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  1. The thing is, all teams have young players like these. No real standouts in the bunch. Sekou is the one guy who has a really high ceiling but he's a ways away from reaching that potential and it's a long shot. I do like the pick though, it's about time they went with a raw talent for a change. Wood is the one guy of the rest who is intriguing. An athletic big who can score in multiple ways, very young still. I like Kennard well enough but he has fairly limited upside and defense needs a lot of work if he wants to be a plus starter in this league. My one worry with him offensively is lack of killer instinct, he seems to be a little shy about taking over the offense at times.
  2. That's the next stop. Mediocreville is where they sneak into the playoffs as a 35 win team then they enter the city limits of Mediocrapolis as they get smashed by the Bucks then they buy a one way ticket to Hopelesstown.
  3. Can they challenge that? If so, the Rockets have no reason to complain.
  4. Yep. All Aboard, Next Stop... Mediocreville (sigh). We knew it was coming. A team with a healthy Griffin and Drummond is not bad enough to tank and JUST good enough to win the rights to get curb stomped by the Bucks.
  5. I know. I'm just giving a little perspective for those who are down on the pick right now. We'll know a lot more about Hock after next year.
  6. I know a lot of people don't like the Hock pick but Tight Ends never do well in their rookie season so it's way too early to judge. Here are some examples... Tight End #1: 33 Receptions, 368 yards, 2 TDs Tight End #2: 24 Receptions, 389 Yards, 2 TDs Tight End #3: 42 Receptions, 546 Yards, did have 10 TDs though Those three players are none other than Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates and Rob Gronkowski. In other words, give Hock more time. When he was healthy earlier in the season, he showed a high end ability to get open and run after the catch. He dropped a few key passes which was disappointing and too many penalties as a blocker but I see a lot of upside with him. I expect him to be more prominent in the offense next season.
  7. You're arguing with yourself here. We've known this for years. I'd like to think that this 6-13 start would wake Gores up to the reality of the situation then I look at the east and the incredibly pathetic "race" for the 8th spot and realize that Gores is probably under this delusion that playoffs is within reach and "go for it". They are going to have to be REALLY bad for them to blow it up and you just know they won't continue to play at this bad of a pace.
  8. Why are you closing the door on him potentially being a quality starter down the line? I'm not saying he should take the reins now or that he's a guarantee by any means but he has ability and is a guy they should hold on to beyond this season if he continues to show well.
  9. I don't agree that they should trade Stafford but Blough could be a guy to groom as a Stafford replacement a few years down the line, "could" be. They need to play him the rest of the season.
  10. We really don't know for sure. He has talent though, more arm talent than Driskel at least, and good pocket presence. He better play next week at Minny even if Driskel is healthy. I'm just focusing on the positives now. They have a potential development QB in Blough, I really like Scarborough and there's still a hope even if it's faint to get into the Race for Chase. This is about as good as it gets in the life of a Lions fan.
  11. Of course not but that GM also won a Super Bowl with that same QB. Even the Bears, despite how overrated they were going into this season, did more last season than the Lions have in 26 years so their gamble paid off more than anything a Lions GM has done in 3 decades. Throwing stones from glass houses and all that.
  12. Lions "fan"... singular. I doubt that anybody but MB is buying the propaganda that he's preaching outside of TP probably. Poking fun at a Superbowl winning GM and another franchise that made the Superbowl last year is a bit odd to say the least.
  13. No, but I would have been pissed. Chase Young is a far better prospect than Allen, he would transform the entire defense. He's better than the Bosas IMO.
  14. If Quinn passes on Chase Young, he should get fired on the spot and never work in this league again. That kid is a game wrecker to the max. Anyway, we all know the Lions won't be in a position to take Young as they win a few meaningless late season games for pride or whatever the ****.
  15. I seem to recall a group of Lions fans that wanted Aaron Curry over Stafford because Sam Bradford was the better QB prospect so the next year would have been the better year to take a QB so might as well get the franchise LB then get the true franchise QB the next season. Yikes
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