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  1. He played well in the playoffs but when it REALLY mattered down the stretch of Game 7, he struggled. In any event, I'm more looking at his career as a whole. He's been to the Conference Finals once in his entire career and he's played on some pretty talented teams. He did catch a bad break in 2018 with the injury so we'll never know if he and the Rockets could have pulled off that Game 7 but for an all time great, his playoff resume is pretty weak. He's one of the best PGs to ever play but not winning the big one will always be a bit of a stain on his resume IMO.
  2. These games have been fun but the execution in the last three games in the last minute has been horrendous. Why is Steven Adams in the game with 1 second left and why even bother having him near the inbounds passer? For as great as CP3 has been in his career, he sure has a way of coming up small in the clutch of the biggest games. That will always prevent him from being a top 5 all time PG IMO, you have to win the big games at some point to be considered an all time great.
  3. Yep, I enjoyed the grinding nature of that game quite a bit where it was a task for players to get their shots off. It was a bit of a throwback to those old school defensive slugfests.
  4. I would say that it was almost an epic choke job by the Nuggets going for a layup at the end for some reason. It was a great game otherwise, high level competition.
  5. There's no point in playing any more this season. Just boycott the rest of the season and make a real statement.
  6. I doubt that every game will be cancelled unless all players choose to boycott. I'm still not sure what this will accomplish in regards to police brutality but I hope it works for their sake or should I say for the sake of anybody who has suffered from racial injustice.
  7. This is so fn dumb. I know the players have the right intentions about protesting racial injustice but boycotting a game isn't going to do anything to prevent police brutality. I don't get what the end game is here. My question is if the other teams play tonight will they be looked down on by their peers for not standing up to racial injustice or will they succomb to peer pressure?
  8. I wouldn't call Denver "bad competition". They are weak defensively, as a lot of teams are nowadays, but it's not like anybody can do what Mitchell is doing. He's a bit up and down but he's an elite player when he's on his game and SVG should feel bad, very bad. If they close out Denver, I'll be very interested to see how he does against teams with perimeter length and/or shot blockers down low like the L.A. teams.
  9. How about that Donovan Mitchell? People were starting to trash the guy because he had a down year and now he's playing at an MVP level when it really counts. Good to see
  10. On that note, can you imagine if Doncic called him a ***** *** black boy? The outrage would be beyond belief. Of course it's crickets when the roles are reversed. The only real mention of it was a really insightful video by Jay Williams calling out the hypocrisy of it all, good for him to call it out as a black man himself.
  11. It might be the lowest point in any major city sports history. All 4 teams are dreadful and none have any big future hopes. Amazingly, the Lions might be in the best shape going forward, at least next season whenever that is. That's how dire the Detroit sports scene is.
  12. Meh, it's no big deal really. There's really not much of a spread between the "top" tier prospects and the second tier. I think it's quite likely that Hayes or Haliburton will be a Piston.
  13. Depending on how far down that pick swap takes the Pistons, I'd take those conditions on the extra pick. If it's to trade down to 5 or 6, I'd do it. A team like the Pistons with a pretty bare talent cupboard needs to accumulate as many lottery tickets as possible and hope one of those guys turns into a star (even if it's a lottery protected pick next season). That's Step 1. Next step is to take on contracts to accumulate more picks as teams should be more desperate to clear cap space for the potentially strong free agent class of 2021 and stay out of the Van Vleet, DeRozan etc. sweepstakes this offseason, stay far away.
  14. I'm surprised that you're a big Halliburton fan. He has a bit of an odd shooting motion and isn't the most athletic guy and I recall you preferring athletic players although I could be wrong. Avdija and Halliburton seem like high floor, modest upside guys and I'd like to see the Pistons take a swing for upside even if it comes with a bit more risk like Hayes and Ball. If they win the lottery, that's a prime trading position if somebody really believes in Edwards.
  15. I'm curious, who do you want the Pistons to draft? It seems like you're down on most of the prospects. To be honest, there's not one prospect that jumps out to me as a must have, not even Edwards. If I was Weaver, I would look to trade down and collect 2021 picks which is projected to be a strong draft.
  16. Perhaps. We'll find out in the next couple of weeks. If the ratings don't spike by the end of August, we'll know that the BLM stuff played at least somewhat of a factor in decreased viewership because NBA playoff basketball is usually a ratings bonanza especially in the later rounds.
  17. The NHL games are meaningful. I don't think many people care to watch meaningless basketball games with no fan atmosphere, outside of those creepy fan screens they display, in the middle of summer. Baseball is a summer sport so I think it's more natural for people to tune into baseball this time of year. I think the ratings will go up significantly when the playoffs start. I know I'll be more tuned in to those games. Edit: Del might be correct in that the political stuff probably plays a factor as well although the NHL and MLB pushed forth some of the BLM stuff too, on a lesser scale.
  18. The games mean absolutely nothing outside of the battle for 9th in the west but the ones I've watched have been entertaining to my surprise.
  19. I don't doubt that Stafford will play but if he had to isolate from his family for the duration of the season out of fear that they catch the virus, I'm sure he would think twice about it. This is assuming there is a football season which I think has a near zero chance of being completed.
  20. They have a bunch of young kids. I highly doubt that he would want to be isolated from his kids for 4+ months. Not everything is about money especially for somebody like Stafford who is beyond financially secure at this point.
  21. Just look at the MLB, a largely non-contact sport. They have to postpone games if a team has even one or two positives so how can you possibly do that in football with the chance of infection being much higher? Manfred talks about not wanting the integrity of the game to be compromised yet there's already two teams that have played 7 less games than some other teams only a couple of weeks in. It's already a joke. The danger of spread is far higher in football as well and there's a lot more staff to worry about, lots of older folks. I just don't see how they pull it off. What's happening in the MLB should be a wake up call for all football officials, NCAA and NFL, to the grim reality that sports outside of a bubble just can't be played in this disaster of a country right now.
  22. That's fair, Stafford is a true competitor and probably wants to play at any cost. As with everybody else, they have to make a decision that's best for them and not be questioned about it. Hopefully people take it easy on Stafford if he does indeed opt out.
  23. On another note, it's a sad day in society when players/coaches have to explain why they STOOD UP for the national anthem likely afraid that they'll get attacked by the mob for not supporting racial injustice.
  24. I'm not surprised that the rankings haven't been huge. The games mean nothing. I don't think people are dying to watch meaningless regular season games played in an empty arena. Then you have one of the biggest draws in Zion playing 15 minutes a night.
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