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  1. That seems to be the theme this season. Opponent taking care of business but Bey and Grant were highlights for the Pistons, add in Jackson when he's healthy. I said this at the beginning of the season but look at that first half schedule and how tough it is. I was thinking originally that they MIGHT be able to squeeze out 10 wins in the first half and this was keeping in mind that they would get a few wins in the first 4 games which was supposed to be the easy portion. It seems like a longshot but 5 wins could be possible depending on Covid "injuries" and load management. It'll probably be between 7-10 but it's tough to find many wins up until mid February when the schedule starts to ease up a bit.
  2. It was arguably the most deplorable video he made (a taped video mind you, the ******* coward). It basically incited these animals even further with the us vs. them rhetoric.
  3. Dodds is definitely a glaring omission but I don't know if he has interviewed with anybody. Maybe he doesn't want to leave Indy? Based on everything we're hearing and just reading the tea leaves, I'm thinking it will be either Dimitroff or Smith and Saleh with an outside shot of Bevell getting the HC job (just a feeling that they really like him).
  4. This is not the same as resting a starter for a game. If he had started Sudfeld from the beginning of the game, there wouldn't have been nearly as much backlash. He put in a QB who has no future on the team for a QB who does in the 4th quarter of a 3 point game, I can't ever recall something like that happen.
  5. He put in lesser players (at the most important position mind you) down by 3 in the 4th quarter. The players were baffled by it as was everybody else. This is a good way to put a stain on your organization going into forward for the sake of moving up 3 spots in the draft. I guess he didn't technically break any rules but it was a pathetic display.
  6. Don't agree at all. GMs want control and, say what you want about the Fords, but they have always stepped back and allowed GMs/Team Presidents full autonomy to make personnel decisions. I'd say the Lions are pretty high up on the list in that respect while on the other hand, the Jags and Texans that have highly meddlesome owners are probably low on the desirable list.
  7. I'd probably switch the Jags and Chargers depending on what one thinks of Lawrence but that seems about right. Ultimately though, it comes down to money and power to have full autonomy. The one attraction of GMing the Lions is that the owners are pretty hands off and will spend to the max.
  8. Perhaps, it just seems unusual to interview coaches without a GM.
  9. Seriously though, Pederson should be investigated for intentionally tanking. That scrub he put in the game might be the worst QB I've ever seen, worse than Dan-O, and he puts him in down by 3 in the 4th quarter. **** was fishy as heck.
  10. Pretty odd that they're interviewing a coach without a GM. I'm guessing that the GM will be hired this week.
  11. Ohio St. has never had an elite pro prospect QB until Haskins and even Haskins had major question marks coming into the draft. With that said, Fields does have some question marks but his upside is immense. The mobility and arm strength is top notch so if he was to magically fall to the Lions, they'd be dumb to pass him up.
  12. There's always one physical freak with limited production that scouts fall in love with and Paye seems to be that guy this year. He reminds me of Ansah in that respect. Wilson and Lance scare me because they haven't played anybody. Wilson somewhat struggled against probably the best defense he faced in Coastal Carolina which illustrates how truly crappy their schedule was. They both have the physical tools but are very boom/bust.
  13. Perfect tank game. Competitive, a few of the young guys showed flashes and lose. I might come out looking like an idiot about the Grant contract. Still early days but he's been really good the first 6 games and worth the money thus far.
  14. If Fields magically drops, the Lions should be all over that. I'm starting to think that Stafford might return a 1st, from a contender like the Colts or Saints. He showed well this season, I think contenders would pine for a QB like him. IT all depends on what the Lions mentality is going into the draft. If they aren't taking a QB then they're keeping Stafford unless they do something dumb like trade for a broken and very expensive Wentz.
  15. Taking a receiver that high is dumb unless he's a generational talent which I think Smith might very well be so I'm with you on that. Otherwise, Parsons is the guy I'm highest on or one of the QBs since I doubt that Stafford will be here long.
  16. My mind was blown when I saw somebody named Henne playing for the Chiefs. I just assumed it was his son haha.
  17. I swore I heard of that quote before Michael Scott used it but whatever, it doesn't matter.
  18. It was originally credited to Gretzky although not an official quote. On another note, I might be the only person in the world who thinks The Office is overrated. It has some funny scenes, and a lot of great gifs, but a lot of people treat it as the best comedy of all time. I don't get the fascination.
  19. You have to try I guess. I can also try to ask Gal Gadot out but am unlikely to be successful. Well, as Wayne Gretzky said "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" so kudos to Sheila and co. for being bold.
  20. Since when has Michigan not been the Tennessee of the north? Actually, I'd call them the Texas of the north. A program (fanbase) that seems to think they are entitled to be treated as an elite program but, in reality, has been a second rate program for the last 30 years outside of an occasional National Championship run. Actually, I'd argue that Texas's 5 year run in the mid to late 2000's was far better than any Michigan 5 year run in modern times.
  21. Casey is essentially giving Hayes bench minutes. Hayes might start games but Rose is the go to point guard right now.
  22. Even Michigan he turned around right away although the beginning of his tenure was the high point. People seem to forget how bad the Rich Rod and Hoke eras were before Harbaugh took over.
  23. My point is that Harbarugh developed a guy who was a good high school player into a great college QB. Keepleyland keeps saying that Harbaugh inherited a generational QB. He did not inherit a generational QB, he molded him into a generational QB.
  24. I think we need to have a lot of patience with Hayes. He's an upside pick unlike somebody like Haliburton who has a lot more polish to his game and was expected to have an impact sooner. What I liked about Hayes coming into the draft is his feel for the game, he comes across as a savvy player who has a high basketball IQ and is a really good passer. He's also built well physically and has defensive lockdown ability. The questions were his lack of high end athleticism and inability to go right, the latter can be worked on over time. I'm not overly concerned about the shot, the form is there but the release needs some work. This is another thing that can be worked on over time. What I see is a player who is lacking in confidence, not a player lacking tools similar to Sekou. He's on a team that is run by the veterans and I don't think it's a coincidence that Hayes best game occurred against the Hawks with Rose and Griffin sitting out which wasn't a great game but certainly better than the others. I think the more reps he gets the better he gets but there will be a lot of bumps in the road before he figures it out, if he figures it out. Patience is required here, a lot of it.
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