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  1. Because Sheila herself said so. I'm aware that they asked the NFL to aid the search last time but maybe if they had more competent football people in place, they wouldn't have to rely on the NFL for help. The Lions aren't like most franchises, they've been so inept for so long under the same ownership so they need all the help they can get. Hire somebody or a team of people on a permanent basis who have extensive football knowledge to consult with Sheila on football decisions and go from there.
  2. Sure, Sheila is going to make the hire but the decision maker is only as good as the ones consulting him/her, she's going to heavily lean on Wood to make the final decision. The U.S. President makes the final decision but he has many administrative members influencing that decision, he's only as good as those who surround him. I want a football guy being Sheila's consultant, not a guy who self admittedly called himself "Not a Football Guy". Essentially, she needs better people surrounding her. Anyway, I've gone around and around on this the last few days and it's exhausting haha. Lets just hope that Sheila and Rod make a better choice this time around.
  3. And you're not getting it. I want a football guy doing the GM search, not Sheila and Wood. It's as simple as that. Why are you not comprehending this? I want her to hire a Football President, not consult with "Rod" on pure football decisions. Let Wood focus on the business side and leave the football stuff for football people.
  4. Of course the GM is going to be a football guy, they wouldn't hire a businessman to manage a football team. My point is about who is hiring the GM like the process we're seeing now. They asked the NFL for help last time and we saw how that worked. If they had a football guy to make decisions, they wouldn't have needed to ask the NFL for help in all likelihood. Anyway, my point is if they had a guy or gal with a football background as Team President, I'd feel better about the direction of the franchise.
  5. And who do you think was in charge of all personnel decisions? Ken Holland who is a hockey guy. Some of it is luck sure but when you win one playoff game in 63 years despite having numerous high draft picks, two generational superstars and arguably a top 10 QB, you're doing something wrong. You can't just attribute 60+ years of incompetence to bad luck. There's one constant through most of that failure, The Fords. Maybe not a necessity but it would certainly help if they surrounded themselves with football people.
  6. There seems to be a disconnect here. I'm talking about who is in charge of hiring the GM and you keep asking who is in charge of hiring a football president. I know who hired Wood, I'm talking about who will be involved in the process of hiring a new GM. Even if you're right and Wood has absolutely no input in the GM search (even though Sheila said otherwise) then are you confident in Sheila herself acting alone in this process? Someone with limited football knowledge. She needs to surround herself with football people, Wood is not that. I'd be more comfortable if the President of Football Operations actually had... football knowledge. If Shiela is indeed looking to hire a President of Football Operations who has a football background then good, let's get this started.
  7. So you think Martha and Martha alone was the only one to recommend that Accorsi help with the search? Come on, don't be naive. So you think Sheila is going to act alone with no input from Wood? Again, Sheila herself said that Wood will be involved with the search. What are we arguing here? Sheila and Wood are the main decision makers in the GM hiring process.
  8. Who do you think was in the decision making process to hire Quinn if not the President of Football Operations? I'm not talking about GM duties, I'm talking about who is in charge of hiring the GM.
  9. Sheila herself said that he'll be involved in the GM search. Who do you think is involved in the decision making process if not the President of "Football" and Business Operations? Sheila on her own? Wood is a big part of the decision making process. Why do you think he was doing a duo press conference with Sheila after the firing of two football people?
  10. Yes, owners are business people but football owners tend to have some ability to surround themselves with football people and the Fords have always surrounded themselves with the wrong people. How else do you explain 6 decades of futility? Keeping Rod Wood as President, who admitted himself that he has limited football knowledge, after he oversaw arguably the worst regime in Lions history is another example of the Fords not understanding what needs to be done to get this franchise pointed in the right direction. Maybe they'll fluke into the right hiring for the first time since the '50s but, on the surface, it's not a good look to keep this guy in charge and shouldn't fill any of us with confidence that the right hires will be made.
  11. The Fords are not football people, that's a big part of the reason why they've failed for decades. They don't surround themselves with football either with Wood being the most recent example and then subsequently hire the wrong people time and time again. It's also **** luck too. It's beyond comprehension that the Lions couldn't even fluke into more than one playoff win in 63 years. You can have bad owners and fluke into a good season or three throughout your history. The consistency of failure is remarkable, possibly the most remarkable run in sports history.
  12. It's not bare on the offensive side but they have a defense that is miles away from even being average and a new regime that's going to take a while to eradicate the massive stink of the previous regime. Not to mention that there are so many bad contracts clogging up cap space for the next few years, no receivers signed beyond this season and not a ton of draft capital. Quinn really left a plate of **** for the next regime. There are some nice pieces on offense (if Golladay is kept) but this thing is being built from the ground up and Stafford at 33 with two years left on his deal doesn't really fit their timeline. They haven't won with a prime Stafford in over a decade and had a few teams that were light years better than the one they'll be fielding next season with a Stafford that might start declining. What are they holding on to with Stafford the next few years? What happens if he walks in 2 years and they have no young QB to build around? I'm not saying they need to throw the young QB into the fire right away but if there's a QB they really believe can be good (Wilson, Lance, whoever), they'd be dumb to not at least heavily consider it. BTW, Watson, Jackson and Mahomes (who was considered a reach at the time) were all taken behind where the Lions will likely be drafting so there's been plenty of 3rd or 4th best QBs that have succeeded in recent years. Herbert as well btw who looks like a keeper, 3rd QB taken.
  13. The situations aren't remotely similar. Cousins was able to succeed because he was surrounded by a great supporting cast, top running back, lots of good receivers and excellent defense. The Lions simply don't have the supporting cast to succeed with Stafford anytime in the near future, the Lions are a long LONG way away from building the type of team around Stafford that Cousins had. He's turning 33 next year (with a lot of mileage on his body) has two years left on his contract and a new regime is about to take over. What's the point of building around Stafford now? I'm not saying they have to trade Stafford this offseason but drafting a QB in this draft should be high on the priority list.
  14. Yes Jefferson was a taken in the 1st but he was the 5th? receiver taken, so many receivers taken last year that I forgot he was taken that high. Point still stands though. Claypool was like the 10th receiver taken and we see where he is now.
  15. I think they'll franchise Golladay at the very least. It should be fairly easy to sign a #2 WR to replace Jones. As we've seen over the years, the Lions have had little issue stocking up on receivers most of which were free agent signings or later round picks, Calvin notwithstanding. I think Cephus could be good, he's done a decent job at getting open in his limited reps but seems to have a bit of a case of the butter fingers unfortunately. If there was an elite level prospect like Jones available, I'd consider it depending on where the Lions wind up drafting but I'd prioritize other positions over receiver. They desperately need to beef up the Front 7 and QB needs to be a strong consideration even if they keep Stafford for another year. I'd prefer to target receiver in one of the other rounds, lots of good receivers are usually available outside of the 1st (Metcalf and Jefferson are two recent examples, there's many more).
  16. That's one way of looking at it. They're also one game out of 4th so there's very little separating 4-16 remarkably. I just don't think they will magically start winning games regularly with Patricia gone. I'm just hoping for them to at least show a pulse, I don't expect them to win more than 1 or 2 games the rest of the season. 5-11 or 6-10 should put them in that 8-12 range. Even with an improved team, they still play the likes of Tampa, Tennessee and Green Bay. They never beat Minnesota either.
  17. I'd lose it a little bit if they took a WR in the top 10, a 3rd straight year of drafting a non-premium position in the top 10. Depending on BPA of course, I'm taking either a QB or the top Front 7 player left on the board. Parsons is my favorite player in the draft outside of Lawrence so I'm taking him without hesitation if he's there (I doubt he drops out of the top 5). If not, I'd address that D-Line or take one of Wilson, Lance or Trask/Jones. I'm really interested to see how the defense does now that Patricia is gone. I'm curious to see if it really was a complete lack of talent or if it was at least somewhat due to schematic issues. Guys like Okudah, AO, Walker and Harris have some talent, add in Hand if he ever remains healthy and I wonder if these guys will improve in a different scheme, Davis too. Guys like Tavai are hopeless, a worthless pick.
  18. Yeah, it's probably wishful thinking on my part. I was just hoping that perhaps the hometown factor might lure him in. Better choice than the other "Michigan Man", speak about a guy who has a rigid system.
  19. I saw an article that he was born and raised in Michigan (had no idea) so that might give the Lions a leg up.
  20. Not wrong at all. He's essentially the offensive coordinator version of Patricia in the sense that he's in a perfect situation to succeed with an elite offensive mind in Reid and the best arsenal of offensive weapons in the league. Is he a product of the KC system or is he good on his own? No idea, seems risky. Saleh seems like a strong candidate. That 49er defense has been decimated by injuries yet they keep on ticking. Apparently he's a Michigan guy too so I'd imagine that he's high on the Lions wish list. I don't know who the best candidate would be, all these guys have question marks. I just want a coach who doesn't have a very rigid system, can make adjustments in game and whose players will play hard for him. Who that is? I have no idea.
  21. I misunderstood and was thinking new coach. Regardless, the Jets should be high on the list for a new coach because of Lawrence. The Lions are kind of in no mans' land. Not much of a talent base to work from, not bad enough to get one of the elite QBs in the draft, a good but aging QB with 2 years left on his deal, hamstrung by a lot of awful contracts. An awful situation for a new GM and coach to walk into, arguably the least attractive job in the league.
  22. Good point about Snyder. That does knock Washington down a couple of notches. The Jets are drafting Lawrence, obviously. He alone will make them an attractive destination.
  23. And add the Jets to that. The Lions are going to be very low on that list as an attraction. The Jets and Jaguars are going to get young franchise QBs to build around, the Redskins are building an elite level defense and the Texans have Watson. Atlanta (Detroit South) and Detroit are in tough against those other teams, not much of a foundation to build on and old QBs who are in limbo.
  24. Not even close, the Leafs have had some contending teams in the last 60+ years, made several conference finals in the last 30 years. The one franchise, that has been around almost as long as the Lions, that comes close to their level of futility is the Browns and even they've won 6 more playoff games than the Lions in the last 60+ years. The Cubs perhaps before they won a World Series. That's about it, nobody comes close to matching one playoff win in 63 years. It's one of the most remarkable stats in sports history, unbelievable inepitutedle consistency.
  25. Good, had to be done now. It made zero sense to wait until the end of the season to do the obvious. At least this shows that Sheila cares. A nice first step in a very long process to earn the trust of the fanbase.
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