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  1. Before I start what I'm going to say, I just want to say that I'm a Stafford fan and have always felt that the Lions failed him moreso than him failing the Lions BUT I'm seeing this sentiment from Lions writers and some fans that Stafford being gone will be a colossal disaster. I mean, lets be honest, they've been mediocre at best throughout his tenure and have been a colossal disaster even with him the last few years. It's not like the Lions were this perennial playoff contender that will now hit rock bottom without Stafford, they were barely relevant WITH him (9-54 against winning teams for instance). That's mostly an indictment of the organization but, while they will be worse without him in the short term, I don't think the sky is all of a sudden falling. In fact, I think the franchise will be reinvigorated, as will Stafford as it had gone stale with him here.
  2. I hate move ups unless it's for a surefire franchise player. If they are in love with a particular QB whether it be Fields or Wilson and want to get "their guy" then do the trade up like the Chiefs and Bills did for Mahomes and Allen but that comes with an awful lot of risk especially in what's a QB heavy draft where you could probably get one of the top ones at 7. Maybe this is the "bold" plan Holmes had in mind. Dorsey was the GM that traded up for Mahomes. Just some food for thought.
  3. Dorsey is a great hire, much better than the Dimitroff and Smith options that we discussed. I'm really surprised that they were able to get him. This is the most interesting Lions offseason that I can remember. It might not turn out to be good but the intrigue level is off the charts.
  4. No to both, no no no, especially Jimmy G which would be a disaster. I'm not a fan of Darnold going back to his USC days. Highly inaccurate, not overly mobile, doesn't have any real standout qualities. The smart move would be to sign a stopgap QB (Tyrod Taylor?), draft QB at #7 and redshirt him next season then use the freed up cap space and extra draft capital to fill out a roster that needs a lot of filling out. Taking on the Jimmy G contract would be the worst thing they could do. This needs to be an offseason of building up the roster so the money needs to be spent wisely.
  5. Looking at the text again, Birkett did say "experienced hand" so you're probably right. The moment the Stafford news came out, I was thinking that this is quite a task for a first time GM to take on so this would be a smart move on the Lions part to bring in an experienced guy to aid the process. That would eliminate Riddick so it's probably somebody like Smith or Dimitroff.
  6. We'll see but I'd be surprised if it was a former GM being thrown into the mix. There's already a lot of cooks in the kitchen as is. Technically, Spielman would be an "addition" since he's not officially a part of the Front Office unless advisor is considered to be a Front Office role.
  7. Agreed but I wonder if maybe it's just a matter of Spielman's role being expanded, that would seem more likely IMO.
  8. No, that's not the only reason why he threw a tantrum. They kept trading talent away then hired a GM without even talking to him, not to mention that the owner is a moron. If anything, Watson has been pretty tolerant about the whole situation up until this offseason. I would have been upset the moment they traded arguably the best receiver in the league for pennies.
  9. Sad because they wasted his career. I was also onboard for a fresh start.
  10. Yeah, I don't see how this is a "Yes" moment. The best QB they've had since Bobby Layne demanded out, this sucks. I was all for turning the page to a new era but this isn't a good moment for the organization, it's quite sad actually. I'm happy for Stafford that he'll get a deserved chance to win.
  11. WOW, just saw this notification pop up on my phone. I said this in the other thread that there were so many reasons to believe that Stafford was done here but seeing it confirmed is a bit surreal. First of all, I don't like this news coming out now because it sort of telegraphs what they'll do at the draft and I also wonder if this weakens their bargaining position because he demanded out. I need a little while to process this.
  12. I believe Boomer has connections, he definitely has New York connections as far as I know. There's several reasons why I could see this being valid outside of the obvious that Stafford has every reason to ask out. They hired a guy who was director of scouting whose specialty will be the draft so I wouldn't be surprised if they try to collect more draft capital (who has more value than Stafford), Holmes and Campbell seemed a bit cryptic with their Stafford answers, very non committal, and giving Campbell 6 years leads me to believe that they see this as a long term project. Not to mention that they hired a fairly inexperienced GM and coach. I think if they were committed to Stafford, they would have hired a more experienced GM or at least a coach like Marvin Lewis. I could be way off on this but this whole process just has the feel of a team turning the page to a new era.
  13. "Dan, do you think the team struggled because of lack of talent or coaching"? What kind of dumb question is that, as if he's going to throw the previous regime under the bus. The media seems to get worse and worse every year.
  14. I love this guy. None of that buzzword crap that I can't stand, he's speaking straight from the heart. I don't know how well he'll do as a tactician but you can see already that the players are going to love him and play their guts out for him.
  15. It's laughable. They're losing and they aren't playing the young guys. If they were winning or around .500 and the vets were playing well, I could sort of understand it but he's playing these guys like 35+ minutes a night as if they're making a big playoff push. Grant I get (he's playing like a star), even Ellington the last few games because he's in one of those hot shooting zones he tends to get into but crippled old Blake Griffin 39 minutes? Sheesh. Not even Thibs is doing this and he's the most "vet favored" coach there is. I've never seen more confusing coaching and I've seen Patricia coach for three years.
  16. I just don't know how any Pistons fan who has been screaming for rebuild for like a decade now can get behind this coaching. They're 3-11 and none of the vets outside of a few are even playing well while the young guys continue to regress with increasingly limited playing time. What's the point of all this?
  17. 39 minutes for Griffin, 8 for Bey. This stupid moron is trying to make the playoffs with a 3-11 team and is refusing to develop any young players. Ridiculous
  18. I'm sure they were impressed him which is why they hired him. I'm just telling my first impressions of him, not that it means anything. I said from the beginning that I wanted an experienced GM, somebody with a powerful voice who will have full control to make personnel decisions so I'm a little disappointed that they're doing a decision by committee approach. For example, I could see it now... Holmes tells Wood and Sheila that he'd be interested in testing the trade market for Stafford and they say "No, Stafford is untouchable" and Holmes falls in line and says "Ok, whatever you want". I get the vibe that he's just another voice in the room that reports to the higher ups, not somebody who has full autonomy to implement his plan with little interruption.
  19. I used to be terrified as a public speaker so I get it from his perspective but it just shows how green he is, at least from a public speaking standpoint. Sometimes you just get vibes from first impressions that are hard to shake and I just didn't get a good vibe from his first presser, I didn't come away with a confident feeling that he's the guy to dig this franchise out of the huge mess it's in similar to how I felt about Weaver when he took over the Pistons although he's not nearly as poor a speaker as Weaver is. Just my personal opinion. He seems like a real work in progress IMO. Ultimately what he says doesn't mean much, he'll speak with his actions. I'd feel more comfortable if they had a more experienced guy who had full control but it is what it is.
  20. I wasn't really a fan of the presser. He seemed nervous and a bit unsure of himself, plus used the buzzword "process" a million times but results are all that matters when it comes down to it, words don't mean as much as actions. I like the Glenn hire. He's regarded as a real up and comer after his work with the Saints CBs, I would like to have seen somebody more experienced since Campbell will need a lot of help from his coordinators but Glenn seems like a good get.
  21. Bey. In what world does Griffin deserve 35 minutes while scoring 5 points outside of Casey's warped little world? It's not on Weaver, it's on SVG for Blake being here and it's on Casey to develop the young players. This is a development year, their primary focus should be developing young players. I get not playing Sekou to an extent because he looks lost when he's out there but why are Bey and Stewart getting benched after some good performances? It sends an ugly message when a trash veteran like Griffin continues to get tons of minutes while young guys are rotting on the bench in what's supposed to be a development year. What's the goal by playing all these vets so many minutes and still losing games? It's a complete waste of a season if this continues. Only Rose and perhaps Ellington have some value on the trade value so I get playing them a a showcase, plus they've actually played pretty well so fine but Blake? Come on, he's barely on NBA player at this point.
  22. On the flip side, none of those guys ran a staff like Campbell did for almost an entire season with the Dolphins as interim coach. I'm not worried about the play calling, his staff will be doing that which is why it's critical that he hires the right coordinators.
  23. Casey is a disgrace. Bey was one of the few reasons to watch this season and he gives him virtually no playing time yet Griffin gets 35 minutes to score 3 points, Stewart only 12 minutes after arguably his best game as a pro. Does Weaver even care about young player development this season? If so, he needs to put a stop to this madness.
  24. Zero playoff wins in 12 years with a horrendous record against winning teams and the supporting cast hasn't always been that bad. Fair or not, the QB is going to get at least some blame for that. I guess some of the fanbase looks at it this way. They would have had zero playoff wins with or without him. Sure Stafford brought some excitement with the comeback wins and nice deep throws but fans want to watch a winner, they care about the TEAM, and the Lions haven't been a winner under Stafford. When you draft a QB #1, you should expect more than he has provided IMO. Doesn't mean he hasn't been a good QB but being merely above average is a bit of a disappointment for a #1 pick. Essentially, he's like an Andy Dalton or Kirk Cousins.
  25. That's another possibility but I don't think he'll waive for the Jets.
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