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  1. Is this team any less talented than the one that ended the Caldwell era? What makes you think this team is even remotely respectable? They are a Stafford injury away from being the worst team in the league, Stafford (and Gurley) won them the Atlanta and Washington games. They are near the bottom of the league in nearly every statistical category outside of passing which is somewhere in the middle. It's not the most talented team but this coaching staff is getting the least out of its talent. Name one defensive player, outside of Okwara, that has progressed under this sorry excuse of a coach? Everybody makes fun of the gameplan and scheme from writers to announcers to opposition fans.There's nothing respectable about this team, they're an embarrassment.
  2. Happened just this season with Bill O'Brien who btw was far FAR FAR more successful than Patricia. I don't care that other teams don't usually do it. Most other teams aren't as futile as the Lions, most other teams don't mail in games like the Lions did the last two, most coaches aren't as unsuccessful as Patricia almost 3 seasons into their tenure especially with a top 10 QB handed to him. For the reasons I stated above, it should be done now. There's zero to be gained by keeping a regime that is probably going to be fired anyway. The fanbase is pissed (an all too loyal fanbase btw), the players have given up and make no mistake, there has been a noticeable dip in their give a **** meter the last few weeks. Why let this continue? Show the fanbase that you care Sheila, it'll be a step towards earning their trust.
  3. Send a message that losing won't be tolerated especially in the fashion they did the last few games when the team mailed it in. Put your stamp on the team as a new owner (although she really isn't new), rid of the distraction that is Quinntricia's job status, rid of the toxic culture this guy has created for the sake of young player development. I don't see what they have to gain by letting this lame duck coach finish out the season outside of tanking for a higher pick. Just get it done with now instead of letting the black cloud hang over the team for the rest of the season. Lots of young players on this team and these next 5 games are still key development games even though there aren't playoffs to play for. In any event, I thought today had to be the day for firings. If it didn't happen after arguably the worst back to back performances in Lions history then it won't happen until the end of the season if even then. Gutless organization.
  4. I see some notable regressions in his game, namely his mobility which was never great to begin with but he's starting to get that "old man" look to him in the pocket that Brees and Brady now have. In any event, I think he has a few good years left in him but he's too old to lead a rebuild and with only two years left on his contract, it would be wise to get some value for him sometime in the next year and start fresh for the sake of him and the team (especially for his sake).
  5. Stafford is starting the downside of his career (you can see the regression starting already), his contract is up in a year and there will (better be) a new regime to start next season so with this being a QB rich draft and the Lions drafting high, this is the time to snag one to start off the next and 50 millionth Lions rebuild.
  6. The Lions, at the very best, are going to get the 3rd best QB as the Jets and Jags are locked into the bottom 2 and both are almost certainly taking QBs. I wouldn't be surprised if up to 4 QBs get taken in the top 10 with so many QB needy teams and this being a super charged QB hyped draft. Has Quinntricia been fired yet? No? ****. I better wake up tomorrow to a platter of firings.
  7. If there's no firings tomorrow, I don't see it happening until the end of the season IF it happens. Long week off, Black Friday. It needs to be done now.
  8. I'm enjoying this sadly. Get out you arrogant fat **** and take your Patriot buddy with you.
  9. Yep, lots of unnecessary penalties keeping the Lions in it and they are still up by 17.
  10. Everybody just going through the motions, checked out. Good. Exactly what was needed to set a torch to this regime.
  11. It's a must lose. No half measures, sink this failed regime for good and work closer to the high end of the 2nd tier of this draft (after Jets and Jags).
  12. Now they're likely stretching Smith apparently. Confusing move unless there's some other moves in the works.
  13. Great result, exactly what was needed to sweep twittle dumb and twittle dumber out of here. If getting destroyed by a team led by an XFL QB doesn't get these morons fired nothing will. This was a classic "Fire the regime" game. It's too bad that they won the Atlanta and Washington games that should have been losses. They could have been in a position for the new regime to draft the next QB, not so much now although it's a pretty deep QB draft. It looks like they won't even get to that mythical 6-7 win mark I projected that would keep the bozos around. A Houston loss should certainly cement that with a tough finishing kick to the schedule.
  14. I don't agree with your position, obviously. All you've done is counter with childish remarks but I'm sure you know that already. Agree to disagree. Cheers
  15. Do you always have to argue like a child instead of actually providing a useful counter instead of "oh, you're so negative, have fun never enjoying anything"? Talk about insufferable.
  16. To take on bad contracts and accumulate picks which is what Weaver said was his objective and seemed on the right track with the Ariza trade. Instead, they overpayed guys to multi-year contracts who will hardly move the needle exactly like Dumars and SVG did and are right back where they were before Drummond and Jackson were moved with a team that's kind of stuck in the middle with not many future assets or cap space to work with. They have a few extra added prospects which is nice but they need a lot more and don't have the assets, as of now, to really stock the cupboard. We'll see where this goes from here but today was a step back.
  17. Here's an article that captures my feelings. "Going in Circles"... https://www.detroitbadboys.com/2020/11/21/21588244/nba-free-agency-detroit-pistons-jerami-grant-mason-plumlee-christian-wood-trevor-ariza-troy-weaver Today was a very disappointing day, sapped most of the hope I had after the draft unless some follow up moves are made.
  18. They had to waive Dedmon and McGruder and take on their dead cap for the next 5 seasons just to fit Grant and Plumlee in and they have no notable contracts outside of Rose (which is peanuts really) coming off the books for 2 years (Blake will probably opt in). They have limited flexbililty the next 2 seasons with these two contracts and the dead cap added unless Weaver can pull off some voodoo and con somebody into taking the Blake contract. We'll see if Weaver makes any more trades but as of now, I'm not sure what the plan is. Spending big in free agency on ok players was the worst thing he could do IMO. It's exactly what SVG and Dumars did. BTW, I was really positive about the draft if you bothered to read my posts in the draft thread so no I'm not always negative.
  19. They paid a role player $20M/yr and a 30+ year old bench guy almost $9M/yr all while destroying their flexibility the next few seasons and adding $4M of dead cap for the next 5 years. Is this something to be celebrated? This is just like the previous cycle of GMs, clogging cap space with mediocre players and stretching out contracts that had no need to be stretched out. The Jackson and Okafor signings were smart, talented reclamation projects signed to no risk deals. The last thing they needed to do was to go crazy in this free agency period with multi-year contracts. I don't mind Plumlee and Grant as players but those are really bad contracts, too much for too long. It's like the Leuer and Galloway signings all over again except more expensive, just when they got out of those bad deals. Baffling
  20. They waived Dedmon which freed up about $10M I believe although they took the poison pill of stretching out his dead cap (about $3M I believe) over 5 years.
  21. It's horrendous, just like the Grant contract. Is anybody outside of Grant, Plumlee and Weaver happy about this?
  22. There must be a bigger deal at work here because these are awful moves on the surface. Apparently he stretched Dedmon's deal which goes for 5!!! years. Jesus Add in the overpay in the Kennard trade and the confusing Brown trade and I'm not sure there's a plan here. It was nice to have hope for a day or two.
  23. I have a feeling that they might want to keep Rose to have a vet around with all the new young guys in the fold then trade him at the deadline when he might have more value. BTW, it turns out that the Pistons traded FOUR!!! 2nd rounders in the Kennard deal and got Jaylen Hands from the Nets so essentially, Bey+Hands for Kennard+4 2nds. Yeesh, pretty pricey if you ask me but at least the Pistons 2nds are in the '24-'26 drafts when they should be a better team (the first one is a '23 Portland 2nd).
  24. Pretty much. Maybe this strategy doesn't work but what we do know is that the old strategy wasn't working. The definition of insanity....well you know the rest. I, for one, welcome our new "Blowing **** up" overlord.
  25. He got his Frenchie 2 drafts in row. That's "Lions winning the Superbowl" level of excitement for Buddha.
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