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  1. Great way to start of the month. Received my card back signed from Frank Tanana and he also included a signed pamphlet about his career. Go tigers!
  2. Opened the mail today and I received back 1984 Tiger Johnny Grubbs! Go Tigers!
  3. Pistons great Rick Mahorn will be signing autographs at the Swartz Creek Meijer store on Thursday June 6th from 6 to 7 pm. First 150 people in line get wristband that guarantees an autograph.
  4. Had a great turnout for Burke tonight. Easily 300 people showed up. Trey was awesome with the fans and they had it running pretty smoothly. Best of luck to him wherever he lands!
  5. Is anybody going to the Trey Burke signing tomorrow in Farmington Hills? Sounds like a pretty good deal $45 for a future top 10 draft pick and a must have for any Michigan fan.
  6. Was on the gibraltar site earlier today and It looks as though Hanson will be at Taylor now.
  7. Sent out two cards to Joe Dumars in April and got them both back signed a couple days ago!
  8. Sorry to cause all the trouble but I got Hiller back so thanks!!!
  9. Thanks ill give those a try. Is that supposed to be a 'W' in Hillers address?
  10. Past couple weeks have received Archie Manning of Saints/Ole Miss lore and the one and only Warren Moon! Both were very quick turnarounds perhaps a week from sent to received back!
  11. Hey everyone I was hoping that I could get some help on addresses for some former Tigers I wanted to send to, and if anyone has had succcess with these guys in the past. LLoyd Moseby John Hiller Tom Timmerman Tom Matchick Thanks for the help!
  12. Hey, check your Private messages. Good Luck!
  13. Hey everyone I'm nee to this site and to collecting in general. Just started collecting cards this past March and have recently began to send through the mail. I have already received back Skeeter Barnes and MudHens manager Phil Nevin. Hopefully there's more success in the future! Still trying to figure out how to add pictures lol
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