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  1. I'll try one more time. Multiple patients at the office of Dr. David Acer in Florida became infected with HIV and one young woman died from AIDS. It sent shock waves through the medical and dental community because it went against all current medical evidence about transmission. As a result, multiple changes were made to infection control. None of it was because there was any evidence that any of these things caused transmission. Most were basically CYA because no one had any ******* idea how these patients contracted AIDS at the dentist office. Of course the general public became frightened to go to the dentist. Finally, it was discovered that Dr. Acer was deranged and disgruntled and thought that no one was paying enough attention to the AIDS crisis because it was afflicting mostly gay men like himself. So he injected his own infected blood into patients, mostly young women, to draw attention to the disease. Long story short, you were never at risk of getting AIDS at the dentist. As the article Melody posted states, there are zero documented cases of high speed hand pieces transmitting HIV/AIDS, it was only theorized that it *could* and that most dentists were already heat sterilizing their high speeds anyway. They now recommend low speeds are heat sterilized as well. It is relevant to the current situation about how *dangerous* it is to go to the dentist. While in theory, with the aerosols produced, it should be higher risk, but there are no documented outbreaks happening in a dental setting. Much more risk to go to a wedding or a college party.
  2. I wouldn't say I'm losing my mind, but your recollection on things isn't quite what you think it is and you're stating it as fact when it isn't. You clearly didn't even read the article that you posted as some sort of evidence of disease transmission. They also mention David Acer in the article. He was the deranged dentist who injected patients with his own HIV contaminated blood. There was never an increased risk of contracting AIDS at the dentist. You really have no idea what goes on behind the scenes where you go to the dentist.
  3. Tell me you know who David Acer is and that you are aware there was never an *AIDS crisis* transmission issue in dentistry.
  4. You are right on the hourly pay, but our experience with the health care plans was much different. Not saying it isn't hard work, but working at Amazon and similar places are probably just as difficult, but without the comfortable living.
  5. So much this. Then on top of that, they will complain that the retail and restaurant workers want $15/hr. How dare those unskilled schmucks want that much money! But they "deserved" the $30/hr, the time and a half, double time, premium health insurance, discounted cars, 95% of their pay when laid off, etc. Because working on the line took a lot more skill than working at Amazon or McDonalds.
  6. Really, it's one of the safer places you can be. While in theory, it should be a dangerous place because of the aerosols produced, there has been no documented cluster out breaks of Covid stemming from a dentist office. Also, if there was a danger, it would be to the staff, not the patient. They are inhaling your saliva and blood, not the other way around.
  7. With 160,000 dead from Covid, allowing Russia to put a bounty on American Troops, the death and trauma at the border, I think Biden and Harris are literally saving America. I see it as factual, not a media narrative.
  8. If you've seen one *******, you've seen them all. That said, why would an unattractive guy want to do it? What job would an attractive female do?
  9. He passed away this evening
  10. The most common video of a "creepy Biden" video circulated by the "right" is with him hugging a little girl from behind and kissing her on the head. It's his granddaughter, Beau's daughter, at Beau's funeral. Tell me who the creepy ones are.
  11. Aw, Sue...I''m sorry....*hugs*....I was just kind of being a smart ***...I didn't really mean anything by it. Hoping tomorrow is a better day for you. You've had a lot to deal with.
  12. I must not have gotten the memo... Was I supposed to give a **** about anyone else's opinions and not express mine? 😋 Generally speaking, I find the men on these boards to be extremely open minded and respectful. I have no problems with others having opinions about this subject. I don't disagree with most of them. In a perfect world, every pregnancy would be planned, every child would be wanted, every parent would be adoring and doting and every baby would be perfectly healthy. Since that will likely never be reality, there will likely always be a need for abortion. It's just a matter of how safe and accessible they will be. I was one of those well, that would never be me. Such is life.
  13. Thanks, CL. But the point is, it isn't just my opinion. I'm more the rule than the exception and it's backed up by facts. Obviously, nothing is 100%. But the notion that even if you don't regret it now, you'll live the rest of your life burdened with guilt and remorse is predominately false.
  14. https://www.healthline.com/health-news/study-finds-99-of-women-say-they-do-not-regret-having-an-abortion#Stigmas-around-abortions-affect-how-women-feel
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