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  1. So it's now determined that Hayes is a terrible player after 10 games? Alrighty then. Anyway, I don't see Cunningham as a generational talent clear cut #1 in this draft. I think there's a top 5 of franchise level talents that would have been the best player in the last draft for sure in Cunningham, Mobley, Suggs, Green and Kuminga. Green has tremendous upside, I could see him being in the conversation for #1 if he has a big season in the G League bubble. I think anywhere in the top 5 the Pistons will get a great prospect
  2. Ohio State never had an elite QB prospect before Haskins so this Ohio St. QBs being NFL failures narrative needs a lot of context. Also, as you said, Haskins isn't nearly as mobile as Fields so on athleticism alone, Fields has a better shot to transition to the NFL level. My concern about Fields is that he's a little rough with his reads, he's not too great at surveying the field and tends to lock in on his first target but that was also an issue with Stafford and he turned out ok. In any event, I think they really like Goff so I'd be surprised if went with a QB in this draft.
  3. According to the draft picks point system, #8 = two late 20s 1st rounders and this is assuming that the two 1sts will be in the late 20s which I think is far from a guarantee, so I prefer the Rams package. Also the more picks the better, there are lots of holes to fill and they hired two draft gurus in Dorsey and Holmes so... put them to work. I was also surprised that the Colts didn't offer a 1st, apparently. That's an organization with an aggressive mindset so I thought they'd be "hot and heavy" in the Stafford sweepstakes.
  4. Yeah, I posted this on the last page which apparently everybody missed haha. It was a good read. It also expanded on the other offers as well which I outlined in that post and also contradicts Peter King's rumor that they got offered two 1sts from another team so I don't know who to believe.
  5. Interesting article about how the trade went down and what some of the supposed offers were... https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/02/01/mmqb-super-bowl-week-matthew-stafford-trade-negotiations-los-angeles-rams Essentially, Carolina offered #8 plus unspecified later round pick, WFT offered #19+#71 and no other team offered anything of substance until the Rams came along and beat all the other offers. I'm surprised that Indy didn't at least offer #21. I'm a little torn on the Panthers vs. Rams deal. The Lions got more draft capital with the Rams which is probably better for long term team building and they get a perhaps average starting QB for the next few years but that #8 pick would have been really nice. They could have had two foundational pieces to build around. I still like the Rams offer a little more because they have a lot of holes to fill and the more draft picks the better.
  6. The QB always gets the blame when the team fails, always, especially in this case with a team that's built to compete and the fact that they gave up a premium to land him.
  7. The thing is, those losses weren't his fault. He was stellar against New Orleans but the defense couldn't stop Brees, at all. He was very good against Dallas and got them a sizeable early lead and then the refs decided that they wanted "America's Team" in the next round. He was 9-54 against winning teams which is horrendous no matter who his supporting cast was but he played well enough to win both of those playoff games.
  8. You do know that they got an extra 1st to take him, right? Did you also know that after two years, they can cut him without penalty? I just don't know how anybody, outside of those who are perennially miserable about the Lions, can see this as a bad trade for them. There's virtually no downside outside of the Goff contract clogging up some extra cap in a season that is a rebuild.
  9. He's a big reason why Goff flourished although maybe that was also due to Gurley becoming the best running back in the league. I don't know if McVay is some kind of offensive genius but he's certainly more credentialed than the junk Stafford had to work with.
  10. Because the narrative comes with major context. Goff had one of the best supporting casts in the league while Stafford... yeah, not to mention McVay vs. the Lions revolving door of coaches. There were many seasons when Stafford was all on his own. Goff was heavily insulated in that Rams system. The one positive I could see about this is that the Lions offensive line is better than the Rams offensive line in pass protection in particular so he isn't likely to be under pressure as much on the Lions but bottom line, Stafford is better than Goff. Lets not get that twisted.
  11. It's a good trade for the Lions but lets call a spade a spade, the Rams upgraded significantly at QB and the Lions downgraded significantly at QB. It seems like you're trying to prove that the difference between the two is minimal. It's not. The stats only paint a small part of the story, look at the difference in supporting cast and coaching. Not to mention that Stafford can make throws that Goff can only dream of making. I'm rooting for Goff, I hope you're right and I'm wrong, but I wouldn't expect much from Goff here.
  12. Let me rephrase. If they do take a QB with #7, it'll be clear that Goff is just a placeholder unless he completely knocks it out of the park next season but if they don't, it'll leave it open for debate going forward whether or not he's their guy.
  13. That has me a bit worried, that he sees him as THE guy for the Lions going forward. If they draft a QB this season then we'll know how they see Goff's future here. Goff really isn't that good. He was sheltered by the best running game in the league for a few seasons. Unless Swift turns into prime Gurley, it'll be a rough year with Goff.
  14. Gurley got hurt, and then hurt again and then never regained form. I think they will emphasize the run game and try to give him a lot of easy playaction throws like the Rams did in McVay's first few seasons. He does have a pretty big arm, it's just really erratic. I wonder what this means for Golladay, if anything at all.
  15. He can win it in 2024. I'm a Lions fan first not a Stafford fan first but to each their own.
  16. You're a Lions fan, you want the Rams to finish as low as possible in the standings. You could still cheer for the Bears to lose though so crisis averted on that front. 😉
  17. The Rams took on a lot of the dead cap, I believe the Rams get no cap savings next season because his entire cap hit is dead cap so I'm guessing that there's zero cap hit for the Lions next season but I could be wrong. This makes a trade easier to execute I'd imagine if they want to flip him. I do know the Lions take on $19 of Stafford's dead cap.
  18. Apparently Holmes was one of the guys who "pounded the table" for Goff at the draft so I think he'll be here for this season at least but with Dorsey on board, I feel more comfortable that the other voices might talk more sense into him. I still think they draft a QB and will use Goff as a placeholder.
  19. And their 3rd this year. The Lions knocked it out of the ballpark with this trade. I said yesterday when discussing Goff with @Motown Bombers that if I was the Lions, I'd only take Goff if they had to pay a premium to unload the contract and that's what happened. I was worried about Goff+2nd or something like that. Also, they could still flip him to a desperate team with a big QB need with Stafford now off the market and less supply of QBs on the market or just use him as a bridge QB until the new guy is ready to take over. This was a creatively well done trade with so many layers to it that I didn't think they could pull off. Impressive
  20. Not a disaster at all. This is a really good trade. I also read that there isn't much dead money on the cap if they decide to flip Goff after next season so this is a pretty big win for the Lions I think.
  21. That's a **** of a draft pick haul though even if they're late 1sts. I hate the idea of Goff but I'm actually ok with this.
  22. I would hate it, really hate it, if they package two high picks to move up but QB is the most position by far so if there's a guy they're targeting, they might as well go get him as much as it would pain me. That's what the Chiefs and Bills did and we saw how that turned out for them. I have a gut feeling that they are really big on Fields, he seems to fit the criteria of what Campbell is looking for. On another note, this notion that Ohio State QBs are doomed for failure because of the past is bullocks. The Buckeyes never had an elite QB prospect until Haskins and Haskins doesn't move nearly as well as Fields. No Ohio State QB before Haskins was highly regarding coming into the draft.
  23. I get that leadership qualities are important but saying that's the first thing he would look for in a QB over talent doesn't fill me with confidence. Yes they need a culture change but they need talent first and foremost. Valuing character or intangibles over all else is Quinntricia nonsense, that's how you end up with one of the least talented rosters in the league. Lets hope that this is just lip service from Campbell and not what they're actually thinking in the room. Anyway, if character is the most important thing to them, that would eliminate Wilson if the rumors about his character are true.
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