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  1. thanks guys. i guess i don't really care what someone thinks about me as a fan. i guess i was just trying to see what other people were thinking. hoping i wasn't the only one that got this way.
  2. i have been a moron on this board since 1999. I don't post as much as i used to, but, i have a dilema. i lost alot of faith in the Tigers when they got swept by the Royals back in july. i have had a hard time really getting excited about this team since. i have been a FAN since the '72 season. i feel guilty getting excited about them now that they have a chance for the post season. i am not the greatest fan, but, i live and die by these guys. i guess i need to hear someone tell me i'm a fair weather fan, or i have the ok to root again for my team.
  3. i'm praying for your dad...hang in there...stay strong.
  4. almost was right. the tiger organization would be fools to not have an outfield of dirks, berry and jackson when they are healthy.
  5. The Tigers have agreed to sign Prince Fielder to a nine-year, $214MM contract Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com reports on Twitter. The agreement will keep Fielder in the Motor City through his age 36 season for an average annual value of $23.78MM. The 27-year-old first baseman will join Miguel Cabrera in the middle of the Tigers' order to create more than enough offense to make up for the loss of Victor Martinez. Though the market for Fielder seemed far from robust at times this offseason agent Scott Boras has found an unexpected suitor once again. Yahoo's Tim Brown first reported that the sides were close to a deal. this is reported on MLB Rumors.com
  6. i love the walking dead, but, a couple of things really bother me...why don't these goof balls get better vehicles ? why don't they get to a secure building that is gated and bring tons of food and weapon and relax ?
  7. prayers out to you Graig. nothing wrong with being scared and crying. you are human. stay strong.
  8. for all the wacky lineups he throws out there, he really did prove me wrong. i was waiting for the 2nd half collapse. he really had me tearing up.
  9. he had me tearing up as well. he seemed so genuine, his message, i felt guilty for being such a prick to him.
  10. classy post........baseball is just a game, life is the real thing.
  11. I have to admit, i have been ragging on leyland all summer, but, just watching his heart felt interview he just gave has blown me away. he was so choked up, and couldn't say enough great things about the fans in detroit. he proved me wrong and for that i am grateful
  12. what is with all the gaps with no games ?
  13. i was not upset one bit. as far as i was concerned, i loved the series so much, i can't wait to see more. ] this gives me time to really theororize and break down the first season, then finally see how it pans out.
  14. i have been told numerous times that i look like rick moranis, elvis costello or woody allen. not the best of comparisons.
  15. i can't wait for game 163 between the tigers and twins and the white sox and the indians !!!!
  16. how can anyone around here say they are not worried about the twins ? have you forgotten what they have done in the past ? sure they are not close to .500, but, a month ago they were pretty much pronounced dead !
  17. BUT........with the payroll they have had, they should be contending hands down every year...no excuses !
  18. .1995714 that is the wonderful combined average of the following players: jackson santiago ordonez raburn kelly rhymes inge wow
  19. your family is in my prayers. stay strong.
  20. speaking of new managers......worked out well for baltimore didn't it ?
  21. sorry to hear jim...i will say a prayer as well. stay strong.
  22. i scored 4 tickets (SRO) and (1) ticket section 147 via (3) cell phones going at once. i couldn't believe i got tickets. i am so excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. jacob lusk made me cry........i have no problem admitting that.
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