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  1. Can Kilpatrick run for elected office again? According to the Michigan Constitution, Kilpatrick cannot hold state or local office, or a government job with authority over public assets or policy-making in Michigan for 20 years after his conviction.
  2. I think there's more to winning faceoffs than just being "quick". Some of the best faceoff guys like Rod Brind'Amour aren't exactly "quick" players. Of course good hand eye coordination helps, but body position, the grip of the stick, ability to keep your eye on the puck, knowing your opponent's tendencies, having your team mates in the right position all play into it as well. That's where coaching comes in. Not saying they can win every faceoff, but if you're losing 75-80% like the Wings are, nothing else is really achievable if you don't have the puck. They may not have the talent for quick break out passes, but just simply clearing the zone and not spending 45 -90 seconds in the defensive zone would be a place to start. Not saying a new coach would turn this current crop into Stanley Cup contenders, but it's been 5 years and Blashill hasn't shown any ability to motivate, teach or develop players. I trust Yzerman in most cases, but this one has me bewildered.
  3. Why did no one rally for Patricia to stay because of the team's lack of talent? I don't get why Blashill gets a pass from so many. You can lack talent, but still work hard, finish checks, play with intensity, win faceoffs, clear the zone, not have endless too many men on the ice penalties...the list goes on. To me, it's not so much about winning this year, but laying the foundation for the future. How will this affect Larkin, Bert and Mantha if this continues? I wonder if the failure of all the draft picks is their lack of talent or the inability to develop them?
  4. LOL, you don't know if she did anything that warranted it? She breached security at the US Capitol. Newsflash, that's illegal. Everyone of them should have been shot at. They were trying to disrupt the legislative process and democracy itself. She's the criminal low life you despise so much. Have you seen how they treated the kids from Parkland or the disabled who entered and peacefully protested? Are you not sure if the 9/11 attackers did anything illegal? Was George Floyd in the process of committing a crime when he was murdered?
  5. But yet we should sympathize with her? You're admitting you feel no sympathy for law breakers, but you expect others to give a white woman the benefit of the doubt.
  6. No less terrible than the 300,000+ others who have died, several of whom might have died because of his maskless campaign events, promoting re-opening the economy, etc. Not that anyone deserves it, but the stupidity of the Trump followers never ceases to amaze me.
  7. So sorry. Will be sending "negative" vibes your way. I make everyone keep their masks (N95/covered by a level 1) on all day, all the time. They have to go out in their car to eat their lunch. They're only allowed to take their masks down in break room for a drink of water or to wipe nose if need be. Most don't like it, but knock on wood, nobody at the office has tested positive.
  8. It isn't just the GM. It's having scouts to find players, it's having coaches that can develop players, it's having leadership to mentor the younger players, managing the cap, getting depth, establishing a culture and on an on. Belichick was an average NFL coach before he got to NE. Tom Brady wasn't all that successful at the college level. The Lions have had good players and coaches over the years. They haven't been able to put it all together for whatever reason. Thought this was a good article on Patricia's tenure it Detroit. I've heard many of the stories, but seeing them all in one place and what a total dick he is was mind blowing. https://www.mlive.com/lions/2020/11/matt-patricias-reign-of-error-was-unraveling-before-it-even-began.html
  9. Meh. No reason to believe that the next HC/GM hire will be any better than the previous ones.
  10. If only Kelly Stafford's "friend" who is about to lose their business had a multi millionaire friend who could help out???
  11. It seems like LeDuff answered his own question. COVID affects the elderly and medically compromised. Seems like it was be reasonable to assume that death rates would be higher in those facilities where residents are living in close quarters. It isn't like it's just been Michigan or the US. It's happened everywhere in most countries. What he failed to mention is that most of the employees at nursing homes are making $10-12/hr and to do a thankless job and probably can't afford to miss work. The same people are still going to weddings and parties and then coming into work.
  12. Agreed. I wasn't being snarky, but what are conservative values? Is it just abortion? Anti LGBT? Big government? I really don't know. Most of the Trump supporters I know really are never able to verbalize anything about Trump other than "muh taxes", the stock market, and owning the libs. The deficit suddenly doesn't bother them, nor does a guy who cheats on his wife and can't quote a single thing from the Bible. To the GOP's credit, they've been able to get their faux message across to the masses while the Democrats just sit back and let them control the narrative.
  13. I don't see how the "pro life" party that's locking kids in cages and basically saying let all the old and fragile die from Covid really has much of a talking point here. To be honest, I really have no idea what "conservative values" are anymore. Trump and the current GOP have pretty much obliterated anything that used to be considered conservative.
  14. Meh, I'll believe it when I see it. Polls are meaningless at this point. Surprised Susan Collins is only 67. I thought she was much older than that. McConnell looks like death warmed over and yet there he is.
  15. Happy as I am that Biden won, still bummed about the Senate. America may have rejected Trump, but they didn't rebuke any of his enablers. Clearly money wasn't the issue. What's going to happen when Breyer retires or dies? Is McConnell going to just not bring it to the floor again? Obviously some of the races were pipe dreams, but how did Susan Collins win in a landslide? Iowa was supposed to be close. NC was supposed to be a good bet. Lindsey Graham was on Fox begging for money and looked genuinely worried. But yet the polls were right in CO and AZ? The Blue Wave wasn't even a minor bladder leak.
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