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  1. NYLion

    Game 28: Bucks @ Pistons

    That's my point, they're stuck with this mess. There's just not much room in todays' NBA for a max contract big who can't score outside the paint. I do think he has a better reputation around the league than he does on Pistons forums so there might be some team out there that's willing to take him. In any event, all this talk is moot because I highly doubt that Gores would ever give the go ahead to deal Drummond.
  2. NYLion

    Game 28: Bucks @ Pistons

    Impossible. They aren't nearly bad enough as currently constructed to be that bad and they have several immovable contracts so they are what they are until the contracts lose some term and become more movable or Griffin gets injured, then you'll see the bottom really fall out. What I'd do is shop Drummond and see if he has any value or just simply offload the contract. I think he's a very good player when he's on but the "off" moments are too frequent and are really really off moments. I just don't know how many teams if any can fit a giant contract for a big man who doesn't stretch the floor under their cap. Maybe the Lakers if Lebron wants to run with a big man? I don't know, it's a tough contract to move. They're stuck with Reggie unless they want to stretch him like they did with Smith, which would obviously be a big no no.
  3. NYLion

    Game 28: Bucks @ Pistons

    Reggie is a complete waste of space. The injuries have robbed him of whatever explosiveness he had previously.
  4. NYLion

    Game 28: Bucks @ Pistons

    I wouldn't mind such a mediocre team if they were at least entertaining but this team is boring and predictable. Just a completely irrelevant franchise.
  5. Clutch draft pick loss. I was worried that they would Lions this and win the game. Maybe they really are turning a corner...from hopelessly mediocre to slightly more hopefully mediocre.
  6. NYLion

    2018-2019 In Season Moves and Rumors

    They're all in a bad situation currently. The Red Wings probably have the most upside with the Pistons being a big zero on the hope meter. The Lions have plenty of young talent but they're the Lions so it'll.get wasted.
  7. NYLion

    2018-2019 In Season Moves and Rumors

    It depends on what Philly asks for. I don't think I'd deal Johnson or Kennard for him but he's definitely a worthwhile reclamation project being so young and all. I have no idea what his value is, he just got drafted #1 last year so he must have some value still.
  8. NYLion

    What exactly does this team need?

    It really is unbelievable that the Lions are still in the thick of the race (the head to head with Minnesota and Green Bay really keeps them in it). Personally, I'm leaning towards preferring the higher pick but the fan in me always hopes for playoffs no matter how pointless making the playoffs with this team would likely be. With that said, you just know that they are losing to Buffalo this week to put the slim playoff hopes out of their misery and will then win the last two games to hurt draft position.
  9. NYLion

    Game 26: Pistons @ Hornets

    This is why I wasn't a huge fan of the trade when it happened, sinking them further into mediocrity. It's not his fault. He's a very good player and IMO, was performing like a top 10 player most of this season but he's not elite enough to sustain that level of play the entire season and drag this carcass of a team to top 4 in the east. They will still likely make the playoffs because the east is disgustingly bad AGAIN but does it matter?
  10. NYLion

    Game 24: Pelicans @ Pistons

    Hello mediocrity, my old friend.
  11. NYLion

    Game 23: 76ers @ Pistons

    Drummond is a wuss. He's a very good player when his head is screwed on straight but he's a mental midget with some tools missing in the toolbox so I expect nothing different this time than the previous 5 or so times that Embiid toyed with him.
  12. NYLion

    Game 23: 76ers @ Pistons

    Another automatic L. The Pistons can't deal with length and athleticism, might as well sit Drummond because he actively hurts this team when he lines up against his daddy.
  13. NYLion

    Game 22: Pistons @ Bucks

    As I suspected, automatic L. The script was already written before the game began.
  14. NYLion

    Game 22: Pistons @ Bucks

    I've been pretty positive about the team this season but this game has an automatic L feel to it. Tough arena, tough matchup for the Pistons. Their length always bothers the Pistons.
  15. NYLion

    What exactly does this team need?

    Ebron was thriving late last season and the Lions foolishly let him go because of his cap hit. I said it at the time (you can check my posts at the time) that it was a mistake and it looks even worse now. I don't think it was the change of scenery that helped him, it was the natural progression of a young player figuring it out. I don't think the offense will automatically be top 10, that would be a foolish assumption. I'm saying that, on paper, it should be top 10. Whether or not that comes to fruition is another story. As far as Stafford is concerned, I too have said that a change of scenery would benefit him because the Lions seem to screw up all their good players but this was before the emergence of Golladay and Johnson. This is the first time that the Lions have had a potential star receiver and running back combo since Sanders and Moore? These two will be featured more prominently next season and with the right play caller playing to their strengths, this could very well be the best supporting cast Stafford has ever had. I'd like to see them try Riddick at slot receiver too. He's probably the best route runner on the team and is severely underutilized because he's the 3rd running back. Get him out of the backfield and into a more prominent receiver role and his numbers will spike up and give Stafford a much needed outlet.