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  1. Congratulations for being with someone so stupid he doesn't know the difference between correlation and causation.
  2. I can blame him. Sorry, but that's just stupidity and when he says he's doesn't like what he says otherwise, he's lying. As if his business didn't do well under Obama. Well, I didn't like what Hitler did to the Jews, but hey, I made a few more bucks this year. Seriously?
  3. What these dumb **** Fox people also don't get is that even you don't die from corona virus, you'll probably die from something else because the hospitals are so over run. Heart attacks, car accidents, strokes, allergic reactions...they're all still happening. You won't be helped soon if you go into the ER. If you get cancer or need surgery...nope...the hospital pharmacies are running out of Tylenol and Propofol and other necessary meds...We're in a ******* third world country scenario.
  4. Thank you. Not a believer, but I'll take them. Not a good time not to be a drinker or smoker or drug taker. Seriously, though, everyone, stay home and listen to the medical experts. Can't believe how many formerly smart people have turned so stupid over Trump.
  5. My husband and I and two of our children work in healthcare. I see you. However bad you think it is, it's 100x worse than that. There aren't enough tests, not enough PPE, not enough people on the front lines. I have literally stopped talking to all the Trump supporters I know, including my own Father and siblings. They created this with their hatred, greed and stupidity. Trump and the Republicans ******* knew and lied about it to make a buck and score political points. I ******* hate them all.
  6. You're confusing him with Paul Gosar of Arizona. Rand graduated from Duke Medical School and was a practicing Opthalmologist.
  7. I can recall the postmortem after the 2012 elections. All the expert talking heads were opining how in order to win again the Republicans would have to move to the center, start catering to minorities and women, move away from the religious extremism, etc. Obviously they took that advice. Back in 2016, the Democrats ran the establishment centrist candidate and we see how that worked out. It's been less than 3 years and most of those "radical socialist" ideas proposed by Bernie Sanders are now fairly mainstream if you're not listening to the Fox News version of things. This is the political version of playing the prevent defense. All it does is prevent you from winning. We're already seeing it with Pelosi's passiveness on impeachment. Russian and other election interference aside, this should be a slam dunk, but the Democrats have to be on the offensive and play their game.
  8. Like who? Veleno is only 19, so is Zadina. We saw what happened to Rasmussen last year when he was up here at that age. This isn't Nyquist and Tatar playing in the minors until they are 24. Not only that, but even if any of them proved worthy of ice time, it wouldn't be at center any time soon. The only ones they'd have to beat out are Ehn or de la Rose. It's a totally no risk situation. I'd have preferred one year, but two is no big issue. Hopefully there isn't a NMC. Otherwise, I can't see what all the fuss is about. If by some off chance one of the young guys explodes in camp, you trade him to Edmonton for a first rounder. On defense, right now, it's just a matter of needing bodies. Daley, Green, Kronwall and Ericsson are all huge question marks due to age and health. Nemeth will not be blocking Cholo or Seider or anyone else if they prove ready.
  9. Small World. I met Dave several months ago with his brother. Can't say much more because of HIPAA, but amazing guy and wonderful family. So damn sad and senseless.
  10. Fair enough. But I think since Holland has committed to the rebuild, he has made some really decent trades. It will be interesting to see what he does with AA, Mantha and Bertuzzi. But all AA can do is score. Maybe we can trade him for a 4th round pick who can score 30 goals. While Yzerman managed the cap well, he still made made some questionable long term signings in Callahan, McDonagh, Killorn, Johnson, etc. He's not immune to handing out bad long term deals either.
  11. Bowman had actually won Stanley Cups, which is why he was brought in and was the knock against Bryan Murray. He also was the guy that wanted to trade Steve Yzerman. In any event, this wasn't a housecleaning, they just added an accessory. Holland is still here, so is Blashill and the rest of the scouting and management team. Had they done away with the front office staff and the coaching staff and Yzerman was indeed the Captain going forward, it would have a much different feel to it. Will he be able to bring in Murray or Verbeek? Would he actually fire Draper, Maltby, Fischer or Mark Howe? Will the organization suddenly abandon its loyalty policy? While it took the Holland or ownership far too long to get on board with the rebuild, I can't really point to any horrific moves they've made since then. They've traded the few assets they had, integrated the young players, drafted well and not signed any over the hill, overpriced free agents. I see that same path continuing under Yzerman.
  12. This is reminiscent of the Harbaugh return. Michigan fans were sure that he was the cure for what ailed them. He was successful and was a total can't miss, no brainer hire. Forget Big Ten Championships, let's start planning on those National Championship appearances every year. Five years later, how's that worked out? Still can't even beat Ohio State and 0 big Ten Championships. Perhaps Yzerman will have a different outcome. I just hope that if he doesn't, Wings fans can be open minded enough to recognize it and not be satisfied with first round playoff losses.
  13. Not disagreeing with anything anyone has said. But again, apply those same standards to Ken Holland or any other GM around the league....You can't win it every year...bad luck...can't really blame the GM when the team loses...That absolutely did not happen here when the Wings lost year after year...anyone who says otherwise is lying or has a bad memory. The furor over making Yzerman GM started before he even left for Tampa. Every team wanted Yzerman? Um, one rumor of the NYR job is every team? He's somehow masterful because he kept Stamkos in Tampa? 2 point, -8 Stamkos? NYI are failures for not keeping Tavares? The team that swept the Pens and is in the second round? By this standard Ken Holland is God for keeping Nick Lidstrom under market value for years. Let the collective erections begin.
  14. LOL, so you're telling me in 96 when the Wings won 62 games and lost in the WCF, Wings fans did a collective shrug and said oh, well, can't win it every year. At least we have amassed talent?! Management is a success! If you want a GM that can make trades, draft well and amass talent and not succeed in the playoffs, why not David Poile? Or Jim Nill? As was also mentioned, Holland is not going any where. We don't know how much control he has over contracts and trades or if he's just following the owner's wishes. I get the Stevie Y fan girl thing, but at least admit that is what it is and that he isn't being held to the same standard because of it.
  15. I'm not really sure why Wings fans are expecting some seismic change if Yzerman is brought in. He amassed talent in Tampa but couldn't build a winner. If Holland had done the same thing, Wings fans wouldn't want to touch him with a ten foot pole.
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