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  1. Good trade for both teams. Lakers for obvious reasons and the Pelicans got three young players with potential, the #4 pick which could be used as a valuable trade pick and two other 1sts which can also be used as trade chips if they don't want to use them. All that for a pending UFA. Not bad at all
  2. Canadian sports fans have been notoriously rowdy for decades. I don't know where this kind and gentle rep came from. Sports fans are a much different breed than regular people.
  3. Torn ACLs in back to back games, that's ridiculous. Some people on this chat forum that I frequent were saying that Klay was faking the injury, the stupid idiots. I can't believe they have the Knicks with the 5th best odds to win the championship. Do they think they're going to land Davis and Kyrie?
  4. Good. They're awful. All the ESPN NBA coverage is awful outside of Jeff Van Gundy. All the talent is on TNT, they're all top notch.
  5. There are a lot of bad (and desperate) organizations out there (cough Knicks cough). Would they want to wait a year to sign him or jump on it now? Of course I'm sure teams would rather wait to see if he returns to full strength but don't underestimate the stupidity of incompetent NBA franchises of which there are A LOT. From his point of view, it probably makes sense to take the 31M player option but maybe he would prefer more security if offered to him with his future being clouded.
  6. The guy sacrificed himself for the team (he could have just sat out and prepared for free agency) then THAT happens. The basketball gods are cruel. I wonder how this affects free agency now. I'm sure he was the #1 option for a lot of teams and I wouldn't discount them still signing him knowing full well that he'll miss the first season of the contract but I'm sure this crosses him off of some teams' boards. There's also the fact that he'll be 31 when the season starts so will he ever be the same again? It sucks all the way around.
  7. There have been far worse actions that haven't resulted in a lifetime ban. It was wrong but he barely shoved Lowry, lets not turn this molehill into a mountain.
  8. Please read what I'm saying. I said he overreacted by saying that the guy should get a lifetime ban, he reacted as well as can be expected in the heat of the moment. Also, stop comparing a 9-5 job to a basketball game where there's a lot of physical action going on at a fast pace. Again, he was wrong but a lifetime ban is too harsh IMO.
  9. I didn't say that Lowry shouldn't have been upset, I'm saying that calling for a lifetime ban is way over the top. The punishment he got was sufficient.
  10. The Leafs are way more popular than the Raptors. They have hordes of fans spread all throughout Canada and parts of the northern U.S. as well. As you said, the Raptors higher valuation is more due to TV deals.
  11. The guy barely pushed him, it's a ridiculous overreaction by Lowry. It was wrong for him to do that and he deserves punishment but Lowry acts like the guy punched him or something much more egregious.
  12. Brooklyn is trying to clear cap space to make a run at the big fish which is why they overpaid to dump Crabbe so I can't see them having interest in Blake. Edit: I see that Del already answered.
  13. The thing with Toronto is that they are long and mobile so I don't see them getting beat with speed a lot. In addition to Gasol and Ibaka, you have Siakam and Leonard who can guard multiple positions. They have length and athleticism across the board. Similar to Golden State, they have enough perimeter defenders to shelter Lowry (Curry). My issue with Toronto is their offense which outside of one guy, is inconsistent. The Warriors just have too many consistent shot makers but I do think the Raptors D will cause them fits at times. They won't be able to PnR them to death like they did to Portland.
  14. The Warriors will probably win this in 6 or less but the Raptors do present some matchup problems with perimeter length which will make it tougher on the 3 point shooters. It's the opposite of the Blazers who were too small on the perimeter to shoot over the Warriors length and defend them. Either way, the Warriors experience and chemistry will be too much to overcome.
  15. I never understood people who take universal hot takes from other people as gospel. Who cares what other people think? Formulate your own opinions based on your own experience. Just my opinion.
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