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  1. Goff is very erratic and doesn't move particularly well. I've watched a lot of him and always thought he was the weak link on that team and now he has a bloated contract. He's not Stafford, Stafford has a bigger arm and has always had to carry his team. He never had the best running back in the league to take all the heat off of him. The moment Gurley fell off so did Goff. No interest in him unless they are attaching extra picks, something like their 2nd this year plus 1st and 2nd next year. The Lions would be doing them a big favor by taking on his contract so they better be compensated for it.
  2. Goff, Wentz, Garappolo. These guys are all average QBs that had good years early in their career because of the great team around them then they dropped off considerably when the team around them did. Absolutely zero interest in taking on any of these QBs. Would rather draft a guy who has the potential to be a franchise guy than take a guy who we knew what he is already which is average, plus have the cap space to fill real needs. If the Rams are offering Goff, I'm asking for extra compensation to take on his contract that they are looking to unload. Anyway, it's nice to see credible guys like Schefter and Breer saying that the Lions should get a 1st at minimum. Stick with that plan, stay away from average players like Goff and Jimmy G.
  3. It's possible. We'll be seeing a lot of "twitter rumors" over the next while so I wouldn't take any of these too seriously. It's more a discussion point than anything.
  4. As I said, the rumored return is two 2nds and two 3rds. NO 1st of any kind. It would essentially be the 43rd pick in this draft plus three future picks.
  5. TBH, I'd probably take two 2nds and two 3rds over 12th overall+small add considering all the needs the Lions have and the fact that they brought in draft specialists in Dorsey and Holmes BUT three of those picks would be future picks if this rumor is true and the 49ers are likely to be better with Stafford you'd think so that would lessen the deal IMO.
  6. Don't know how to embed a tweet on this site so here's the link... https://twitter.com/VincentFrankNFL/status/1355092390671863808 I don't who this guy is but he says the Niners and Lions are working on a trade and it does NOT involve the 12th pick, he speculated two 2nds and two 3rds (btw, they have one 2nd and no 3rd this year). He has about 6,000 twitter followers so does that make him legit? No freaking clue. I did see another twitter guy who has a similar amount of followers say that there could be a deal between the Niners and Lions in the coming days so some food for thought to pass the time.
  7. 5 years is a long time in the NFL. It's roughly $30M in cap savings for the 4 years after next for a player with elite upside. That's a big deal when assessing asset value. I'm not sure what Lawrence's potential 2nd contract has to do with this. If he's as good as advertised, you're getting major bang for your buck for about 3-4 years then you're more than glad to pay him after that.
  8. Not as far as I know. I've looked it up everywhere and didn't see any indication that has one, unlike Watson who does.
  9. TBH, it doesn't matter what Stafford thinks. The Lions should take the best trade package even if it comes from one of his lesser desired landing spots. Making a trade to appease Stafford is just bad business.
  10. The bottom line is a generational QB prospect with 5 years of rookie wage is going to be more valued than a top 5 QB ( but not generational) who has one of the richest contracts in the league IMO. Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think Jacksonville would consider a straight up swap. A trade to the Jets seems much more realistic. Of course the Jets will have to add significantly to #2 to get it done and yes, there's a huge gap between #1 and #2 in this draft.
  11. No, it's not excessive. He has all the tools you'd want in a franchise QB which doesn't mean he'll reach his upside or even be better than Watson but the upside is enormous. Your downplaying of him is excessive. Also, trades aren't as simple as "Trade the unproven prospect for the proven guy". There's a financial aspect to this also. You're getting a lot more savings with Lawrence for the next 5 years.
  12. I wouldn't do that if I was Jacksonville. They could build much more of a team around Lawrence with his cheap rookie contract and he has higher upside than Watson IMO. As has been mentioned, the Jets and Dolphins seem like logical destination due to having the assets and cap space to get it done, plus locations that he's likely to waive his no trade for. New York for brand name purposes and Miami because it's Miami and they have a competitive team in place already.
  13. For sure but Green is a high volume scorer, they don't have anything like that on the team or in the pipeline. With that said, they just need to take the BPA regardless of position even if it's a PG like Suggs who is my favorite in this draft class. I have a feeling that Mobley is very high on Weaver's wishlist, he seems to love these rangy big guys.
  14. That's my sleeper team for many reasons. First, Jerruh loves to make splashes and I'm sure would love to bring the Texas born boy home, Stafford makes a little more than half of what Prescott is demanding so they could trade for Stafford and have extra cap space to fill other needs and, did I mention that Jerruh loves to make splashes?
  15. No chance he returns a 1st. Reggie Bullock, who was younger and better overall, only returned a 2nd and a throw in prospect (Svi). I'd be happy if the Pistons got anything for Ellington, a late 2nd would suffice. In any event, there's pretty much no way Elllington keeps this up. He had at least 5 threes in 6 straight games until last night I believe. That's ridiculous.
  16. I'll be watching the G League Ignite more than the Pistons this season. Green in particular is a prospect that would fit well with the Pistons if he lives up to the hype.
  17. It comes down to supply and demand. The demand for quality QBs is much higher in this current market than the supply of quality QBs available. There's about 10 teams that are not drafting in range of the potential franchise QBs that have a QB need and Stafford is currently the 2nd best QB available. It's a clear sellers market and the Lions have one of the best assets. There will be a bidding war and I guarantee that they will get at least a 1st for him. I'd bet the house, the farm and the family on that.
  18. If the Broncos offer the 9th pick, you take it and run. Anything added to that is a bonus. A 2nd or 3rd rounder in addition to #9 seems too ambitious. If that materializes, I hope the Lions don't do something stupid like package 9+7 to move up to 2. Take whichever QB drops to 7 and the best defensive player on the board on 9 (Parsons god willing) or BPA if somebody like Chase or Smith drops.
  19. Yes, those three. Not a fan of immobile QBs that don't have elite arm talent. That's probably why you see those three in a different tier over Trask and Jones from just about all the scouts as well, due to their mobility. You would need a top offensive line to get the most out of Trask and Jones and a scheme that gets the ball out quick with high end playmakers getting open, similar to how Brees was managed last season.
  20. Dorsey doesn't seemed to be bothered by prospects with questionable character if we go by his drafting history, which is one of the reasons I was enthused by the hire because he's big on talent as the #1 quality, not scheme fit or nice personalities like Quinn seemed to favor. Personally, I think Lance has the better skillset of the two but all of these guys outside of Lawrence are gambles so I'd be fine with any of the 2nd tier QBs.
  21. Lawrence absolutely has a higher ceiling than Luck. Luck was a borderline top 10 QB, not too different than Stafford. Lawrence has the potential to be the best QB in the league, he has everything you'd want in an elite QB prospect. The other guys are all boom/bust with Fields probably having the higher floor of the group. Lance might have the highest upside of the 2nd tier guys but it's so hard to judge him because he didn't play this season and played against a bunch of nobodies the previous season. Same with Wilson with playing weak opponents so it's hard to evaluate those guys. Lots of talent though.
  22. They aren't trading Lawrence. You can downplay him all you want but generational QB prospects who will be on a cheap contract for the next 5 years is the Gold Standard of assets. Maybe Jacksonville does something stupid because it's Jacksonville but it's extremely unlikely. Stafford+#7 for #2+ something smaller is more realistic.
  23. Of course you do that trade. Of course, Jacksonville says **** off Brad Holmes.
  24. Rodgers contract makes it almost impossible to trade him, similar to what Stafford's contract looked like last season. They'd get very little cap savings next season. With that said, if Rodgers demands out then they might have no choice and it's something that we should root heavily against. We don't want seller competition in this market which would water down the amount of buyers, we should also root for Dallas to re-sign Prescott.
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