.
  10. I could see Wilson and a pick for Watson. Trade two disgruntled QBs for each other.
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