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  1. **pulls out angry megaphone** HEY GARDENHIRE: HOW ABOUT WE BAT *ANYONE* BUT JOSH HARRISON IN THE LEADOFF SPOT AT THIS POINT?? PLEASE! ALL OF TIGERS NATION IS PLEADING W/ YOU. THE MAN IS BATTING .123 (in 57 ABs) W/ AN OPS OF .343. Good grief, Skip. I know we’re re-building, and I know you’re stubborn, but good *******... 😡
  2. Mahtook clears waivers and is headed to Toledo. We all know how this works — so, see you in Detroit in another few weeks, Mikie! 😶
  3. Is Matt Shepard getting a kickback every time he rattles off another, “Hall of Famer Jack Morris”? This happens 8-10x each telecast. You just know that Jack gets a rise out of these constant verbal servicings. Shep, maybe just one of these introductions at the onset of each game? (The jock-sniffer just rattled off another as I was about to hit send.)
  4. Is there any doubt that Matt Shephard ends up being hired to replace Mario? Maybe my pessimism from the last couple of years has really caught up to me, but I completely envision the convenient, local hire to be made here. I don’t mind Shep, but to me, he’s the LOOGY of the potential hires. I, for one, want a “Scherzer”-level hire in the booth calling Tigers games for the next decade-plus. If the suits double-up on the convenience hire route by adding C-Mo as the analyst/color guy, I will be forced to watch the opposing team’s feed each game (while also yelling at clouds during each game).
  5. I was literally thinking that as I typed that post — and almost added a short paragraph about it at the end. Haha. 👏🏼 Always on the short end, our Tigs...
  6. In terms of a Mario replacement, we’re a couple of years too late for my new-ish favorite baseball broadcaster — Potterville, Michigan’s own, Joe Davis. Damn it, Vin — you should’ve stayed with the Dodgers for two more seasons.
  7. I’m almost deathly afraid that C-Mo is going to get Rod’s spot full-time. If this happens, I’m going back to Dan + Jim full time. I’d be willing to bet that Mario will be back next season. I’d also be willing to bet that Rod will not be.
  8. Poor Michael Fulmer. Pitching his *** off, and yet again, our offense is providing him with nothing.
  9. My basketball evaluation skills aren't very strong these days (I've been watching less and less basketball these last few seasons), but I can see a little of Ginobli in Kennard's game. Let's say a poor woman's Ginobli. No?
  10. Al Avila and Ausmus are those two bums you catch, mid act, stealing a rake off of your deck. Put it back, move away slowly, and I won't tell anyone. Al and Brad, step away (today), and we'll (try to) pretend that neither of you ever happened.
  11. Trashtellanos's wild throw into the base line nearly gets Miggy's wrist or hand hurt there. Didn't Miggy break his hand or wrist once on an errant throw into the first base line and runner once?
  12. If this tells you anything, while you were gone, I believe Nick's name was officially changed to Nicholas Alexander Trashtellanos.
  13. I. Just. Can't. Nick Castrates isn't Major League material right now.
  14. NICHOLAS Trashtellanos strikes again. I liked "Nick" marginally better than this Nicholas character.
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