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  1. It was kept very low key. This was the last one in honor of Dave Bergman who put on a couple of them in the past. Mark who does the Redford show brought in all the players as he did on the past ones for Bergman.
  2. Did very well at the World Series Legends event on Thursday at the Motor City Casino. Kaline, Horton, Lolich, Morris, Whitaker & Trammell. Also attending were Jon Warden, Dave Rozema, Scott Lusader, Pat Sheridan and former trainer Pio DiSalvo. Admission was high but got a free ticket with a friend who had a table. Did very well with multiples of each guy, not one complaint from any player.
  3. I was at the show in Redford on Sunday and talked to Mark early- he does not have any guests line up for September as of yet but will send an email blast as soon as he does. Also, Mark did leave very early because he got a call that his mom was very critical. She passed away on Sunday morning. Let's remember to keep Mark and his family in our thoughts and prayers.
  4. I have to give him credit it's the only 1 day show in the area that has 2 autograph guests every month- I really don't think he's doing this to lose money so I accept who he brings in---- if I need them or not.
  5. What's going on with Denny's 1968-1984 Tiger Showdown in Grand Rapids- heard it's been postponed again?
  6. I've asked Mark to get Milt -- he wants him too- but with Milt's Dog Jumping business he's busy almost every weekend and told Mark he doesn't want to come to Michigan in the winter
  7. Heard Denny canceled this last week-- told players due to weather- storm coming--- I guess he's a weatherman now. REAL reason was he couldn't get the players. WOW great line up of guys in December but now can't even put a few guys together. Wonder what happened..........................
  8. Steve Kemp was just at Gibraltar Taylor a couple years ago. And unfortunately Champ Summers passed away in 2012.
  9. Krenchicki is still around but wasn't on the 1984 Team
  10. I know Mark just had Lemon with Brookens at Gibraltar 2 years ago and Chet was at Macomb Mall in 2009 (I remember the line) so we can probably wait a few years on Lemon coming back. I asked him about Kuntz and Mark said he's asked numerous times but Rusty keeps saying his schedule won't work. (Mark did a couple of privates with him when he was in town). Jones and Johnson were here for the 25th Reunion 2009 with the Midwest group and now that Johnson is coaching again-- off season only chance. Other than that most of the better names have been here recently.
  11. I asked Mark yesterday why he was having them again, he said Laga was there in (2011) and the 30th anniversary of the 1984 team this year and customers have been asking for 1984 guys. Blessitt is local and it's been a few years. I still like the show-- only place in Detroit area doing 2 guys a month- whether they are guys I need or not.
  12. It's nice to see Denny is working with a great charity. How much money did they raise for the Military All Stars at the MGM?
  13. He did Gibraltar in his days with the Tigers-- never pleasant about signing.
  14. If there was a charge for inscriptions-- Mark would have it noted on the flyer- he rarely charges for inscriptions. He only charges if the player wants it.
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