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  1. Mayo is ok. He's a good scorer but he's not a go to guy by any means. Also, to those who want to trade Monroe, our only decent player and only post up threat.....Why? We're likely not going to get a better player than Monroe in return and i have no interest in bringing a cancer like Cousins into the fold no matter how talented he is. That kid has been a team wrecker ever since high school, i don't see him ever changing. I'm not a huge Monroe fan but i just don't see the point in trading him when we're likely not going to get equal or better value in return. Just doesn't make sense IMO.
  2. Reading that article made me sad. There is literally nothing on the free agent market that is even remotely enticing, what a waste of cap space. This is even more reason why it's vital that the Pistons pick up a star in the draft but the problem with that is one, this draft class looks to be lacking star power and secondly, the Pistons will ONCE AGAIN be just good enough or should i say, not quite bad enough, to be clear of the bottom 5. So basically the only way to get a star it would seem is through trade and the two problems with that is Dumars seems incapable of adding big pieces through trade and the Pistons don't have the assets to acquire anybody noteworthy anyway. It's looking more and more like the Pistons will sink or swim with this current core. Yikes!!!
  3. Burke was good last season but he was still really raw (shot way too much) although he was clutch, this season he is a lot more polished and has become much more of a true point guard. He's not unproven, he's RELATIVELY unproven especially in the context of comparing his college career to Lawson. He had a good freshman season and has been spectacular this season against a pre-conference schedule, Northwestern and Iowa. There were some good opponents in there namely Kansas State and NC State but i personally need to see him maintain this level through the grueling Big 10 schedule and in the tourney to be convinced. Again, we're talking about over their careers. Lawson led North Carolina to the Championshuip playing at an extremely high level while Burke hasn't even come close to such an accomplishment yet. As i said before, i'm confident that Burke will have a great season and be a good pro but he needs to be prove more to be considered a better college player than Lawson and i'm a huge college bball fan, i've seen a ton of both. With all that being said, i'm a big fan of the kid and of Michigan so it's going to be a lot of fun to see him and the team progress through the season.
  4. If we're talking about Michigan players, what about Stauskas? The kid is 6'6" an incredible shooter, has a good handle, is really athletic and has a lot of swagger something of which the Pistons have very little of. He's not the typical one dimensional shooter that we see so often in college. We could really use an athletic wing who can shoot the lights out although point guard is a much bigger need (Knight isn't a PG, sorry). I like Burke a lot but i would like to see how he does over the course of the season in a rugged big ten before comparing him to the likes of Lawson or "gulp" Chris Paul. Remember, he doesn't have a lot of pedigree to fall back on, he was lightly recruited out of high school and was ok last season but didn't really stand out too much. He looks light years better than he did last season and he does have some projectable skills to the next level but he is still largely unproven. The real test is if he can maintain consistency over the longhaul and step up now that he's becoming a target of opponents. To the poster who said that he's a better college player than Lawson.... That's crazy talk, Lawson was virtually unstoppable in college, he was the architect of one of the most feared fast breaks in recent history. Burke has a ways to go to be on that level but he does have the ability. We'll see.
  5. Fair enough with the schedule thing but it's just a convenient excuse to mask the real problem here. It's not change for the sake of change, it's a culture thing. When there were past coaching changes, the team quite simply didn't have the personnel to compete. This team actually has the personnel to make some noise in this league and outside of a 5-0 start that was a mirage last season, Schwartz has failed with this group. Obviously there are some holes in the lineup which Mayhew has failed to address but the core is way too good to be this bad and just by watching the games, you can see that they are a disorganized mess which falls squarely on coaching.
  6. The schedule is largely irrelevant, it's a result oriented league. All games in the NFL are tough to win regardless of opponent. The bottom line is that when you watch the Lions play, even during the fluke run of last season, it's obvious that it's a supremely poorly coached team. They either start off the game unprepared which was a major epidemic the last half of last season and first half of this season or failed to close which was a major epidemic late this season. It has less to do with the personnel and more to do with the coaching IMO plus the general culture of the team as an undisciplined bunch that lacks leadership which starts at the top. There is absolutely no excuse (tough schedule or not) for a team with Stafford, CJ and Suh as its core players to be 9-19 in their last 28 games, that's downright pathetic but this is the Lions and they will wait for at least 5 more seasons of failure before making any changes so Schwartz, Mayhew and Co. have no worries whatsoever.
  7. I'm still a big Te'o fan. One game against a much superior opponent with an incredible OLine isn't going to change my mind on him although admittedly, tonight did raise some red flags. Obviously the Lions aren't picking him at 5 but he's going to be a terrific player IMO. Milliner looked good tonight but i still maintain that he's not a top 5 or even top 10 talent. I think that this is the perfect draft to trade down, collect extra picks and the Lions still get their guy. There are no standouts in this draft, just a lot of good players especially pass rushers.
  8. Hey, i'm a diehard NHL fan, tread carefully. Last night's game is a perfect example of why they need a high draft pick desperately and the previous 5 games or so are a perfect example of why the Pistons will always be mediocre. They are bad enough to easily miss the playoffs but not bad enough to be in the running for a top pick. Hell, they aren't even mediocre, they are bad mediocre which is even worse because there's no hope of them even competing for an 8th spot which at least mediocre teams are capable of doing. It was apparent last night (as it is most nights) that they really need a go to guy in the clutch. It's sad that Tay is their "go to" guy, is there any team in the entire league that has a worse "best" player? Even the lowly Bobcats have Walker who is capable of taking over games. Another thing is that i'm getting concerned about is Monroe. He seems to pile up stats early in games when success is a lot of easier to come by then when the games gets tough and rugged during the 4th quarter, he seems to fold like a cheap tent time and time again. He's just so soft, it's painful to watch. I know that it has always been a knock on him going back to G-Town but nut up once in a while Greg. The stats look nice but the eyeball test tells the true story with him. Knight looks horrible as well. He shows the odd flash every now and then but his bad plays outnumber his good plays and he is absolutely atrocious defensively at times and defense is supposed to be his strength, Walker was feeding him his lunch in the 4th quarter last night.
  9. Yep, i've been saying this a while. Te'o is not only a game changer but possibly even more importantly, is a culture changer. I don't see anybody in this draft who could possibly have a bigger impact than him on and off the field. One dimensional pass rushers like Jones and Moore don't do it for me and Milliner is definitely not a top 5 talent IMO and i've seen plenty of him. Te'o can play in every situation and quarterback the defense and make those around him better. He might not be the fastest player in the draft but he just has the "it" factor. He's a born leader and quite a football player as well. I have a feeling that the Eagles take him at 3, hope i'm wrong though.
  10. Winning today would have been the final kick in the gut to a horrific season. If you're going to suck, might as well suck as hard as possible and get the highest draft pick possible so mission accomplished i guess. I highly doubt that this will get Schwartz fired but 8 losses in a row, 9-19 in their last 28 and constant coaching failures in game could get them to at least re-evaluate the coaching staff. I thought that the Lions would take a step back this season but this is a lot worse than i ever imagined they would be. Mayhew really has his work cut out for him this offseason especially with limited cap space to work with. Ah well, such is life as a Lions fan.
  11. There is no way that you can watch AJ and CJ and come away thinking that AJ is better and i don't think i'm biased on saying that. The last 2 seasons, Calvin has been a class by himself. He's not a one trick pony anymore, he makes all the catches whether it be deep routes, intermediate routes, in the slot etc. He's as diverse as it gets and physically, is the strongest receiver out there. Andre Johnson used to be the best receiver without question, not anymore. Hell, CJ is arguably the best PLAYER in the NFL.
  12. Yep, that's what i've been preaching since the beginning of the year. It sucks to root for losses but it's a necessary evil and last nights loss was big. At least Monroe had a big game last night. Baby Steps.
  13. The guy has been failing for years and is still living off of his '04-'05 legacy. Ever since they lost to the Spurs in Game 7, they have been getting progressively worse over the last 7 years to the point of this team being a laughingstock now. I was done with him the second that he panicked and grossly overpayed Villanueva and Gordon, i knew that day that those signings were disasters and it has only gotten worse since then capped off by re-signing guys like Tay and Stuckey when in reality, he should have torn this down and started rebuilding right after the Monroe draft. Also, he still hasn't addressed the seemingly endless surplus of guard tweeners. I will always respect him for what he did as a player, bringing the team another championship in '04 and for being an all around good guy but damn, it was time to move on several years ago. What is with the Lions and Pistons and their undying loyalty to failing regimes? It's time to sweep off the cupboard completely and start a new regime. Build around Monroe, Drummond and Knight (although not so keen on Knight being a core player). The problem is that none of those guys are go to guys. They desperately need to get lucky win the lottery and draft a star because this team is seriously lacking star power. Just think of how much better they would be if they would have gotten Irving instead of Knight.
  14. They didn't have the talent that this team has. Despite the holes in the roster, this team should be better than it is. The personnel is good enough to at the least be a bubble playoff team.
  15. So you would draft Milliner who is not even a top 10 talent in the top 5 just because the Lions need a corner?
  16. I'm curious. What has changed in the last 3 weeks that has changed your mind? This is the same exact team that they were last year with the only difference being that last year, the breaks worked for the Lions and are working against them this season. All you say about this team being, undisciplined, disjointed etc. has always been the case and was just mirrored by tremendous luck last season. It was like putting lipstick on a pig and it was only a matter of time until the lipstick wore off and the pig reared its ugly face. I'm not sure how you can watch this team and see a big difference the last 3 weeks to change your mind on Schwartz, this team has always had the same issues but now, it appears that the team has completely quit on Schwartz which was not the case prior to this week.
  17. They could pick up a corner through free agency, it's not that hard for most GMs. I actually think that safety is a bigger weakness than corner. There are no Patrick Peterson talents in this draft so it's a big risk to draft a corner just because he's a corner.
  18. I never bought into the Curry over Stafford hype. Also, Curry never really excelled against top competition, he had his flaws. Te'o is a special player, i don't see any significant flaws in his game. It's possible that he could flop but it's possible with just about any draftee outside of a surefire star like Luck. I don't see any better fits for the Lions in this draft.
  19. Yep. Te'o is not only a game changer but also a culture changer. Not only are you getting a guy who can play at a really high level but you're also getting a leader who inspires his teammates. It's a no brainer to take this guy if he's available and quite frankly, i would be disappointed if the Lions draft anybody else. As you said, if Te'o is taken already, trade down and add more picks. That along with firing Schwartz and Linehan would get the Lions going in the right direction.
  20. Agreed all around, exactly what i was thinking to a T.
  21. Fire Schwartz!!! Lets Go High Draft Pick!!! Lets look towards the future people. Eyes on the prize.
  22. I just took a look at some other mocks and a lot have him in the 3-7 range and Kiper said that he could possibly go to the Chiefs at 1. With all the good PR that Te'o has gotten on top of the already great career that he had before his fame rose, i can see him easily being a big riser going towards the draft especially if he has a great game against Alabama. I have watched a lot of him and feel that he could potentially be a once in a generation type of linebacker, i don't see any weaknesses in his game. Even beyond his playing skills, i feel that his leadership could being this team to another level and develop a real "team" culture. Milliner would be a decent consolation prize but he's not a game changer IMO.
  23. This is a 4-9 team, a team that was expected to win this season so what's the point of them being 6-10, 7-9. It's not like this is a team on the upswing that needs momentum at the end of the season. All it will do is hurt draft position. I would like to see them at least win 1 game to have some semblance of respectability but a higher draft pick yields a better chance to get a game changer which the team desperately needs in the back 7. I love Te'o. Big LB who can play the run as well as the pass and is very quick from sideline to sideline plus he's a true leader which is something that the Lions sorely need. I haven't looked at any mock drafts but i don't see how he drops out of the top 10, he might even go top 5.
  24. He's not on the hot seat but he really REALLY should be. Here's a fun fact.... The team is 9-16 in their last 25 games, let that sink in for a minute. A team with Stafford, CJ and Suh as the core is 9-16 in their last 25. That's pitiful and a lot of these games, they are either unprepared to start the game or can't finish and a lot of that IMO, has to do with faulty gameplanning and poor in game adjustments by the coaching staff. It is quite simply a poorly coached team and Schwartz should be held accountable. Unfortunately, a flukey 5 game winning streak in the beginning of last season basically bought Schwartz a free season to fall back on.
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