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  1. So husband and I and our two oldest work in health care, been exposed to all kinds aerosols and spatter of every bodily fluid you can imagine. Our youngest graduated from Iowa and was hanging out there because her apartment was paid for through August and she didn't want to hang around us high risk people, just tested positive for Covid-19. Go figure. Thankfully asymptomatic, but damn. I guess it didn't go away like a miracle.
  2. Michelle Obama could absolutely be the VP? A black woman named Obama as the VP? The Republicans would lose their ****.
  3. All Biden had to do was move the runner to second and he hit it out of the park.
  4. If Biden says anything other than basically, I'm horrified by the George Floyd situation, the cops should be brought to justice, we need systemic change,I understand the anger of the black community, but abhor the violence, just throw in the towel now. It's basic stuff. Trump is speaking after him at 2 (ish). He will likely focus on the rioters, how terrible the Dem mayor and Governor are, gloss over the killing of George Floyd and will try unsuccessfully to offer condolences to the family.
  5. The point of the story is that the POC CNN reporter was arrested while he was completely cooperating and while it was blatantly obvious he was a reporter. The police lied about what happened. A white CNN reporter encountered something very similar, was treated politely and wasn't arrested. This at a protest where people are protesting the murder of an innocent black man by a white police officer. There aren't two sides to this story.
  6. I think the Biden strategy since the pandemic has worked to perfection (the one black comment notwithstanding). Keep him mostly out of the spotlight, have him make a few perfunctory appearances and let Trump do all the talking. Those daily corona virus press conferences have been gold to the Democrats and the Never Trumpers. It's been reflected in the poll numbers. They keep trying to throw **** at Biden, Hunter and the Ukraine, Tara Reade, and none of it seems to be sticking. I literally know of no one who really loves Biden all that much, it's a Trump Hate vote. Would love to see Elizabeth Warren as VP, but Kamala Harris is a strong choice as well. The only way Trump is winning is through massive voter suppression/Russian interference like the last election.
  7. As a white suburban Detroit Mom, I don't give a flying **** about the riots. I feel much less safe with a racist, mentally impaired traitor in the White House.
  8. They did enter the house chamber, WITH their weapons of war. You didn't see the pictures and the frightened lawmakers? I don't see the justification of kneeling on a man's neck until he dies when he isn't resisting, so there's that.
  9. Because law enforcement let them peacefully protest. I don't know all the details yet of what is happening in Minnesota, but it seems like the protesters were peaceful and were fired on with rubber bullets and possibly tear gas. You don't think there would have been trouble if they had been told they couldn't have their guns and couldn't enter the chamber? The white thugs were acquiesced to avoid trouble. It seems as though the opposite happened in Minnesota. There is also the instance at the AutoZone store where it is believed a white employee smashed out all the windows, not a protester which kind of got things started. Also you have a black CNN reporter arrested by white police officers, while his white colleague wasn't bothered. It isn't the *Democrats* looting and rioting, it's oppressed frustrated Americans who have been ignored for far too long.
  10. I disagree. I think what is different this time is that all of America saw Ahmed Arbery and George Floyd murdered on camera, unprovoked. Add onto that Amy Cooper and the Breonna Taylor murder in such a short amount of time and this was something that was bound to happen. In the past, many could convince themselves that the victim must have done *something*. Cops just couldn't be racist thugs. Now we know differently, thanks to the cell phone camera. I think this isn't just an *African American* issue this time. While the Trumpers will never change, I think the *suburban white women* etc, that seem to be part of the swing vote are horrified and may not agree with the riots, but understand the anger behind them. The Michigan protesters, despite having guns and entering the chamber were not threatened or treated aggressively by law enforcement. That's kind of the whole point. The white guys were treated with respect and allowed to be threatening with no action taken against them. All the conservatives who are whining why can't the black people just protest peacefully? Yeah, ask Colin Kaepernick how that worked out.
  11. This thread was a breath of fresh air and much needed. Dealing with the Trump people is so frustrating and exhausting, I've found it easier just to distance myself from them. It was bad enough when the "deplorables" were the fat guys with the missing teeth with little education, but it's disheartening when I look at a professional message board I belong to and see how many supposedly well educated health care professionals, doctors...who can't look at a clinical study without saying it's "liberal bias" because obviously, every university is left leaning or think the Democrats are just purposely closing down the economy just to hurt Trump...it's endless. Not disappointed to see Stan and MAROTH go. (They aren't the same person?) It will be much more pleasant to read here.
  12. I'm so sorry for your loss. The loss is tragic enough, but not being able to see them and have a proper good bye just seems especially cruel. Thinking of you and your family.
  13. Now I know I'm overly tired and stressed... I be like, what's wrong with Ru Paul? He/she would make an awesome president. Daughter is in self isolation. Having symptoms, COVID 19 results expected back Monday...
  14. Congratulations for being with someone so stupid he doesn't know the difference between correlation and causation.
  15. I can blame him. Sorry, but that's just stupidity and when he says he's doesn't like what he says otherwise, he's lying. As if his business didn't do well under Obama. Well, I didn't like what Hitler did to the Jews, but hey, I made a few more bucks this year. Seriously?
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