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  1. I wouldn't say that yet in regards to Wood. Apparently Dedmon is about to be moved again, seems like Weaver wants to clear cap space.
  2. I'm a big fan of what Weaver is doing. None of this dithering and half measures like previous GMs. He has a plan and he's cleaning house sweeping out the old regime which was a complete disaster. I'm actually intrigued about the Pistons for the first time in a while. They have a foundation of young talent and I bet Weaver is far from done. I wouldn't be shocked if he moved Blake at some point during the season. This is the real change we've been begging for since Dumars lost his marbles.
  3. Especially the last paragraph. Vive La France!!!
  4. Hayes has a lot of potential although a bit raw still. He was one of my favorites at 7.
  5. Lonzo is a much better defender. His release isn't quite as wonky either. LaMelo is more athletic and is shiftier.
  6. He has horrendous shot mechanics and plays no defense. Lonzo has similar playmaking skills with a better overall game and he's no superstar. He could make me look dumb though, wouldn't be the first time haha.
  7. I see where you're coming from but I just don't see a big drop between the top tier and 2nd tier in this draft.
  8. There's no superstar in this draft.
  9. Good trade, love the protections on the 1st going the other way. My hope is NO TRADE UP for Ball and to take Williams and Lewis or Hampton at 7 and 16. I'm assuming they buy out Ariza now, if that's even feasible.
  10. Lawrence and Fields are a different beast, these guys are almost surefire franchise guys. Sometimes you just know a QB will be successful by the eye test and those guys fit the mold. There's also guys like Trask and Mac Jones who are going under the radar as potential high end pros but have the attributes of good pro QBs. Then there's Lance and Wilson who are the wild cards. This is a really good draft to have a top 10 pick if you want a QB. A lot of the draft classes you listed weren't projected to be great QB classes and the only one that really disappointed relative to expectations was Winston and Mariota. Anyway, so that game sucked eh? I keep repeating the same thing to the point of annoying the **** out of you guys by now but those Jacksonville and especially Atlanta wins were damaging. I called it after the Atlanta win and I'm sticking by it. This is now going to be a 6-7 win team (they aren't going 1-6 with a healthy Stafford, not happening) and will likely buy Quinntricia another year. This was the worst kind of game, they look like trash against The Team and squeak out a win. Headed straight to NFL purgatory.
  11. For sure. I don't have kids so I have a lot of free time for myself so it's all situational. I'd probably join a gym just to "get away" occasionally if I had kids and a lot of "business meetings" a.k.a. playing a lot of golf, watching sports with buddies. 😉
  12. I think that applies to people who have issues with discipline (with all due respect to Rob). I don't have any issues maintaining self discipline (I've always been in good physical shape) but I do understand those who need a "buddy system" of sorts to keep motivated. Also, as Buddha eloquently stated, people suck. Kind of joking In all seriousness, I don't mind being around people for certain events but I prefer working out on my own.
  13. I never understood the fascination of gyms. Unless you're really cash strapped, you can build a home gym of sorts with a bench, free weights and mats and not have to deal with the bacteria trap that is gyms. You can easily get your weight lifting workouts done at home (watch a youtube video if you're a beginner) and cardio with an elliptical machine or taking a long walk/run every day (even better to up that Vitamin D level). I used to work out at gyms years ago but that was more for friend camaraderie and to check out girls. Now that I'm older, I don't have any interest in being around a crowd while I'm working out and using machines that may or may not have been wiped down previously. The good thing about this pandemic (and I use the term "good" loosely) is that it allowed me more free time to get back to working out regularly again so I do a daily hour weight lifting/pushup/situp routine and also take a 2-3 mile walk every day. Not only good for physical health but good for mental health as well. I'll never go to a gym again.
  14. That's exactly it. They don't. The Fords know business, they know nothing about football.
  15. GMs who need to win now are not going to draft a QB that high in the draft when they already have a good one in place. If Quinn had been properly fired after last season, I bet the new GM would have taken a long look at Tua or Herbert. With Quinn, there was no choice (from his personal point of view) but to stick with his plan which is to try to squeak into a playoff spot this season. You know what the worst part of this season is? Getting those meaningless wins against the Jags and Falcons. It keeps them out of a high enough draft pick to get a franchise QB and it gives Quinntricia just that little bit of extra rope to keep hanging on, not to mention that they are cap strapped for the foreseeable future because of Quinn's "all in" approach. It's NFL purgatory, basically where the Pistons have been for years. Mediocre talent, mediocre draft pick, no flexibility to do much about it.
  16. If they win 7+ games, yes.
  17. Encouraging if true. This is exactly what the Pistons should be doing this offseason, taking on bad contracts along with picks. It's really a perfect storm for a team like the Pistons that's just starting a rebuild with not much of a talent base to work with. Tighter COVID cap likely putting teams in a bigger cap crunch, Pistons one of few teams with lots of cap space so not much competition to execute this plan, strong 2021 free agent class potentially so teams will be more desperate to clear cap, strong 2021 draft potentially so it makes too much sense to accumulate picks in this draft. I'd also like to see them trade down if possible in this draft. If the rumor of the Celtics wanting to move up is true, I'd seriously consider dealing 7 for 14, 26 and 30. Get as many lottery tickets as possible and trust your scouting staff to land a few hits.
  18. I hope you're right but Lions ownership has earned no benefit of the doubt from this Lions fan.
  19. Want to make a bet? I say that 7 wins and they return for sure. I was tempted to say 6 but after the 3-3 start, they probably set the bar slightly higher. If they win 7-8 games, ownership will point to the 4-5 win improvement as big progress even though it was only due to Stafford being healthy. This organization has always set the bar very low so why should now be any different? The Fords still rule. They did fire Caldwell after a 9-7 season but that was just because it was Quinn wanting to bring in his own guy. Caldwell was a lame duck that season.
  20. LOL, the Colts scored 41 points, Rivers had an over 120 QB ratings, they outrushed the Lions by 100 yards and the Colts were living in the Lions backfield all game but yes, all Stafford's fault. Do you ever tire of making ridiculous in game comments? Not that Stafford didn't make plenty of mistakes and a couple at crucial times but there was plenty of blame to go around including Stafford, not ONLY Stafford.
  21. As I said after the Atlanta win, those two wins were bad news for the long term health of the franchise. Those two wins pretty much ensured a perfectly mediocre season of 6-8 wins and another year of Quinntricia. This game of getting wrecked in the trenches should serve as a harsh reminder of how far this team is from being any good and how poor the coaching staff is.
  22. Yeah, pff is all over the map with their ratings. I'm basing it more on how he looked last year, looked like a player with some gas left in the tank. It's all relative, I'm basically comparing him to what the Lions currently have and a past his prime but still pretty decent Griffen is an upgrade.
  23. Yes he's still pretty good. The sack numbers aren't great the last few years (would have led the Lions last year though) but he gets lots of pressures which is arguably a more important stat especially for a front 4 that seldom pressures the QB. He was top on my sign list this offseason once the bigger names were gone so I'm good with this.
  24. The offensive playcalling was an abomination yesterday. I will never understand why Bevell gets so much praise from a portion of this fanbase. I see no creativity in his play calls, they don't utilize the tight ends nearly enough and the one drive (outside of the final one) when they went up and down the field Swift was featured with Cabinda blocking then they inexplicably went away from him the next 3 drive or so with a heavy dose of old, broken down AP as the lone back with Cabinda nowhere to be seen. The defense has improved against the run but they resorted back to the 4 man rush in the 4th quarter and just let Ryan sit back and pick them apart. Okwara has made some plays but all the other defensive lineman are useless pass rushers including Big Money Flowers, they can't get close to the QB without the extra blitzer. I'd really like to see more of Jayron Kearse in the box and, believe it or not, Davis blitzing. Less Tavai please, he's awful. If he wasn't a 2nd rounder, he'd be on the Practice Squad after being cut and not picked up.
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