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  1. What I really want is a Best-of-Sheff DVD, including the Fausto Carmona staredown. Just a thought.
  2. I agree with you - it doesn't seem like it takes a special pitcher to do it. I am curious to see a breakdown of the most common outcomes of one half of the ninth inning... I think that one of the reasons that Todd Jones was an effective closer was the fact that he just didn't seem to freak out about anything - it seemed to me that he understood the numbers and realized that as long as he didn't do anything stupid, he was likely to come out on top just by playing percentages. I prefer closers that get it done as quickly as possible, but there is a whole lot to be said for someone that doesn't crack under pressure and goes about his business the same way regardless of the situation.
  3. As intriguing of an idea as it is, and I think it could work... I think that Rick is too valuable as a starting pitcher, even on a team with bad infield defense. I think that most starters could close, as they tend to be better pitchers than relievers to begin with... But Rick is not a failed starter by any stretch of the imagination. Guys like him that are still relatively cost controlled are very useful. He eats innings and is a better than average pitcher, and that makes him worth a lot of money.
  4. Looking at the last three years worth of data, Benoit, Dotel, Coke, and Alburquerque have all been reasonably dependable. But yeah, it does seem like we need more help from our system. I think that there was some progress made by the others this year, but it's really hard to sustain that progress as a reliever. Guys like Downs and Below and Villereal really are just as likely to be worthless next year as guys like Marte and Putkonen and whoever else are to be lights out.
  5. How would you fix it? So many teams are able to put together functional bullpens on the cheap and so many teams get burned spending money on the bullpen... There has to be something that we're missing in terms of evaluating bullpen arms. Do we just bring in several middle of the road relievers that have a few years of experience and hope for the best or what? My issue was just the way that you pointed out that Phil Coke was the only reliable reliever in the postseason. True as it may be, it was a pretty limited sample size. I'm a lot more comfortable with year to year numbers. How stable has the bullpen been in terms of makeup over the past three years? I am curious about that so I'm heading over to fangraphs. I just wonder if it's the performance of specific pitchers or if it's just general ineptitude.
  6. They may not do a DVD, as 2006 was just a very special season and 2012 is going to be looled at as a letdown by a lot of people.
  7. Given our defense, well... It seems like our ideal relief pitcher is someone with a high K rate, a high FB rate - thought I'm not sure how stable reliever's numbers are, year to year - and good control. I am totally cool with closer by committee until someone proves themselves worthy.
  8. Eh, very small sample size. Who's to say someone else wouldn't appear as reliable as Coke with more innings? Who's to say that Coke wouldn't continue to falter like he finally did by the end of the series? If you want to talk about the reliability of the pen going forward, let's talk about how it performed during the season - and throw most of that out, as well. The bullpen varies so widely from year to year and it's such a big part of the game now. I can't imagine trying to make sense of it. Starting pitching? Get stud pitchers. Relief pitching? Pray.
  9. Well, it could be more wishful thinking on my part, of course. I think I just got excited when we actually produced a positional prospect that seemed to have some success before we traded him off... Did you guys see that fangraphs judged him to be the tenth-least selective hitter in the majors this past season? That doesn't bode well for the future, obviously.
  10. I am a bit worried about Avila going forward. He may end up being one of those talented catchers who just don't last too many years. Some years, he'll hit well and in a few years... He'll probably be too banged up to get too much done. As much of a step back as he took last year, he was still worth 2.6 WAR. So yeah, let's maximize our value out of him. A right-handed backup with a little power and a passable glove would be great to have - the cheaper the better, but keep in mind that he may end up playing more than we'd like.
  11. I've seen enough of Lloyd, but honestly... I think that different hitting coaches work for different players. Who's to say that Lloyd didn't actually do a great job with more than just Jackson? Maybe some of the guys would be even more lost without him. If Toby Harrah was handed the job, I'm sure that he would get credited with the breakout success of whatever player peaks next year and blamed for whoever falls off of the cliff.
  12. I would really like to see Al-Al given a chance to win the job in spring training. I think that they will probably announce an open competition between people already in the organization and a couple of free agent veterans with closing experience. Beyond elite level closers - who are paid way too much money - it seems like it's a yearly crap shoot.
  13. Yeah, that makes the most sense. I was just thinking about the way that hardcore fans tend to expect too much out of the players of their own teams. Sometimes it seems like the better the players play, the more they are expected to be absolutely perfect players. That goes double for playoff teams. With the Orioles in the race this year, I had this image of their die-hards getting spoiled by watching Adam Jones make so many great plays and thus they would come to expect those plays to be made every time by the end of the year.
  14. They may have him under a microscope that is too powerful and too emotional, though... I know that we ask whether or not someone passes the eye test when we decide if they are a good defender and I think that's valid to certain extent, but you know... Then again, Gold Gloves are ridiculous.
  15. I think Boesch's true talent level is around halfway between this past year and the year before, which makes him a pretty useful platoon/fourth-outfielder/left-handed pinch hitter off the bench. If he was right-handed, I would consider him totally replaceable. As for now, he's still cheap so why not hope he figures something out.
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