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  1. To be fair, the Bears looked terrible on offense all year. They only beat Denver because they were bailed out by a bad penalty.
  2. Get the **** out of here with Stafford and his passion on the field. This is the same guy that forced himself onto the field with a separated shoulder in a meaningless game in a lost season.
  3. I didn't even say a word to him. At first I didn't know he was talking to me. Then he spoke so softly and giggled with the punch line it took me a second to process it and by then he was gone. The guy was nicely dressed, could have just gotten out of church. Ironically, this happened in Warren at the Meijer at 12 mile and Mound. I live at 12 Mile and Van ****. Different place then it was 20 years ago.
  4. Not the same. The Super Bowl victory is for the Rams franchise. The NFL recognizes the Ravens as an expansion franchise. All the team history prior to their move to Baltimore belongs to the current Cleveland Browns. The current Browns are not considered an expansion franchise. The Rams are the same franchise but moved city to city. The Rams championship in St Louis is still acknowledged by Los Angeles.
  5. They did actually win a couple Super Bowls. I don't care that the NFL doesn't acknowledge the Ravens as the Browns.
  6. Chicago is looking pretty terrible so that could be two wins there. That gets them to 9 wins and just have to beat one of Dallas, Green Bay, or Minnesota to get to 10 wins.
  7. If I had to rank the QBs in the NFC North, it would be Rodgers>Stafford>Cousins>Daniel>Trubisky.
  8. If it makes anyone feel better, Trubisky is still awful and the Bears traded up and passed on Mahomes and Watson to get him.
  9. Bookmarked this post for the next time you post a pic of a Democrat with a shady figure.
  10. From what I have read, it is not a pass interference since you can go through a defender going for the ball as long as it is not helmet to helmet. In that case, it's a good no call.
  11. I was thinking the same thing. It looked obvious but none of these get overturned so it probably wasn't worth it. Need the timeout for later.
  12. The Lions schedule only gets easier. They will rattle off some wins. Probably finish with 8 or 9. Not enough to make the playoffs.
  13. I think I've been pretty clear it's a lack of talent in this game. Patricia can only play the players he's given. They've held hall of fame caliber QBs below their career and season averages and after one game it's suddenly time to clean house.
  14. They know how to tackle. It takes talent. I know how to tackle.Doesn't mean I would be able to tackle Dalvin Cook.
  15. Making knee jerk decisions after one loss seems like a great way to run a franchise.
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