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  1. No, clearly you don't. It's not just internet fodder for me. It's real life. All the same poor excuses you're using are the same ones being used now for the HPV vaccine. Oh, well MY child isn't at risk! It's too new and dangerous! Then those same people down the road will be cursing the medical community when their adult child is diagnosed with cervical or Oropharyngeal cancer wondering why someone hasn't done anything about cancer. Would you be okay with anyone treating any of your family members if they weren't fully vaccinated? One of the first stories I remember hearing from my dad is about how he and his siblings used to go to bed every night crying and frightened at the thought of getting polio. When news broke of a vaccine, they all cried and hugged each other and couldn't believe what a miracle it was. They couldn't wait to get immunized. They weren't interested in waiting for 20 years to see if there might be some side effect.
  2. By all means, please share when and where you had your medical training.
  3. It wasn't silly, it was highly effective. That's why your *** is so chafed.
  4. I spent 7 hours yesterday covered in someone else's blood. I can assure you I wasn't having sex with them. It's what happens when you give nice white kids guns that have bad aim and have to put Humpty together again. My health and safety and that of my family relies directly on the public being vaccinated. But don't worry, I'm sure you're little darling didn't have sex until she was married and it's only Saturday night missionary with her faithful Christian husband.
  5. Hep B is not just an "STD" But don't be bothered by facts or science.
  6. The correct answer is, of course I'm voting for Beto. How insulting that you would think I would vote for a weasel like Ted Cruz. Where can I send my campaign contribution?
  7. Sergei had the right to leave and the Ilitches have the right not to retire his number. It's one of the perks of being a billionaire team owner. They can retire Danny Cleary's number if they want. What difference does it really make? I wouldn't be upset if they retired it, and wouldn't be upset if they didn't. Keith Gave's book sheds a bit of light on the situation.
  8. Understandable, having done the commuter marriage deal. But as a wife, I'd be pissed if my husband had spent the formidable years of our kids growing up to pursue his dream career, and then decide after the last one is out of high school that now was the time to come home and be with family. Especially with being so close to a Stanley Cup with the team he had such a big part in building. As a professional hockey player, he's probably spent most of his life "commuting". The timing of it, barring unknown issues going on, seems odd.
  9. His daughters are grown now, so I can't see that being it at this point. Hopefully there isn't any kind of personal or health issue with him or anyone else in his family. It would seem if he was unhappy in his job and returning to the Wings was on his mind, he'd have given Chris Ilitch the heads up before Ken Holland was re-signed. Strange too that he'd wait right before camp starts. I guess we'll have to see how it all plays out.
  10. Are Tigers fans happy that Dave Dombrowski built some good teams capable of winning the World Series? Sure 2006 was great after going through '03, but after a time it's not enough just to be a contender year after year and not win it all. I don't recall in 96 anyone thinking, hey, it's okay we didn't win the Cup, because we had a really good team. Had they never won the Cup, Yzerman wouldn't be thought of in the same light as he is now. Many teams that are really good don't win it all. That's why the coaches, GMs and players that do win it all are held in such high regard.
  11. Great, he's built a team, and handled every situation perfectly, but he's still been there 8 years and hasn't won a Stanley Cup. In Tampa, he had the freedom to rid his team of older stars with big contracts, like Lacavalier and St. Louis. Would he have that same option in Detroit? Not to mention all the "character guys" like Helm, Glendening, Abby, etc. He "only" had a #1 Center and a #1 Defenseman in Tampa, does Detroit even have a Top #4 defenseman? Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Yzerman and I don't love Holland, but the Wings are going on 10 years without a Cup and Holland is a goat, and Yzerman is the hero. He may yet win a Cup with Tampa, but he may also be the next Vancouver or San Jose.
  12. For one, I'm not a fan of the nostalgia thing. While he's a proven decent NHL GM, so is David Poile, Kevin Cheveldayoff, George McPhee, etc. Is anyone clamoring for any of them? For most fans, it's not about getting a decent GM, it's about having "Stevie" back. Yzerman didn't have to do a rebuild in Tampa, he already had many good pieces in place. He also has not won a Cup, to be fair. I think the chances that they bring him in as GM and he builds a Cup winner are very low. Would the fans be calling for his head and turn on him if he doesn't produce a Cup in 5 years? Or would it be oh, but you can't fire Stevie! Plus we don't know how big of a role ownership will play into decisions that are made. I feel like his legacy is complete, he doesn't have to do anything more. Let him do his thing in Tampa for however long that lasts. I'd personally be in favor of a whole house cleaning, starting with all of the former players like Draper, Chelios, Maltby, Mark Howe, Danny Cleary. All of them. Time to put the past where it belongs and move forward with something new and different.
  13. Good news, he only has 3 daughters, so no worries. On top of that, they're all adults now. Those Cups were a long time ago. That said, I have no interest in Yzerman returning to the Wings as GM.
  14. I've subconsciously and officially embraced the tank. When Panarin cut through the middle and put in the rebound, I raised my arms and yelled "Scores!!!" Now to lose the extra point in OT
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