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  1. Only one vacancy has been filled so far and it was just a GM hire. I get what you're saying but it applies to just about every team in this case. Quite frankly, it's nice to see the Lions honor the process and do their due diligence. I don't remember the last time the Lions undertook a process this thorough. Also, Wood made it clear that they are looking to hire a GM and coach that are connected so essentially, it's a two for one package. That takes time.
  2. The Dodds interview is today so it'll be interesting to see what comes out of it. It seems like we'll know Saleh's fate soon with the Jets having the in person interview today so we can move on either way. The GM hire is more important anyway so if Bevell comes with Dodds, so be it.
  3. If the rumors are true, they didn't like Saleh very much so don't get your hopes up. This will also eliminate Dodds in all likelihood. I'm expecting Paton/Lewis or Bevell.
  4. He also just came off of a really serious hip injury going through a Covid ravaged camp that hurt a lot of young players. I'm not huge on Tua's upside but this season was always going to be a write off for him, it's a minor miracle that he played at all this season.
  5. Devonta freaking Smith ya'll. This draft is absolutely loaded with high end offensive talent. I know the Lions have huge defensive needs but I'm not passing up on Chase or Smith if they drop to 7. Parsons might be the lone exception. Can you imagine one of those stud receivers lined up alongside Golladay (I'm assuming he'll be signed) with Hockenson in the middle and Swift running the ball? Screw defense, just outscore everybody.
  6. The guy won a Super Bowl recently with a backup QB who has stunk everywhere else and overachieved last season with a team that had injuries all over the place. Somebody will hire him pretty quickly I'd imagine despite recent events painting him in a negative light. Not saying that he'd be my top choice for the Lions though.
  7. Oh, that's right, the Jimmy G.'s **** tweet. It's kizmet.
  8. Correct. Hope for Dodds and Saleh but expect Smith and Bevell.
  9. Yeah, I just read that somewhere. Here's to hoping... He's been my top realistic candidate for a while, this would also increase the chances of Saleh or Eberflus being the coaches since they've been linked to Dodds. I fully expect some random GM and Lewis or Bevell to be the hires though. I'd be good with Paton if he was that random GM. He helped build some really talented Vikings teams.
  10. Not only that, he was at least partially responsible for the drafting of Russell Wilson and The Legion of Boom. This guy is the most qualified candidate so needless to say, I'm right there with you on the Dodds Train. Whether he wants the Lions job is another story but I'm glad to see that they are interviewing him at least. This is why I want them to take time with the process. They're covering all bases it looks like.
  11. It will take a lot more than a few postponed games to pause the season, the NBA put a ton of work with safety protocols etc. to get this thing off the ground so I don't think this train will be derailed because of a few postponements. I'm sure they 100% anticipated this and will act accordingly to get these games in. Also, keep in mind that this is coming right after the holidays so this is likely the peak for Covid. I would imagine that things will start to subside once we head into February, just have to weather the storm until then. I could be wrong but I think this is just a blip and it'll be fine.
  12. They had some really talented teams. If anything, some of those teams underachieved a bit and they always folded in clutch moments. While I wouldn't hate a Lewis hiring, I'd be far from inspired by it which is exactly what I felt about the Caldwell hire. Hiring Lewis would be akin to taking a high floor, modest ceiling prospect where you know what you'll get but there's no franchise potential. I'd rather they take the risk of hiring Saleh, breathe some life into this dead carcass of a franchise.
  13. There are no elite edge rushers at the top of this draft so I'd be hesitant to pick one simply out of necessity. As much as I'm against taking a receiver in the top 10 especially since they already have a high end one that should have been locked up already, Smith and Chase are awfully special so I would be ok with it. The Lions have so many needs so take BPA. Parsons or Fields/Wilson if one of them drop would be my preference. If Sewell magically dropped to 7, you run to the virtual podium to select him despite Decker already being locked up.
  14. I predict Paton and Saleh. Them meeting with Paton in person was pretty telling, I believe he's the only GM they met in person thus far. Also, there's the Spielman connection with his brother working in the organization. I know some people would hate that hiring because of the optics but the Vikings have had some really talented teams in the last 5 years or so, some of the most talented teams in the league I'd say, so I wouldn't hate it. Saleh seems like a foregone conclusion (although I think Bevell is a darkhorse if not Saleh) and I'm on board with it, it's pretty remarkable what he's done with the Niners defense this season with all the injuries. He seems like a real leader too, a real players' coach.
  15. That seems to be the theme this season. Opponent taking care of business but Bey and Grant were highlights for the Pistons, add in Jackson when he's healthy. I said this at the beginning of the season but look at that first half schedule and how tough it is. I was thinking originally that they MIGHT be able to squeeze out 10 wins in the first half and this was keeping in mind that they would get a few wins in the first 4 games which was supposed to be the easy portion. It seems like a longshot but 5 wins could be possible depending on Covid "injuries" and load management. It'll probably be between 7-10 but it's tough to find many wins up until mid February when the schedule starts to ease up a bit.
  16. It was arguably the most deplorable video he made (a taped video mind you, the ******* coward). It basically incited these animals even further with the us vs. them rhetoric.
  17. Dodds is definitely a glaring omission but I don't know if he has interviewed with anybody. Maybe he doesn't want to leave Indy? Based on everything we're hearing and just reading the tea leaves, I'm thinking it will be either Dimitroff or Smith and Saleh with an outside shot of Bevell getting the HC job (just a feeling that they really like him).
  18. This is not the same as resting a starter for a game. If he had started Sudfeld from the beginning of the game, there wouldn't have been nearly as much backlash. He put in a QB who has no future on the team for a QB who does in the 4th quarter of a 3 point game, I can't ever recall something like that happen.
  19. He put in lesser players (at the most important position mind you) down by 3 in the 4th quarter. The players were baffled by it as was everybody else. This is a good way to put a stain on your organization going into forward for the sake of moving up 3 spots in the draft. I guess he didn't technically break any rules but it was a pathetic display.
  20. Don't agree at all. GMs want control and, say what you want about the Fords, but they have always stepped back and allowed GMs/Team Presidents full autonomy to make personnel decisions. I'd say the Lions are pretty high up on the list in that respect while on the other hand, the Jags and Texans that have highly meddlesome owners are probably low on the desirable list.
  21. I'd probably switch the Jags and Chargers depending on what one thinks of Lawrence but that seems about right. Ultimately though, it comes down to money and power to have full autonomy. The one attraction of GMing the Lions is that the owners are pretty hands off and will spend to the max.
  22. Perhaps, it just seems unusual to interview coaches without a GM.
  23. Seriously though, Pederson should be investigated for intentionally tanking. That scrub he put in the game might be the worst QB I've ever seen, worse than Dan-O, and he puts him in down by 3 in the 4th quarter. **** was fishy as heck.
  24. Pretty odd that they're interviewing a coach without a GM. I'm guessing that the GM will be hired this week.
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