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  1. That's the blessing and curse right there. It's good for the health of the franchise that they are financially stable but bad because as long as the revenue streams in, Gores will be content. What he needs to do is butt out and let Stefanski and crew do what needs to be done to right the ship. If they want to deal Blake and Drummond for futures, let them.
  2. "Remain" competitive? Wouldn't that imply that they are already competitive? Did this guy watch any of the games? I know that he can't outright say that he's going to make sweeping changes but my god, this guy is so out of touch that it's frightening.
  3. Blow the ****er up and that includes unloading Blake. Nuke it all into orbit
  4. I don't think she cares much about the incest, it's a lot more about him being the rightful heir to the throne since her life ambition ever since she was transformed to The Khaleesi is to take back the iron throne. I can't see that ending well between the two.
  5. Yep. Brienne and Theon are at the top of that list with Brienne going out in a blaze of glory as a knight (how great was that Knighted scene btw) and Theon dying protecting Sansa and Bran coming full circle. Of course GoT is rarely predictable so who knows.
  6. You don't draft "not sexy" in the top 10 when the team is thirsty for playmakers. I get the O-Line need but you can't take one this high unless he's the clear BPA which Williams doesn't appear to be.
  7. If Murray is magically there at 8, that would up the value of the pick exponentially and I'd be shocked if Quinn didn't trade down in that scenario. There's no way IMO that no QBs get drafted in the top 6. Can't see all of Arizona, Oakland and the Giants passing on a QB.
  8. They've been dominant all year, it has little to do with this series over a G League team. They're a legit title contender.
  9. Getting blown out at home with Blake. You watching this Gores? Blow the ****er up
  10. Yeah but then you realize that you get Maker instead. Choose your poison
  11. This is a clown pounding, as expected. Too bad because the crowd was really juiced up.
  12. Drummond should be benched for the rest of the game. He isn't even trying, what a joke.
  13. Don't let it get to you,this is all in good fun when it boils down to it. This place is designed for us to vent our frustration so with the team struggling for so long, a lot of pessimism will come with it.
  14. The playoffs are incredibly boring so far which isn't much of a surprise considering the high number of mismatches. The only watchable series with any sort of drama is Thunder-Blazers and I guess Spurs-Nuggets. The 2nd round should hold a lot more intrigue but the NBA has a competitive balance issue. It's the opposite of the NHL playoffs which have been superbly entertaining.
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