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  1. Jordan is a reputation award. He's not even a top 10 college player of all time. I can name 10 right off the top of my head (Kareem, Walton, Oscar Robertson, Maravich, Laettner, Wilt, West, Thompson, Sampson and Wayman Tisdale who is largely forgotten as an all time great).
  2. He started whining about the extension a year ago so Quinn had plenty of time to trade him, namely at the deadline.
  3. It's not a good return but is an expected return after Quinn dropped the ball by not trading him at the deadline. Anyway, time to move on. The bright side is that they have some extra draft ammo to maneuver and have freed up $10m in cap space early enough in free agency with some quality players still left so the Lions have more flexibility to fill needs.
  4. Trufant has been a really good player most of his career but he fell off hard last season. I like the signing but at 29, you wonder if his best days are behind him now. It looks like Slay is definitely gone now, if that wasn't apparent before free agency already. He needs to chill with the twitter rants though, that isn't helping the trade process.
  5. The Lions didn't fail because of those three additions although Coleman played a role in a secondary that got shredded after the strong start. They failed because, first and foremost, Stafford got injured, the D-Line and other key positions was devastated by injury and the team as a whole just wasn't good enough. It sounds like excuses but you know very well that this is probably a .500 team last season with Stafford healthy and to be honest, just about every single game could have gone either way. In any event, my general point is if these new additions are good football players, they will do well regardless of who they played for last. I think it's a bit unfair to call them failures before we see what they can do here. Ultimately, my biggest worry about this team isn't necessarily the personnel although there's plenty of issues there. It's the big bearded fella strolling the sidelines who is running the whole thing.
  6. You're moving the goal posts. You said "When do former Pats play as well away from New England, hardly ever" and three examples were given to you. This has nothing to do with the Lions being a good team or not and everything to do with ex Patriot players specifically and their success rate away from New England. Yes the Lions suck but it's also a myth that no Patriot players succeed away from Belichick. Bottom line is that it's ridiculous to declare Shelton, Collins and Harmon as failures due to this myth. It's true that Belichick gets the most out of players but it's not true that none have succeeded elsewhere.
  7. Flowers was as good here as he was in New England. After struggling with injury in the first half, he was very good. Coleman had his best seasons after New England with Seattle and was great in the first 5 games or so last season before falling off and Amendola pretty much the same as he was in New England. You said "when do former Pats play just as well away from the Pats" and three examples were given to you.
  8. Within the Lions budget, I think they're pretty high up there. If Collins and Shelton play like they did last year, that's some pretty good bang for their buck at those prices. For instance, I'd much rather have Shelton and his contract than Reader and his contract.
  9. Harmon seems like a good player. Yeah the ex Patriot thing is annoying and does seem lazy but at least they are signing/trading for good ex Patriots.
  10. Snacks and A'Shawn were awful last year. It won't take much to upgrade what they brought last year.
  11. Honestly, who cares? If they're good players, I don't care where they came from. The only thing that concerns me about signing players who were only good in New England is that they might be a product of the Belichick system much like the coaches. Just like Collins, it's a tale of two players. Will we get New England Collins and Shelton or Cleveland Collins and Shelton.
  12. I don't know what to think of all these moves. I know very little about "Big V" but on the surface, it seems like a big overpay for a career backup. Collins is quite good (who cares about the ex Patriot thing) but he's getting up there in years. I like the Daniel signing but backup QBs are inconsequential to me. As Stafford goes so does the team regardless of the backup. I guess they had to release Kennard after the Collins but this is another move that will likely **** off many in the locker room, Slay namely.
  13. I'd rather they cancel the season than watch games without fans. A big part of playoff excitement is fan atmosphere. Without them, it looks like a bunch of guys playing a practice game.
  14. They need to bite the bullet and cancel the season. It took China months to control the virus after a full scale lockdown so it will likely be a few months minimum until this thing hits its peak and then subsides especially with how late this idiotic administration took to take this thing seriously and start to act accordingly. To be honest, the bigger question to me is if they start NEXT season on time, not if they can revive this season. I expect that we'll see season cancellation notices from all leagues in the next few weeks.
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