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  1. I saw on the Taylor Town Facebook Page that Doug Bair is signing on the Saturday. I believe Alex Delvecchio is on Sunday. Bair is signing on the same day as DC sports Cecil Fielder. The times are different, so if you go to Bair first, you should be able to get Fielder second.
  2. Does anyone know who sells official MLB Baseballs at a reasonable price? I am in the Detroit area for the next couple weeks, and am looking to hunt this down. Any insight is appreciated.
  3. Looks like you have to do a bit of digging, and locate it on the Taylor Town Facebook Page for the sports card shows, but here you go: SATURDAY-MICKEY STANLEY NOON TO 2PM $20 SUNDAY-DAN PETRY NOON TO 2PM $7 December 5th and 6th.
  4. MATT NOKES & DOUG BAIR Former Detroit Tigers & MLB Saturday, November 7, 2015 12:45pm 2:45pm Spring Valley Church MICHIGAN, ALLENDALE
  5. Local signing at DC Sports has Joe Morgan at the end of May. Details on their website.
  6. Was on the Veteran site, and they still have the October flyer. Is Charlie Maxwell still signing this weekend in Redford?? If so, can someone confirm the times. Thanks.
  7. Was there any announcements as to who is signing at the VFW Hall in Redford for the Month of May?
  8. I missed Kemp. Didn't know that Summers died. Took a look online, and you are correct...kidney cancer. Too bad. Would still like to see some other, meaningful, names at the signings.
  9. I remember at Old Tiger Stadium that they used to do the signings too. I went with my dad one year and we got Trammell and Sparky Anderson. They were signing in the lower deck in the right field corner. Was good times. Other guys I would like to see, for personal selfish reasons, would be Champ Summers, John Wockenfuss, Steve Kemp, Jason Thompson, Milt May, Tom Veryzer, Ben Oglivie, Jim Slaton, Dan Schatzader etc. Some of the guys who played before the '84 champs. Tigers nonetheless. Decent players, but not pieces to our great teams.
  10. Someone posted the signers at VFW after the last show. Check earlier posts in this thread. It was two Detroit Lions. I think Greg Landry and some guy I never heard of.
  11. Did anyone hear, or know about, Omar Vizquel and V-Mart signing at Hockeytown Authenics in Troy, MI, today for free??
  12. I was 12 years old when I remember that AB he had against the Jays. It was like it was yesterday. One of my favorite Tiger moments. Bergy was always a classy player. On a different note, does anyone know if guys like Richie Hebner, Jason Thompson or Ben Oglvie ever come around the Detroit area. Would be neat to get some of those guys to sign.
  13. My parents went to the Redford show today and John Hiller shared a neat story with my dad and mom. Shortly after receiving the 1968 World Series ring during the 1969 season, Hiller had his ring stolen. He was obviously pissed. Ended up getting his ring back over 20 years later as the guy who stole it from him, left it to him in his will when he died. Hiller obviously knew who it was, but didn't disclose it to my folks. He was also really pleased he got it back. My parents said he looked like he was in really good shape for a man who is now 70 years old. Real neat story.
  14. For those of you who want to venture down I-75 out of Metro Detroit, here is a show that might suit you. index Ken Griffey Sr., Tony Perez and Cesar Geronimo are the first three announced. From what I have seen in the past, prices are fairly reasonable.
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