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  1. That's brutal. If the Lions are trading down that far, I'm getting two future 1sts from them at minimum. I like your picks though.
  2. I agree. He created some of this controversy himself by avoiding the work out. I don't know, I just see a player that quite simply is a great football player. I don't see one weakness in his game outside of being 10-15 lbs too light. He has Hall of Fame level skills, just a very special player IMO.
  3. They were, especially defensively, and the team chemistry was disrupted with Dantley. He was arguing with players, he had a spat with Daly and he just seemed unhappy in the games leading up to the trade. The trade also allowed them to unleash Rodman which changed the complexion of the team and took them to a whole new level. He and Salley's athleticism overwhelmed the older Celtics and allowed them to keep up with the Lakers who they SHOULD have beaten twice but I digress.
  4. Strength (he's wiry strong) and speed have never been an issue for Smith. He's not lightning fast but he's certainly fast enough. I get the weight argument to an extent but I still don't see any precedent for skinny receivers to be more injury prone than bigger receivers. His elusiveness will also prevent him from being hit as hard.
  5. I keep seeing this sentiment but is there a long history of skinnier receivers getting injured more frequently than bigger receivers? I mean, Golladay is injury prone and he's built like a brick house. Calvin Johnson started racking up the injuries in the second half of his career. I'd worry more about a big receiver getting injured who jumps for a lot of 50/50 balls than a smaller guy who runs crisp routes and is elusive.
  6. I gotta ask, why would you be disappointed with Smith? Personally, I think he's as sure a thing as it gets to be a Pro Bowl level receiver. His only weakness is that he's 10-15 lbs too light and I don't think that's much of a concern at all. Route running, hands, catch radius, elusiveness are all elite. He's not a burner like Waddle but he's still plenty fast.
  7. What is this worrying about Bey? He scored double digits in 7 straight games before last night and shot over 50% from three in 3 of them. He's fine. The shooting has been inconsistent but he's a rookie now playing starters minutes against the best players so it's not surprising. He's tracking to be a good starter in this league.
  8. You left out Stewart who has outplayed his draft position. Guys like Diallo and Jackson have showed flashes too. Saben Lee as well. Early days and all but Weaver seems to have a good eye for talent. Ultimately they're going to need some lottery luck/draft luck to get a superstar. They're likely finishing 5th so have to hope for the lottery balls to bounce right, they tanked their asses off but it's not going to be good (bad) enough it appears.
  9. That's an option too but I think they are all in on Goff, for now.
  10. Bit of a different circumstance because the trade was completed well before the draft but I'd like to think that the price for 7 goes up at the time of draft if one of the high upside guys in Fields or Lance are sitting there. Best case scenario is that 4 QBs are taken before the Lions and that Mac Jones is one of the guys taken. I bet that the Patriots and WFT would be dying to get their hands on Fields or Lance. A past trade comparable to keep in mind is the trade for Josh Allen which cost two 2nds to move up from 12 to 7. If you extrapolate that to 15, that's probably an additional 3rd in addition to the two 2nds.
  11. Well, it's now getting to the time of year where draft rumors are going to start swirling. I saw this article from The Athletic stating that the Lions are looking at possible trade down scenarios. My question to you guys is, say that Bill comes calling and says he wants to trade up to 7 for a QB, what offer would you deem acceptable to drop to 15? Of course this depends on who is left on the board. If Chase or Sewell are on the board then that raises the value of the pick so what say you? For me, the MINIMUM compensation would be two 2nds but I'd be pushing hard for an extra 1st.
  12. Amazing tank loss and a loss in which the young guys played well. Perfect At this point, it's looking like Houston and Minny battling for 1 and 2 with the Pistons, Magic and Thunder in a tank death match to determine 3-5. I think Cleveland and especially Washington with Beal healthy are out of reach.
  13. With all due respect, who are you guys to call out Towns for observing the anniversary of the death of his mother? The guy went through **** losing so many family members. Have a little compassion.
  14. Barnes fits the Weaver prototype. Length, versatility, high character. Probably my least favorite option in the top 10 but I could see Barnes being a "Weaver Guy".
  15. Meh. The chances of winning the lottery are miniscule anyway and there's no way they're finishing behind Minny, Houston and Orlando (OKC probably passes them too) so might as well root for the young guys to do well and if the team wins in the process, so be it, and prepare for the inevitable #7-8 pick.
  16. There are lots of ways to build a good football team. A franchise QB is the most important building block and pretty much a necessity to build a championship contender. Also, the Lions haven't drafted a QB with a high pick in 12 years and while I'm not advocating for them to take a QB at 7 this season, I could see why some fans want them to take one especially when you see what Mahomes, Allen, Jackson and Watson have done the last few years. It's the toughest position to fill and the draft is the best way to do it. I think some folks see Goff as a player whose potential has already maxed out and needs a strong supporting cast to succeed so if the opportunity is there to take a potential franchise QB, it's enticing. Personally, I'd pass on taking a QB and look heavily at a trade down if a coveted one drops but I could see the appeal of getting it out of the way and taking a swing for one now since they're at the very beginning of the rebuild and let him marinate for a year or two.
  17. The ESPN list is a joke. LaMelo at 3? Get outta here. I wouldn't even put him top 15 currently. Nice young player but, come on. Of course no Pistons made it. Bey and Stewart are nice stories but they're role players at best.
  18. Bingo. Correct on all fronts. Lots of good receivers to be found outside of the 1st round, not the same with tackles and in this case, the tackle would be BPA also. Sewell is a no brainer if he's sitting there at 7, or trade down for a haul because plenty of other teams covet franchise tackles.
  19. Stop focusing on "needs". What the Lions need is high end talent, you take BPA every single time when you are as talent deficient as the Lions are. Not to mention that tackle is arguably the 2nd most important position. They would be fools to pass on Sewell or to at least not sniff out a trade down for a team that has a bigger need for a franchise tackle. It's especially important with a relatively immobile QB like Goff to build in the trenches. A line of Decker, Jackson, Ragnow and Sewell one of the stronger units in the league and financially it makes sense because Sewell wouldn't be due for his 2nd contract until Decker is done with his. I'd be concerned about this regime's ability to build properly if they passed on Sewell for a little wide receiver. This is a deep WR class and many top receivers are found outside the 1st round so they could easily fill that need in the 2nd and/or 3rd round.
  20. Forget Houston and Minny, it's over against those two teams. The Pistons have an easy schedule after the road trip so they might be fortunate to end up in the bottom 5. It's all about Orlando and Washington now. Can never count out Cleveland in a tank battle either. The Thunder have 6 more wins but that could evaporate considering their full on tank mode.
  21. Well, that certainly sucked for the Lions. Not that a trade down was likely in the first place but this takes some of the fun out of the draft. I still wonder if Sewell becomes a valuable trade down piece if he dropped to the Lions for a team that has a much bigger LT need than the Lions do.
  22. He's not really a TE in the traditional sense. He's a hybrid who can line up inside or outside and create mismatches against LBs with his speed and corners/Safeties with his size. I'd be really surprised if he isn't picked before the Lions. Best case scenario for those wanting a trade down is if Atlanta takes a QB then Chase and Pitts go leaving Sewell and only one of the top 5 QBs so there's more urgency for a team to jump Carolina.
  23. "like how some people said Zion would suck because he has no perimeter game" "any month now his team might hit .500" One of the dumbest arguments for trashing a player as if the Pelicans being average is Zion's fault. I'd take Zion over that big softie Mobley any day, I'll say that much. I'd take neither at #1 over a high level scoring guard or wing because it's hard to win in this league with a big man that isn't an elite all around scorer. BTW, Suggs just about had a triple double yesterday. Just sayin'...
  24. Tua's injury changed everything. He was as hyped as any QB since Luck before the injury. Any chance of a trade down was destroyed with the injury so Miami would have been content with either falling to them as there was no danger of the teams ahead of them taking Tua and there was no reason for a team to give up assets to take a guy with serious injury questions. On the other hand, this draft is littered with coveted QBs and the Lions are in prime position even after San Fran jumped into the top 3 with two very QB hungry teams drafting directly below them and Miami unlikely to trade back again so Holmes will have a lot of options. Even moreso if Atlanta passes on a QB. This could also be the case if Sewell drops to the Lions, or they could just take the franchise tackle. Unlike last year when it was a weak draft and the Lions were sort of stuck taking Okudah, there will be plentiful options in this draft whether they want to draft at 7 or trade down. Much more talent in the top 10 this year and a lot more trade down options with so many QB hungry teams from 8-18 (Carolina, Denver, New England and WFT in particular).
  25. I don't know about that. Does anybody believe that Atlanta won't take a QB because they have Matt Ryan? In any event, it's impossible to compare this draft to last draft. The QB class is much stronger this season and the draft as a whole is much stronger at the top than last years draft. For instance, the Lions are going to have a choice of prospects that could have easily been the 3rd best prospect in last years' draft.
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