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  1. No it's not. Calvin Johnson didn't borrow any money. He was contracted to perform a job. He decided to quit. You don't get severance for quitting and breaching a contract. I don't understand why the expectation is that the Lions would be expected to pay his signing bonus in full if they would have cut him, but they cannot recoup the money the player owes them when the player quits on the team. Here's the best part. Calvin Johnson owed the Lions $3.2 million. He only had to pay back $320,000. He's made over $100 million in his career. I'm thinking babytron is the petty one here.
  2. Well, for one thing, Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat. You can't just come and go from the party whenever it is convenient for you and expect full support. Second, I'm not sure exactly what the DNC has done that has been so Anti-Bernie Sanders.
  3. With all the mood swings from God in the Bible, I'm convinced God is a woman. *ducks*
  4. Oh Mittens, I'll believe it when I see him actually take action. Didn't he vote to lift Russian sanctions?
  5. Here's hoping that it is Norway next time who tries to influence our election. We would just have to accept the fact that we would be indebted to the country that is consistently ranked the happiest in the world, has the most civil liberties, along with great healthcare, gun control and education.
  6. If Ron Artest didn't get a lifetime ban, neither should this guy.
  7. DC would obviously elect democratic senators and congressmen. Puerto Rico would likely do the same.
  8. While we're at, the Clinton's strike again as Hillary's brother died.
  9. As long as Republicans have any say, Puerto Rico and DC will never be states.
  10. This is about Donald Trump, not Angela Merkel.
  11. Calvin Johnson wasn't lent any money. He was paid to do a job he did not complete. It would be like hiring a roofer and the roofer only did 90% of the roof but expected to be paid for the entire job. Here's the thing, the Lions were probably going to be forced to cut him. He would have expected his full signing bonus if the Lions cut him but yet he feels like he isn't required to hold up his end of the contract.
  12. I totally forgot about the Niger thing. With everything else going on, it's hard to keep up. This chaos model really works.
  13. Everything that went wrong in Detroit was Dennis Archer's fault while Kwame took credit for things like the stadiums and casinos that were started by Archer. Kwame had his fixer in Bobby Ferguson, was always the victim saying the media was trying to lynch him, used the city resources to enrich his family, known as the Kwame friends and family plan, tried to eliminate threats, had affairs, and yet had a loyal cult like following. This seems familiar...
  14. When you look at the demographics of Texas, it is the same as California. Texas is getting younger and more diverse. It's just a matter of time before Texas flips. I know some liberals will throw a fit if Biden didn't pick a minority or woman as a running mate, but could choosing Beto deliver Texas? I suppose you could use Beto as a campaigner in Texas.
  15. Remember when conservatives were saying we need more armed guards at schools?
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