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  1. The way he glides offensively, smooth stroke. I see some similarities in how they play at the offensive end. Mobley is far more versatile defensively than Bosh was and handles the ball more. Again, and I said it multiple times, Bosh isn't a perfect comparables but I do see SOME similarities in their game. It's hard to find a comparable for Mobley because he's unique. Different type of player but kind of like Chet Holmgren who also does things that a player his size shouldn't be able to do.
  2. Well that's stupid, but there's also fans who do nothing but trash Pistons prospects and who call prospects 7 games into their career a bust essentially so it all balances out.
  3. In addition to the one Buddha posted, there's this one... https://nbadraftroom.com/p/evan-mobley/ And this one... https://projectspurs.com/2021/01/05/san-antonio-spurs-prospect-watch-evan-mobley/ This one, although it was more of a physical comp which is partially why I made the comp... (Edit: Sorry, this was the one that Buddha posted) https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/30495016/scouting-2021-nba-draft-lottery-prospects-strengths-comps-intel I've seen a few others as well that made the Bosh comparison because of the offensive skillset and physical makeup. You were mocking me as if it's such a crazy comparison. Others see it as well. Again, not a perfect comparison but there are similarities especially offensively.
  4. I'm not the only one, including scouts who watch these players for a living, to make the Bosh comparison so.... It's not a perfect comparison but I see similar elements in their offensive game and their build. Mobley is a hybrid so it's really difficult to make a perfect comparison, he has an assortment of skills and is sort of unique. My worry with him is that he's pretty soft and tends to differ to others a lot but that could change as he gains more experience and realizes that he can be the best player on the floor if he really wants to. He's still in that "timid" stage of his development which shows how good he can be if he figures it all out because he's pretty good already as is.
  5. KG is far more aggressive than Mobley. Mobley is much more cerebral, he doesn't have that take over "I want to destroy you" mentality that Garnett had. I suppose Bosh would be a better comparison.
  6. Yeah, big fan of Jackson's attitude. He's relentless and doesn't back down from anybody. Weaver got a lot of criticism for his free agent signings and trades (I was one of them) but the Grant, Jackson and Wright acquisitions have been solid. Even Plumlee, despite what Del says, has made some positive contributions. At the very least, they're building a culture of a hard working team that will compete every game.
  7. But more importantly, how many rebounds did he get?
  8. The Pistons have no incentive to buy him out if he doesn't make any salary concessions so it's up to him to give up some of next years' salary if he really wants out. Otherwise, the Pistons can just sit him until they find a trade partner either this year or next and deal him as an expiring by next years' deadline or let the contract simply expire.
  9. Blake is going to have to forfeit a good chunk of that 39 million if he really wants to play elsewhere otherwise they're stuck with each other through next season so ultimately this comes down to how badly he wants to move on. He's going to have to sacrifice a lot of money to do so. Also, why are you guys even discussing trade? No chance, not even Weaver is dumb enough to attach a valuable asset just to make Griffin happy. It'll be buy out or he's stuck here if he doesn't want to give back much salary.
  10. At least Plumlee can occasionally have a good game. Buddha on the other hand?....
  11. Disagree. If they win a few led by the young guys then it's fine, a terrible victory is the ones led by the vets. As long as the young guys are developing properly, I don't mind a few wins. In any event, they aren't finishing bottom 5. Their first half schedule had to be the toughest in the league so I'd imagine that the second half will be one of the easiest in the league so their second half record will almost certainly be better. Teams like the Wolves and Wizards are clearly worse, the Magic, Bulls, Cavs and Thunder are likely to push really hard for worst record so the Pistons will likely be in familiar territory in that 7-10 pick range.
  12. You said he has no arm strength, that's far from the truth, and I'm not even a big Goff fan. You were right that Wentz was better at his peak and Goff is a not a good decision maker but wrong that he has no arm strength.
  13. Actually the insiders, including Schefter who is reliable, were saying that there was a market for Goff. I find that hard to believe considering how poor he's been the last few seasons and that contract but in a QB market with high demand and short supply, it's possible.
  14. There's absolutely zero chance even a hot shooting Ellington would return a 1st.
  15. Goff isn't terrible but he needs a very strong supporting cast to succeed. That right there is the big difference between him and Stafford. Stafford can succeed in just about any offense because he has a world class arm and enough mobility to navigate the pocket. With Goff, you need to build an offense with a strong running game and offensive line so he can thrive in playaction. I can't see him succeeding in an offense where he's the focal point. I think this is why they brought Anthony Lynn in, to emphasize the running game and cater to the strengths of Goff. He can be really good if placed in the right situation.
  16. Don't you take my hope away from me. Of course it's highly unlikely but I will hold on to that slight glimmer of hope that he values happiness over money and leaves the money on the table, since he already has an absurd amount of money, to get out of here asap until that hope fades completely.
  17. Disagree. Wentz was arguably the MVP of the league when he got injured in 2017, his very short peak was better than Goff's peak even though Goff's team went farther in the playoffs with him. I'd say that Goff is slightly better than him today but Wentz at peak form was better. That's probably why Wentz has a market, because teams see his high end potential. Personally, I think the injuries robbed him of what he once was but I guess it's worth a shot for a team like the Bears that haven't had a good QB since before the Superbowl era and no, McMahon wasn't good. Also, the Lions aren't trading Goff. I truly believe that Holmes sees him as the franchise QB going forward. He'll have two years to prove that he is (he likely won't).
  18. I thought before the season that he could possibly return a 1st round pick from a championship contender (not a team like the Knicks) but he was awful this season so that became a pipedream. Kind of like Drummond, it's a positive just to get him off the roster. Hopefully Griffin opts out after the season and the last remnants of the SVG/Stefanski era will be gone for good then the real rebuild can begin.
  19. The difference between the Clippers 1st, for example, and the Pistons 2nd is like 3-4 picks. Would you have been content with the Clippers 1st for Rose? If the 2nds are useless and you don't think Rose is worth a 1st, what would be an acceptable return in your mind?
  20. The Detroit 2nd is not useless, it's just about a late 1st. Were you expecting a 1st for Rose the way he was playing this season? It would suck if it was only the Charlotte 2nd, the Knicks should pony up for the Pistons taking DSJ off their hands.
  21. I only care about the draft compensation. Give back the Detroit 2nd back and I'm happy. Flip DSJ for another 2nd at the deadline if he shows well in the next month.
  22. It's a 7 game sample size. Yeah, I think it's safe to say that it's not the end all be all. It was a poor start to his career but I'm not concerned at all about it yet. Hailburton was always projected to have an NBA impact sooner. Granted, I don't think people expect him to be this good this soon but point being, it's way WAY too early to make any real judgments about these players yet.
  23. Wentz has value. He was an MVP candidate 3 years ago (teams see the upside in that), he's still fairly young and there are still a lot of QB needy teams with not many QB options available, even moreso with Stafford off the market (the demand greatly outweighs the supply), so somebody will overpay for Wentz hoping that he rediscovers that form he had when he first came into the league. Honestly, I would laugh at the Bears as opposed to being upset at Holmes if they give up two 1sts for Wentz. That would be such a "Bears" move. I doubt the Eagles get that kind of haul but it would be hilarious if the Bears do it.
  24. Moving up using two top 10 picks would have been a terrible move unless it was to target Lawrence. Then again, the Chiefs and Bills did ok with their trade ups so who knows. In any event, I'd take the two 1sts (which might not necessarily be low 1sts), a 3rd and Goff over 9th overall and Lock. I'm not even a Goff fan but even I can see that Goff is probably Lock's high end upside and those low 1sts aren't guaranteed to be low 1sts. The Rams could end up with a 10-7 record and miss the playoffs then one of those 1sts would be in the mid teens with another 1st still to come. Assuming they are low 1sts is worst case scenario and it's not like Stafford is an elite QB that guarantees playoff success for the Rams. If Stafford or Donald gets injured, the pick could be even higher like what happened with the Dolphins pick this season. Nothing is guaranteed in the NFL outside of Brady making Super Bowl runs annually until he's 60.
  25. You're sleeping on Suggs IMO. What don't you like about his game? The shot needs a bit of work but his form is pretty good. There's a lot to like about the rest of his game. He has that "It" factor. I don't know about Mobley. He's really skilled but he's soft as baby **** and needs to put weight on that frame or he'll be pushed around easily at the NBA level. He'd be #5 on my list. The Pistons need a lead guy, a player who is the go to guy on offense and wants to take the big shot. I don't see Mobley as that guy, he has a timid mentality from what I've seen of him.
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