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  1. Scheffler always celebrates like that, i'm surpised that he doesn't get flagged more often.
  2. Yeah, that's kind of where i'm at as well. This is a development year, the Pistons are going absolutely nowhere so might as well plan for the future now. Maxiell is not a part of the future, Drummond is so Frank might as well see how Drummond does with more responsibility. I don't see how he learns anything from sitting on the bench. You play more, you learn more and it's not like he hasn't done anything to earn extra minutes.
  3. Drummond can only learn by playing more minutes IMO which Frank seems to be recognizing. He clearly brings a skillset to the team that nobody else is even close to possessing even though he has a lot to learn. However, i do agree that if he starts slacking on the court that Frank should teach him a hard lesson by benching him but i haven't seen much of that from Drummond.
  4. Yet another example of the Pistons laying an egg against a decent team. I don't mind losses but they aren't even close against these teams. Drummond is a beast though, i was thrilled that he dropped to us but i thought that he would have big time struggles this season. Also, he struggled from work ethic issues throughout his pre-NBA career, i don't see any issues whatsoever with his work ethic thus far. It's time for Frank to suck it up and play him alongside Monroe in the starting lineup and continue to keep his minutes up. I understand the idea of sheltering him a bit and bringing him along slowly but now 20+ games in, i think he's ready for more responsibility, this is just a development year anyway.
  5. Fair enough, i would like to see them beat a few good teams though. Agreed wholeheartedly with the second part. While i would like to see improvement with the team this season, i still want this team to get a superstar badly. That won't happen through free agency or trade so the draft is the only option. Ideally, the Pistons have a solid season, barely miss the playoffs and win the lottery. They already have good complimentary guys sprinkled all over the roster. Add a superstar guard or small forward and this team will be ready to take off.
  6. The 6-5 record since the 0-8 start is very deceiving. In that stretch, they have beaten no team of consequence outside of maybe Philly (The Celtics were dead tired after a stretch of 4 games in 5 days). Anytime they have played a good team, they get blown out so while it's nice that they have strung together a nice stretch, a little perspective is needed. I still believe that they need that really high draft pick to get a superstar. Unfortunately, this draft looks really weak at the top as of now. It's really a double edged sword with this team.... If they tank this season, it will only further enhance a losing culture and make guys like Monroe sour on re-signing here but in the same token, if they end up near .500 and narrowly missing the playoffs, they will just continue a cycle of mediocrity. I guess it's best not to overthink it and just let the season play out. I would like to see them beat a good team at full strength to show some legitimacy.
  7. Even though Stafford has some inconsistencies, he is still near the tops of the league in passing yards and has suffered from many drops (i believe that the Lions have the most drops in the league). Stafford at his worst is still above average and at his best, is amongst the elite. He is at the very least a star. Suh is still easily a top 5 DT despite him having problems controlling his temper, he's a superstar. Fairley has the ability to get there as well. This team has tons of talent at some key positions.
  8. So what should they do? Move the team, change the Lions name? The Fords aren't going anywhere so we're stuck with them whether we like it or not. I notice a pattern in your posts. "No matter what the team does, they will always fail" so why bother watching then? Seriously. It's been frustrating as hell being a Lions fan but this is the best core talent that the Lions have had in years, possibly decades. I bet that if the right coach was brought in that the potential of this group would be realized
  9. One superstar? I see three. You think that Stafford and Suh are merely above average? Stafford threw for 5,000+ yards last season and led this team to countless comebacks. He has had a rough go of it this season but he is still really good and the sky is the limit especially if he can fix that wonky sidearm delivery. Suh absolutely dominated the league 2 seasons ago and the first half of last season, he has stagnated somewhat over the past year but he is still amongst the elite as far as DT's are concerned, he has played a lot better lately so that's 3 superstars by my count at 2 of the most important positions in the game. The team obviously has a deficiency in the secondary which needs to be addressed and the linebackers are fairly average although they are worlds better than they were 2-3 seasons ago. The bottom line is that there is no way that a team this talented should be 9-15 in their last 24 games, that's a disgrace which falls mainly on the coaches shoulders. Just watch the games and you see all the trademarks of a badly coached team from the lack of discipline, to poor starts for the most part although better as of late in that area, to the weak in game managing (the Titans debacle, the multitude of errors against the Texans etc.) and a team that doesn't utilize its strengths at the correct times. There is no way that a team with Stafford, Mega and Suh as a core should be that poor over such a long stretch. There is a fundamental problem with this team and the blame for that falls on the coaching, not the GM. Mayhew isn't perfect by any means but he has laid a nice enough foundation down. The coaches simply aren't utilizing the tools properly.
  10. You don't see the difference between Stafford and Stanton? This game was just another example of gutless coaching playing not to lose. They have one of the most dangerous passing games in the league yet they completely neuter them when up late in games, same **** in the Houston, Green Bay games etc. This team could easily be 7-5 if they had coaches who play to win. Anybody who thinks that this is a GM problem more than a coaching problem isn't looking closely enough.
  11. Disagree greatly with the 1st part. NBA basketball is pretty tough to watch in the regular season outside of the 4th quarter. There is generally little passion in the crowd in the regular season outside of a few venues (OKC, Utah and Sacramento when they're doing well, MSG when the Knicks are doing well, can't think of anywhere else) and the players generally cruise through a lot of these games until late plus there is more individual play than team play. I enjoy the NBA playoffs very much but it's not easy to watch regular season outside of my favorite team and watching the Pistons fail in front of 800 friends and family at the Palace is no picnic. College basketball is full of passion, better team play for the most part and the NCAA tournament is the most exciting tournament of all. Just look at the UNC-Indiana, NC St-Michigan and Ohio St.-Duke games. Fantastic crowds, lots of passion from the players and good team ball. I guess to each their own. Agreed on the 2nd part. This draft class looks pretty weak especially compared to the last draft but it's still early to know for sure. It depends on who declares for the draft and how these players progress through the season.
  12. What's wrong with that? College basketball is awesome, much better than the NBA IMO. Zeller looked good but i'm not sure if he'll be a great half court player at the NBA level, he's real good on the fast break though. As mentioned above, Burke looks excellent early on although similar to Knight, he generally has more of a scorers mentality than a true PG mentality. The game against NC State was the first one that i saw of Burke in which he looked to distribute more than score but he looked fantastic in doing so, he'll be interesting to follow throughout the year as well as that Michigan team. That Canadian freschman is a treat to watch.
  13. Yep, one of the dirtiest players in the league. He seems to want to play by his own rules regardless of how it affects the team. Anybody who says that he's not dirty is a flaming homer. The results speak for themselves as well as his peers labelling him as the dirtiest player in the league for 2 straight years. Call it "Playing Hard or "Playing Aggressive" or that he's "Old School" but the fact remains that you can't play now the way they played in the '70s, those times have long passed so guys like Suh and James Harrison need to learn to tone it down because committing personal foul penalties and getting suspended does nothing but hurt the team plus it forces the NFL to keep an even closer eye on him as he gains a reputation as a guy who crosses the line.
  14. It's obvious to everybody but Lions homers, watch it again. He clearly kicks his foot out to make contact with Schwab, this shouldn't even be a debate, it was so blatantly obvious.
  15. Agreed, there is a lot of talent on this team, they really aren't THAT far off. If they cut some of the dead weight. (The coaching staff included), add some help to the back 7 and some Oline depth and this team will be ready to take the next step. There are a lot of good pieces to work with at the key positions especially if Suh and Fairley can build on their recent strong play.
  16. Oh come on, Suh knew exactly what he was doing there. He clearly kicked his foot forward towards the nuttal region of Schwab. If he had just naturally let his leg fall back from the angle that he was falling, there's no way that he makes contact with Schwab's crown jewels, it was a dirty dirty play. With that being said, where the hell has this Suh been all season? He was incredibly disruptive, just an absolute force. We hadn't seen this Suh since the first half of last season.
  17. Hanson is pretty automatic but why not try to pick some more yards with a free down? 47 yards is too far out to be comfortable with any kicker. I do agree that it's time to look forward to the draft which is why i don't mind the loss too much but damn, the way the Lions lose just rips out your gut, doesn't it?
  18. Stupid rule or not, how does Schwartz not know the rule? That and who the hell kicks a 47 yard fg on 3rd down? If this game isn't more evidence that coaching is a big problem with the Lions, i don't know what is. This team definitely has the talent to be better, coaching is holding them back IMO.
  19. Last years team was a complete fluke. They had 3 miraculous comebacks where all the stars aligned perfectly for them to get wins (at Dallas, at Minny, at Oakland), another game in which they had to come back from a huge deficit against a poor Carolina team and another win against the Vikings at home in which they won due to a horrible call at the end which gave them the victory against the immortal Joe Webb. Also, the teams they beat were either mediocre or bad, they failed against any good team and lost to another immortal Matt Flynn who lost his job to a rookie before the season even began and got a fat contract thanks to the Lions. The same problems that the team has this year existed last year except that last year was masked by a flukey 10-6 record. They had a lack of discipline, lack of team structure, vanilla coaching schemes and suffered from poor starts last season as well. There is a fundamental problem with this team that goes beyond player personnel, it's a culture issue and that goes back to coaching. Bring in a coach like Gruden who pays attention to detail and will focus on discipline and watch this team start to take off. Mayhew has work to do as well since there are clearly holes to fill but this team is talented enough to be better than this.
  20. Is Cowher ever going back to coaching? I'm not so sure. He seems really cozy there at CBS and seems to really be enjoying his time there. Seems like an ideal job to get paid ridiculous amounts of money to have to only have to put in one full day of "work". I can see Gruden getting back into coaching possibly as soon as next season, it would be worth going after him. All i know is that the Schwartz experiment is a failure, this has all the markings of a badly coached team. They are always unprepared to start games, they are one of the most undisciplined teams in the league, the players are not developing properly under their watch (all the important players have stagnated or regressed) and they employ incredibly predictable offensive and defensive schemes. I don't see this changing no matter what player personnel is on the field. The only reason that this franchise looked "revived" last season is because of a bunch of flukey games in which Stafford and Megatron bailed out the coaches asses otherwise, this should have been a 7-9 or 8-8 team last season and Schwartz would be on the hot seat now with another losing season all but a certainty. The time for change is now before the prime years of this core is wasted on "what should have been?".
  21. Dumars definitely did some great things but it's hard to look that far back now after the countless amount of errors since. Hell, the disasterous Darko draft occurred during the good times so he had some warts even in the best of times but yeah, he should get a lot of credit for reviving the franchise. I first became a fan right when The Bad Boys were on the upswing. Bird stealing the ball and clinching the Game 5 victory in '87 was one of my earlier memories, still stings to this day. Anyway, as long as i've been a fan, the Pistons have probably been the 3rd best organization in basketball (i don't think people realize how close the Pistons were to 3 Peating from '88-'90 and they don't get enough credit historically for being one of the best teams in history) with the Lakers being the obvious top dog and the Bulls being right up there too so i've been used to the Pistons fielding winners although there were some rough patches in the late 90s, early 00s so it's tough seeing Dumars sewering the franchise like he has. The Palace has never been so empty for so long (although the failed economy has played a part in that) so it's a tough time as a Pistons fan with not much light at the end of the tunnel IMO. Monroe, Drummond and perhaps Knight are nice players to build around but none of them give me hope that the Pistons could be a real contender anytime in the near future which is why i think it's vital to draft a superstar or at least a go to guy that can carry the team on his back from time to time. Anyway, this has veered way into OT, just figured that i would rant a bit. I'm sure that most Pistons fans feel the same way.
  22. When i saw the thread title say "Shut it down", i was hoping that Stuckey would be shutting it down for a while and take some time off and i got all excited. Ah well. I agree with the comments saying that it's annoying when "unnamed sources" blast other people but i think there's some validity to this. When Stuckey is off his game or not getting enough playing time, his body language is awful and he looks very pouty so i believe that he does shut it down from time to time, not much of a team player. I've said it before, i believe that this team is better off without him and Prince for that matter as well. Unfortunately, Joe D. doesn't see it that way. It's kind of sad that my 2 favorite players growing up Isiah and Dumars have tarnished their NBA legacies with faulty management. Obviously, Isiah had bigger off the court issues and Dumars has at least accomplished some great things in a management role but it's sad to see that he hugely regressed in the last 5 years or so.
  23. Obviously Joe D is oblivious since he extended him for 3 years more last season. It's not like Stuckey is a horrible player but the team does seem to be in better sync without him hogging the ball. It's a shame about him because i remember having such high hopes for him going into his rookie season, he looked like a mini Wade with his reckless abandon and fearless attitude heading towards the basket but he has seemed to stagnated or even regressed every season since his rookie season up until last season when he had that hot stretch of games (in his contract year interestingly enough). Dumars should have realized that the Pistons have enough of these Stuckey types and should have refrained from wasting money on a redundant player. I hope that the focus in the draft is on a legit, big 2 guard to not only be a go to scorer but to shut down the best opposition players and prevent the constant drives to the basket that continually haunt this Pistons team. Anyway, it's good that they for off the snide last night and now it's time to focus on tanking again. I'm only half kidding.
  24. DE is an issue, i would agree with that. However, i have to disagree that OLB isn't a major concern and even depth at the MIKE. Levy has played well in stretches but he's still very inconsistent and is yet another Lion who can't seem to stay healthy, Durant is likely gone after this season so that leaves us with Tulloch as the only dependable LB and even he is pretty average. The secondary goes without saying.... Despite some pointing to the fairly meaningless 7th in the league against the pass stat, the secondary is awful and can't be counted on. Houston is the only dependable guy back there, that's it. Everybody else is either too injury prone or just not good enough. I understand that Avril is likely gone after this season and KVB is on his last legs but i think that there is ok depth there with Young hopefully emerging with more PT and LoJack possibly being re-signed. Perhaps it will be better to evaluate the DE depth during the offseason when some questions will be answered because there will be a lot of shuffling around done there. The fact remains that the Lions have needs everywhere expect at QB, WR, TE (despite Pettigrew's inconsistencies) and perhaps RB although they could use a change of pace guy like a healthy Best (obviously not Best himself since he's likely done) but the Back 7 HAS TO be addressed at some point and the center position has to be addressed at some point and there's no better spot than the draft.
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