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  1. The state of the franchise is largely irrelevant when it comes to health. It would be a bigger burden if he spread the virus to somebody who is immuno compromised whether it be his wife or an older member of the family and they got really sick or worse. In any event, if he did opt out he'd be opting out of a season that is almost assuredly not going to finish and shouldn't even start to be honest.
  2. When it comes to thinking of coronavirus conspiracies, it's probably best not to say it out loud if you're a high profile athlete or the anti semitic rhetoric from DeSean Jackson or piggybacking on anti semitic rheotric like Stephen Jackson did. It's just common sense really. Just my opinion, you can disagree if you want.
  3. Better for everybody including themselves if athletes don't make dumb statements about world issues. Not all of them are as ignorant or uninformed as Michael Porter Jr. is but too many are. Sometimes it's better to just zip it.
  4. They need to just shut up and dribble. It's better if they keep their world perspectives to themselves.
  5. That's exactly it, there's a lot more opportunity for gold in swimming than sprinting. Bolt is more one dimensional but he was arguably as dominant in that dimension as anybody else in their sport. You knew the race was over before it began. Not saying he should be top 4 necessarily but not in the bracket at all seems far fetched to me.
  6. I'm confused why Phelps is on that list but Bolt isn't. If we're talking greatness relative to his peers, there is as wide a gap between Bolt and other sprinters in his era as there is between anybody else on that list and their peers. He won sprints not even going full speed the entire time. Ridiculous dominance.
  7. I'm sure Barkley will be snubbed by the BLM community soon enough. Remember, freedom of speech is only allowed when it furthers the narrative. If you're not with "us", you're with "them".
  8. He's a shot creator, not an efficient shot maker. He has the ability to create his own shot but is a poor finisher in this early stage of his career.
  9. I tend to agree. He's a bit on the small side and is highly inefficient and I'm not just talking about from long range and doesn't seem to care one bit about playing defense. What I do like about Anthony is that he has that "alpha" mentality of wanting to take the big shot and he's a shot creator but he has too many holes to take that high even in a weak draft like this. Bust potential is too high and the boom potential seems limited. Killian Hayes is the guy I like of the point guards likely to be in the Pistons range. He has size, a really good handle, is athletic, good vision and really likes to drive to the basket at least based on the limited highlight packages I've seen and come on, two Frenchies on the team would be bliss, at least for Buddha.
  10. Amazing how the criticism of Stephen Jackson is relatively silent compared to the ridiculous backlash Brees received for a comment, or should I say justifying, a comment that is far more egregious. I know the reason behind it but I'll just leave it at that. "In other words, you're upset with me because I didn't say what you wanted me to say". How disgustingly hypocritical.
  11. A bunch of players (young men) testing positive now in their home cities after doing god knows what off the court shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody. The biggest obstacle will be getting to the bubble itself. Once they're in Orlando, I'd have to think that the percentage of positives tests will drastically drop. Big If that they even get there though.
  12. It might not even go away when there's a vaccine either because there's still a huge group of people in this country who are anti vax because you know "personal freedoms", "my body, my choice". Isn't "The Land of the Free" wonderful? Essentially, we'll just have to wait for the virus "to go away" like The Spanish Flu and some others do, or continue to live with it until the end of time if it never goes away like some other strains don't. Isn't "The New Normal" wonderful?
  13. The one advantage baseball and football have over the the NBA and NHL is that they're playing outside in open air environments so that could mitigate the spread somewhat. I just think the positive tests will be at a much higher rate away from the bubble.
  14. Baseball is in big trouble. I just don't see how they can pull off playing (even a shortened season) in home stadiums with no restrictions off the field. Same thing with football in the fall, it just doesn't seem feasible to pull off a full season of playing sports throughout the country in uncontained environments with players allowed to do whatever they want off the field.
  15. Perhaps, but young and rich doesn't usually breed sound decision makers. All it takes is a couple of "super spreaders" to derail the entire thing. It's going to take collaborative discipline from all to keep this thing on track.
  16. I really don't know the ins and outs of all the hotel and arena districts to know if there was a better option than Florida. I'm just saying that from a safety perspective, if indeed safety is the top priority, Florida was one of the riskier places to attempt this sort of thing. I get that it'll be in a bubble so maybe they have the utmost confidence in their ability to keep the bubble locked down regardless of outside COVID numbers but Florida definitely didn't seem like the best idea from a safety perspective. It seems like keeping the players entertained off the court is one of the top priorities.
  17. Does anybody really believe the NBA can pull this off? First of all, picking Florida in the first place was dumb knowing how irresponsible people in that state usually are and the very high likelihood that they would have been a COVID hot spot in the middle of summer as a result of people just wanting to "live their lives" and " not compromised their freedoms". Second, does anybody believe that these pampered players are going to follow protocols the whole way through? Fat chance. I guess one positive step is the surprisingly low number of 16 testing positive out of 300 or so, I would have swore that those numbers would be a lot higher after the 1st round of testing considering that they have free reign to do whatever they want and with the protests etc. so we'll see.
  18. Ok, because it seemed like you were disagreeing at first glance.
  19. You might have missed the part of my post where I said I saw this happening in Manhattan, New York which tends to have a few people walking around. You NEED to wear a mask (on your face, not under your chin) when you're passing hundreds of people in the street. You don't HAVE TO because it's a free country and you can do whatever you want (even if it is selfish, careless, reckless, ignorant etc.) but just know that when you're not wearing a mask in places where there are crowds that you're not only endangering yourself and your loved ones who you come in contact with but also other people. I live in a fairly residential area of Queens so when I'm walking in my neighborhood I generally don't wear a mask because it's easy to socially distance but in the city where it's impossible to avoid people, it's absolutely necessary. Well, necessary for people who care about other people.
  20. There's no "may be" about it. They are. It's not only Manhattan though (I wish it was). On Friday, I spent a good portion of the day in a certain part of Queens that has a large Hispanic population (much different crowd than the one in Manhattan) and none of them seemed to give a **** either. I was just left shaking my head at the carelessness of these people.
  21. The thing is, there just isn't enough of a sample size to draw from to know either way as we're still in the infancy stages of COVID-19 knowledge. All we know is that it's extremely contagious, unprecedented really (I bet there's millions of untested who have carried it as well). What we don't know for certain is the effect of weather on it. Ultimately, you're right. The reopenings, or more specifically the lackadaisical approach by many towards combating this virus, will cause a 2nd wave, what we don't know is if the colder weather will add fuel to that fire. We do know that flu season will cause even more complications so the fall is going to be even more challenging from that standpoint. For instance, I think football is doomed this season. I just can't see how they safely play in stadiums around the country. Even these "bubble" sports are likely to have issues following through on these season completions.
  22. I usually don't venture into the political forum but I figured it was important enough to post my New York experience. I went back to the office in Manhattan for the first time since early March last Wednesday and encountered a sobering reality. People just don't give a ****. I'd say that about half weren't wearing masks and a portion of the mask wearers had it slid down under their chin (what's the point of wearing a mask in that case?). This is in a relatively sparsely populated Manhattan, what is going to happen once Phase 2 starts this week and thousands more flood into the city? This is in a democratic state, I can't imagine what it's like down south and in the midwest. This is the thing with 'Murica. Too many people care more about their personal freedoms than the greater good of the country. It sickens me how selfish this country is, a product of the "leadership" sadly. I mean, just look at that pathetic rally last night. I'm afraid that we'll see more lockdowns in the fall (when the virus will likely flare up again) because people are too damn stupid, selfish or just plain ignorant to practice very basic health guidelines for the betterment of our country, a minor inconvenience to put on a mask to protect your fellow humans. Funny enough, these are the same people who will complain when things get shut down again. I've never been more ashamed of our country to be quite honest.
  23. Pretty happy with this. He was a highly sought after candidate and has more than paid his dues with lots of management/scouting experience in a quality organization. I much prefer the up and comer over the retread or even worse, an inexperienced "Old Boy" like Billups. I just hope that Gores/Stefanski give him full autonomy to make his own decisions.
  24. There was a group of Pistons who were generally hated by the league. Isiah, Laimbeer, Rodman and Mahorn so this really doesn't have much to do with Daly or Dumars for that matter. I should have clarified that it was the Bad Boy portion of the Pistons that made the league feel uncomfortable (not all the those Pistons) and still do to this day. If you want to talk about trash humans, look no further than Jordan, but nobody would dare confront him because he's untouchable (kudos to Horace Grant for calling him out on his BS btw) so it's funny that you say that about Isiah when Jordan burned even more bridges during his days. ****, even a lot of his teammates couldn't stand him. Anyway, that's my exact point. Isiah didn't make the team because people didn't like him personally, not because of his ability as a basketball player or anything he did in their personal life as far as I know so I fully believe that a big part of those personal grudges are because of the way he and the team played basketball and the prevailing thought that they were trying to injure people on purpose which is ironic coming from Magic since he gave Isiah a flying elbow to the throat in the '89 Finals, not that Isiah didn't deserve it on some level but as Magic said after that game "That's just the way it is now". BTW, Magic and Isiah buried the hatchet a few years ago in that famous 1 on 1 sit down interview so they moved on from all of that.
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