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  1. This is what I've been thinking too. If everybody knows you're trying to get rid of an asset, the value of the asset will plummet. I'm not happy or excited about this trade, but I think the naysayers doth protest too much. I also think people are being too harsh on the players the Tigers acquired. I would agree that I would've thought they could've acquired more for Fister, but these are three players 25 and under. Everyone says Lombardozzi sucks, but he had some decent hitting seasons in the minors and he's not yet reached an age where it's improbable that he would improve at the MLB level. Krol pitched well in the majors last year. Not as good as Smyly, whose role he apparently will be adopting, but well. He's in his early 20s. Ray seems to be improving and is also in his early 20s. I'm not here to convince anyone that the Tigers won this trade or even that people should be happy. I just don't see this as a calamity right now. I see the Tigers getting younger, adding two quality support players and possibly a good starter. Perhaps they should've gotten more than that for Fister, but it's one thing to get less value than you gave and it's another to get nothing. These players may end up being nothing, but there are solid, non-delusional reasons to believe that all can be helpful. I'll wait and let these players fail and draw my ire as Tigers before I get too riled up about this. This is more mystifying to me. I agree. I should hope they don't go into Spring Training with an obvious hole, but there's lots of time left. Let's be fair though, everybody pointed and laughed at Kansas City for making that trade. And they had some unique franchise circumstances pushing them to make that trade that everyone laughed at them for making. So I don't necessarily think it's fair to say that we should get something comparable to Myers because Tampa did.
  2. Teixeira trade to Braves finalized - USATODAY.com
  3. I'm very pleased about this because I've wanted to see a change for a very long time now, a time that can be measured in years (multiple). I've had enough of Leyland. I don't know that another manager can do better, but I do know that I'm ready to see if someone else can. Leyland's strength was keeping the clubhouse together. His weakness was managing baseball games. I would not mind if the Tigers hired from within their own staff as you have a full team of guys who have gotten to see Leyland's strength as clubhouse manager and perhaps could learn from him, while bringing another type of mind to the field. Overall though, I agree with Lee, that there are certain candidates like Dusty Baker that I absolutely do not want, but for the most part I'm willing to give almost anyone the benefit of the doubt due to the lack of information that I have. I do think I'd do backflips over Acta though. I find it unlikely that the Tigers would hire him, so I'm committed to just waiting and seeing.
  4. If the Tigers opt to trade Scherzer, I wonder if they could link up with a contending team that needs pitching, like Texas, to put together a prospect package to get Stanton. Of course, Stanton is so good that any team that has the prospects to get him would probably prefer to have him instead of Scherzer, but it's just a thought. If they opt to trade lower in the rotation like Fister or Porcello this thought is moot, obviously.
  5. I'd be in a similar position, though I wouldn't try to go to EVERY game. I'd attempt to go to Games 4-7 though.
  6. There is a sizable minority of people who do make that argument. I am not among them, but I've heard it expressed pretty frequently both in general conversation and on the internet.
  7. I don't know if I wrote this in the other thread or not because I've been working so much lately everything is blending together....I meant to write it though: I need you to stop posting my opinions before I come on the board to post my opinions. This is becoming absurd. Guess I'll just +1 this post too. Oh, I will add that I don't personally see steroid use as cheating in its worse possible application. I see steroid use as a minor infraction, in my mind comparable to being the "parking violation" of sports offenses: Annoying, rude, unsportsmanlike, but not the worst thing in the World. When people talk about steroids, they speak of it as if players were cutting directly from first base to third every time they played over the course of their career, like it was a brand of cheating that fundamentally altered the game of baseball itself. That's simply not the way I perceive it.
  8. This. And this. Also this, though I only have "kid" singular. DEFINITELY THIS. Sometimes I look up old Tiger games on youtube (before MLB removes them) just to hear George Kell calling a game and to be transported back to my childhood. It makes me feel weird that for some children, they probably view Mario and Rod the same way. Going after him on twitter was a little (a lot) much, though.
  9. Guillen is, by a wide margin, my favorite Tigers player since I've been an adult.
  10. Alan Trammell, age 18-19 - 277/362/372 Lou Whitaker, age 18-20 - 283/374/353 Jose Iglesias, age 20-23 - 257/307/314 Hernan Perez, age 17-22 - 255/295/345 The latter two players also play in a more offensively inclined era. I like both Iglesias and Perez, but when you start busting out the Tram and Lou comparisons you've really got to be careful. We tend to get this around here (Detroit) anytime we have two young middle infielders who are near the MLB level at the same time (remember Infanteago?). It really sort of insults just how good Trammell and Whitaker were every time this happens. Neither of them are going to the Hall of Fame, but both of them should be there and at the very least both were borderline players, who played together for a very long time. Every major league caliber group of middle infielders isn't Tram and Lou. It's highly unlikely that there will ever be another Tram and Lou. The closest to it that I can even think of is Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley. And they're not really even that close. EDIT: After fact-checking my own claim, I must admit, they actually ARE kinda close. Rollins has been with Philly since 2000 and a regular since 2001. Utley has been with Philly since 2003 and a regular since 2005. Utley is better than either Tram or Lou, Rollins isn't as good as either of them but he's been pretty good, though not really at the HoF caliber. Both were key players on one championship team. Where they will fail is longevity. Utley may not last in Philly (or the majors) past this year and Rollins is also at the end of the line. They've been part of the same tandem effectively since 2005. That's 9 years. Lou and Tram doubled that.
  11. I think Carlos Guillen was a good long term option, until the very end of that term.
  12. I happen to like this trade --- Love it actually --- But I agree with the general sentiment expressed here in this post. Especially that part in bold.
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