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  1. Seemed like a lot of Allens catches were short crossing routes over the middle where the safety can't help. Not sure where our linebackers were but they seemed out of position a lot or helping cover someone else already covered. Levy probably would have taken some of those away. I remember a camera close up of Allen at one point in the fourth quarter and I could see him mouth "They can't cover me!"
  2. Lot of plays today where guys were coming in on Stafford unblocked. Also, anytime Stafford checks out of a play I know it will be a straight hand off that goes nowhere. Other QBs check out of plays and make things happen.
  3. Agreed, but it was still disheartening to see the defense fold so completely. Levy also wasn't going to cover the guys who did the most damage against us today.
  4. Makes you wonder if our pass plays just take too long to develop. Stafford gets a little rush and he checks down to his running back right away.
  5. We can't seem to cover anyone, not just receivers. Running backs, tight ends, tackle eligible……Heck the QB could throw the ball and run and catch his own throw with minimal harassment. I think we draft bad linebackers and safeties also.
  6. Over the years I've never understood why a team ever bothers running the ball against us. I think every QB ends up completing 80% of their passes. Not just today, but for the last decade. Why can't we cover anyone?
  7. I'm not sure how you let the same receiver get open on every single play. Not just a little open, but no other db in the picture open. No pressure on the QB at all, Ngata a bit of a disappointment. Maybe too much to expect much production from him with all the missed time. On the plus side Abdullah really looked good on returns…….and thats about it.
  8. Lions defense lays down faster than a five dollar whore.
  9. Cabrera seems to have lost all power since coming off the DL. Maybe he is shortening up his swing to win the batting title with nothing else to play for.
  10. Looks like Bigglesworth right on with the rankings.
  11. To help maybe put these guys talent into perspective, how would they rank in the Tigers system? I understand Norris likely goes straight to the rotation next year, but assuming he doesn't where in the top ten, twenty of the Tigers farm system do these guys stack up?
  12. Is this anything to be concerned about? I would imagine Tigers will give or have given a thorough physical. Not something I like to see about the best player in the trade though.
  13. Hopefully there is much more. The Dodgers rumors sure had me excited.
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