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  1. Dear Bleacher Creatures, I was at a lot of these games, especially the Ken Griffey one. But I was in lower left field, saw the laughter, the heckling, and always wondered what it was about. NOW I KNOW! Ken Griffey, Keep Scratching Your Balls. But some of you are right, and so wrong about the bleachers. Yes it was HELL UP THERE, and I thought I saw a human sacrifice or two, a burning Canadian Flag and Blue Jay Cap at the last day game in 1987, and yes BEACHBALLS! And yes it did become LAME, almost DEAD, after 1985 when they closed them down! Jim Campbell got exactly what he wanted, a cleared out family section for baby strollers and a new family spot. But those people grew up, and some of the Bleacher Creatures cleaned it up, and made it a place where you really could have MORE FUN THAN THE LAW WOULD ALLOW! It was Animal House, Caddyshack, Blues Brothers, the MSU and Michigan Student Sections, wrapped up into one. You could act a natural fool, in the reformed days, and people looked at you like you were crazy or called security on your butt. But most of the people there were there to HAVE FUN and watch their Tigers. You could be doing the Wave or acting a fool, and simply ask WHAT'S THE SCORE AT THE WINGS GAME, and somebody would shout it out. The Bleacher Creatures were the BEST TIGER FANS they had, and the Illitch's destroyed them, when they moved to the COMA, and left out the heart beat, the heart and soul, guts and glue of the Tiger fan base, the BLEACHER CREATURES. And that's why now, the Copa is full of damn CUSTOMERS, and it sounds like the Detroit Public Library. They have to be told when to cheer, how long, and music and beats they play in there put you to sleep, it's safe, and it's off key, and out of date. You go in there now and try to get a clap or chant going, they look at you like YOU'RE CRAZY! They really do sit back and wait for the scoreboard or the Tigers to entertain them. Bleacher Creatures didn't do that because our teams sucked so bad, we made our own noise, and did our own thing to the beat of We Will Rock You, and you know what, WE DID! So, until they put a real Bleacher section in the Coma, it will always be just NICE PLACE TO WATCH A GAME. And I have met fans who said they like it quiet like that, so they can read the program better! LESS FILLING, TASTE GREAT, and whatever comes that, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! We would have so much fun, people would be too damn tired to go out clubbing, and you didn't have a voice left either. But BLEACHER CREATURES, if you are still out there, I have a mission for you. First of all, come back down to Tiger Stadium's field when you can, and play some ball, or catch with your kids, or parents, and teach and tell people how it was. And when do step into the COMA, keep clapping after the stupid sound effects go off, start a LET'S GO TIGERS chant, slip a beachball in there, they still sell them at NATIONAL DRY GOODS, AND HAVE SOME DAMN FUN waking up the CARDBOARD CUTOUTS, I mean CUSTOMERS, who go to that playpen for the rich, known as COMERICA PARK! But if you really can't, post your stories over at facebook, Tiger Stadium Bleacher Creatures. MY FRIENDS, YOU HAVE A HOME TO COME TO BACK TO, and you can always GO HOME! But as always, WE WILL ROCK YOU, 1-2-3 WAVE, that side sucks, and LESS FILLING, TASTE GREAT!
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