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  1. Watson has a no trade clause so good luck getting him to waive for Detroit. Miami seems like an inevitable destination. Tua++
  2. That's the thing, a choice does not need to happen this season because he has 2 years left on his deal but I think it comes down to value. If they draft their QB in this draft and feel like they can maximize Stafford's value by trading him now then it would be wise to do it sooner than later and use the freed up cap space to build a better roster to insulate the young QB. There's also the elephant in the room. Perhaps Stafford demanded a trade scarred by all the losing and another regime change.
  3. If you read the blurb though, he'll handle a lot more than that. I like the idea of them lessening the load on Holmes with a more experienced guy handling football operations. I just don't know much about Disner's ability to handle that but at least he has experience. And yeah, I'm not a big fan of Wood (the non-football guy) being the guy everybody answers to in regards to football decisions. It's not an obsession, it's valid skepticism about a guy who will be a big part of this operation going forward.
  4. I won't link the whole article because it's really lengthy but here's an interesting blurb that I copied from it about the Lions search process and organizational structure going forward. The Lions’ hire of Brad Holmes is right along the lines of what they were looking for. We told you a couple weeks ago that Detroit would, first and foremost, be looking for a scouting type to be its new general manager, and would set things up to support that person. That’s where they arrived this week in landing Rams college scouting director Brad Holmes for the job. And in landing Holmes, the Lions really looked at GM Les Snead’s department in L.A., and said, give us that . Detroit liked hearing from Holmes about how the Rams do things differently, mixing analytics and an intellectual way of looking at players with traditional scouting, while seeing that he’d change some things too. In fact, one big moment in the interview came when Holmes was asked by the Detroit brass to go through each of the four GMs and five head coaches he’d worked with, and identify one thing he learned from each of them, and one he didn’t like that he’d do differently than them. One by one, Holmes calmly and logically knocked those out, then gave a cutting, honest assessment of the Lions roster, and a bold plan for what he’d do if he landed the job. And when asked about the hole in his resume—that he lived in Atlanta for a team that was in L.A.—Holmes joked that he may have actually been bordering on California residency, with all the time he was out West during the year to pitch in during vital junctures in the calendar. Add that to Holmes’s involvement in building a playoff roster without a first-round pick the last four years, and the Lions felt pretty good coming out of the first round of interviews about how Holmes would fit in. And how he’ll fit in actually meshes really well with what Holmes is accustomed to. In order to get the GM job closer to a true scouting job, the Lions are putting VP Mike Disner in charge of much of the football-operations end of things, which means Holmes won’t have to worry about managing areas like travel, nutrition, training and equipment. And Disner, Holmes and the new coach (presumably, Saints assistant Dan Campbell) will all report to Lions president Rod Wood. That’ll make Disner’s job description mirror Rams VP Tony Pastoors’s job description, and Holmes’s mirror Snead’s, with Wood in the role of Rams COO Kevin Demoff. I like the idea of a defined management structure with Holmes getting help with every day operations but do they have the right people in charge? I don't know much about Disner outside of him having experience in dealing with salary cap management, contract structuring etc. and them all reporting to Wood is a bit unnerving although not totally unexpected. I'd prefer Wood to stay out of football personnel decisions entirely but I digress. Anyway, I thought it was an interesting detailed read.
  5. This isn't about free agency, it's about hiring (or in this case, developing) a minority coach. I get the spirit of it and it's a good initiative, I just think the team giving the minority coach the opportunity to run his own team should be compensated.
  6. This rule is idiotic. Shouldn't the team giving the minority coach a chance at the head job be compensated?
  7. I kind of like the idea of Campbell. I was preparing to be completely bored with Lewis or Bowles. I like the idea of a young high energy, rah rah type of coach. I have no idea if he's any good at game planning or assembling a good staff but I do think he'll be the type of coach that players play really hard for, similar to Saleh in a sense. I just wish they paired the inexperienced coach with an experienced GM. This carries a ton of risk and I'm a bit surprised that they're going in this direction after Quinntricia from an experience standpoint.
  8. Looks like the Lions are the bridesmaid again. The popular or experienced candidates aren't always the most successful ones but it seems like the Lions are getting the scraps again. Bowles or Lewis seem likely now. I guess Holmes/Lewis wouldn't be all that bad. Disappointing considering all the other names out there but it is what it is. At this point, I might actually be leaning towards Bevell considering the available options.
  9. You said plainly "This is Spielman's Team" without any context. How else am I supposed to interpret that outside of you speculating that he has full control? Of course he will have input. He, Wood and Sheila are working as a committee and I'm sure Spielman's input is valued but the new GM will have a big say in who the next coach will be and yes, a part of that decision made by Holmes will be based on opinion from Spielman but Holmes will/should have a big voice in the coach hiring process.
  10. What do you take issue with? I said the GM is going to have a big say in the coach hire and you're saying, no no no it's Spielman's team, so care to elaborate? How is this Spielman's team if he's just an advisor and gives his input? You think he has full control of personnel decisions? You think Holmes won't have a say in the hiring process?
  11. Not it's not. He's not the Team President unless we're being lied to. He's an advisor. If this is indeed Spielman's team then I can understand why no veteran GM would want to come here and they essentially hired a puppet if what you say is true that this is Spielman's team and that Spielman has control of personnel decisions.
  12. He's the GM, he should hire the coach. Part of his job, a big part, is assembling a staff that sets forth his vision.
  13. Yeah, I'm hopeful on that front and he was sought after especially by Atlanta so I think they wanted to jump on Holmes before Atlanta scooped him up. I'd be very interested to see who he hires as coach. They almost have to go with experience, no? In that case, Lewis and Bowles would seem to be the frontrunners.
  14. Spielman is inexperienced himself. They really needed an experienced guy to fix this giant mess. This is a tough gig for a guy to jump from college scouting to GM.
  15. "Meteoric Rise" sums it up. I figured after Quinn that they'd want a more experienced guy. This is a real risk IMO. I'm guessing the coach will be Smith or Lewis now. Not a big fan of this but hope for the best, as always.
  16. This is what I touched on when people were talking about the Lions being the least desirable job. GMs are really big on two things, money and especially power. Very few owners are as hands off as Lions owners so GMs know coming in that they will have full autonomy to bring in their people. The Wild Card is Spielman. My one worry with Spielman in the GM search is if GMs saw him as the GM In Waiting if they falter so it's important that they give the prospective GMs full transparency on what Spielman's role is.
  17. It's all fluff pieces but Dodds has a real impressive resume in two different places as a guy who was involved heavily in the process, apparently, so there's meat on this bone. Holmes is a bit more an unknown although he appears to be highly regarded as an up and comer.
  18. Stuff like this just serves to get my hopes up even further only to be dashed when the Lions look elsewhere, although I'd be fine with Holmes. I've had Dodds on my radar for a few years so it would be real frustrating if he's available and the Lions don't seal the deal although it's possible that he may not want the Lions of course. Now that Fontenot is likely out, hopefully a decision will be made sooner than later. I don't see the need to wait on Ireland if it risks them losing out on the more desired candidates.
  19. Oladipo got traded to the Rockets as well for Levert and a 1st I believe. To add to all the Kyrie/COVID protocol drama the NBA is nuts, in a good way.
  20. Jets fans are losing their minds on their message board. I've made it clear that Saleh is my #1 coaching choice but I'm not jumping off a ledge if he doesn't land with the Lions. With that said, if it's not Dodds/Saleh, I'm going to freak the **** out. 😉
  21. Dimitroff has a lot of misses in recent times and that defense is really bad. Not too hot on him. You're right about Lewis likely being connected to Holmes. The rumors are that the Lions want an experienced coach if Holmes is the hire and Lewis (and Bowles) are the only two experienced guys I can think of that they interviewed. If Dodds was the pick, I'd think that Bevell or Campbell would be the coach because of their connection.
  22. Paton gone, Saleh likely gone. This is part of the problem with waiting too long. I like that they are being thorough but the time for urgency is near. It seems likely that it will be the Holmes/Lewis duo. Not really a fan especially Lewis but hope for the best.
  23. I don't know if there's any validity to this but here you go... https://www.prideofdetroit.com/2021/1/13/22228601/detroit-lions-gm-search-kevin-colbert-rumor-steelers-offer Food for thought at the very least. I'm sure Colbert is using the Lions to force a raise from the Steelers but give credit to the Lions for trying. I'd be fine with any of Colbert, Dodds or Paton. I want a GM with proven success.
  24. Saleh going for a 2nd interview with the Jets pretty much ruling him out here. Holmes coming in for a 2nd, in person interview. I've been fixated on the Dodds/Saleh combo so it's more my own personal disappointment. Not that Holmes would be a bad hire or that Saleh is the next Belichick. We'll see what happens. I'm sure there will be more twists and turns
  25. It does. I like that they are taking their time but none of the news coming out today is particularly encouraging. Then again, the best candidates on paper don't always turn out to be the best hires so we'll see.
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