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  1. The ballpen can hold a lead if you use it right ,you need to have a quick hook. last night vagas they a wild pitch walked on 4 straight i would have pulled him , because he did not have it ausmus left him in another 3 batters who all got on. he just came up from AAA he should only play mop up the manager can't manage a pee-wee game
  2. Ausmus save's our best pitchers for extra innings ,and he plays our bad relief pitchers in games, till we lose the lead and the game over never getting to extra inn. someone needs to smell the coffee this guy stinks
  3. Ausmus does not know how to manage a bullpen, i see it every game he leaves a pitcher in who can't hit a barn door. The whole problem with the tigers is not the players, it's the manager who has no experience and know nothing about managing. These games are painful to watch what stupid decisions he makes time and time again, he lost 15 to 18 games this year just on him and 2 games in last years playoffs he blew too. Why can't Dumbo see this and fire the man!!!!!
  4. Alex Avila: was not traded ??? but he still keep starting for the tigers batting .190
  5. One rival exec calls RHP Michael Fulmer, going from #Mets to #Tigers , an “unbelievable get for a rental” (Cespedes).
  6. Since green is now in the bullpen they will probably start Fulmer next week
  7. OBP AND OBS WERE CLOSE BETWEEN THEM .so what the tigers are losing are the home runs. but you get speed around the bases.
  8. 2 for 1 and now Davis can play left. great deal
  9. The Pistons roster now stands at 18 players: PG: Reggie Jackson, Brandon Jennings, Spencer Dinwiddie SG: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Jodie Meeks, Darrun Hilliard, Cartier Martin SF: Marcus Morris, Stanley Johnson, Reggie Bullock, Danny Granger ,Adonis Thomas (all new SF players from last year) PF: Ersan Ilyasova, Anthony Tolliver, Quincy MIller (All new from start of last season) C: Andre Drummond, Aron Baynes, Joel Anthony That means three players have to go, and they are likely to be veteran Danny Granger and Cartier Martin,Reggie Bullock
  10. There is too many to list thats why i did not list them bad trades.
  11. It's always what you done lately that counts,the past is the past.
  12. Dumbo traded for Simen and Green those are bad trades and he gave up youth to get them.And here we are again under 500 baseball
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