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  1. I have a feeling that the Pistons might want to keep him around to mentor the young players. By all accounts, he's a great locker room guy. I'm sure if a contender (Lakers seem like a good fit) offered a 1st that they'd jump on it but as well as he's played, I still don't see any team offering that.
  2. Of course he should opt in, what other option does he have? Unless he REALLY wants to leave and have a fresh start, he'd be stupid to turn down $28M. I actually think this is a very likely outcome now.
  3. I can't be comfortable with this season until they trade Drummond which appears to be more unlikely as these rumors of teams offering virtually nothing start filtering out. I worry that he opts in because why would he opt out and they kick this can down the road another year. Somebody tell me that I'm worrying for no reason. Otherwise, there are some reasons for optimism finally with the development of some of the young guys and the high draft pick. I wouldn't call Sekou a foundational player quite yet but he's way more advanced than I thought he'd be at this age and the natural skills are there to be a really good player. Something to build on at least.
  4. Daniels played 9 games? I had no idea. It felt more like 3-4 full games that he played. You sure there wasn't some games when he only played a few snaps? 9 seems like a lot. Harrison didn't just drop off, he fell off a cliff. He went from an elite run stuffer to a complete non-factor in a year which makes me think it was injury related but who knows, maybe he is done as an effective NFLer. In any event, Patricia's scheme sucks big donkey balls. I think that's something we can surely agree on. Peace and love. PEACE and LOVE.
  5. Daniels and Hand essentially missed the entire season, that alone is a big chunk of the D-Line that was supposed to give push up the middle. Flowers seemed hampered because he was miles better in the last 5 games or so looking more explosive than he did in the first half. Snacks clearly wasn't himself, maybe that was due to the groin issues or age. The defense sucked, bottom line, but the injuries played a part too. That's all I'm saying.
  6. Harrison played injured a good chunk of the season and was out of shape before that, he was never near 100%. Hand who is perhaps their most important player up front played only a few games, Flowers was dealing with an injury for most of the season, Daniels hardly ever saw the field. You can't act like they weren't ravaged by injury especially on the line.
  7. The defense was not fairly healthy. I'm no Lions apologist but Hand, Snacks, Robinson, Flowers, Davis, most of their secondary were all playing injured or missed time due to injury at various points of the season. Every team suffers injury at some point but the Lions were particularly hard hit this season. It doesn't excuse the poor results or the idiotic scheme but it played a part. The defensive tackles are particularly integral in this scheme with the ability to push the pocket and stuff the run and they were ravaged by injury this season.
  8. You pay for the rental so you can get the jump on signing him before he hits the market by getting him used to the team and selling him on staying. You let him hit the market and he has a much bigger choice available to him and a lesser chance of signing with your team.
  9. Ok, I never heard of him before so I'll take your word for it.
  10. Is this Sam Amick guy more credible than Woj? I doubt it so I wouldn't exactly put the Drummond to Atlanta rumors to bed. However, I do believe that they'd have a hard time parting with a 1st for him even a protected one. Gores or whoever the GM is nowadays (Stefanski, Rose whoever) needs to get out of their head that Drummond has big value. The value is creating cap space and not signing a limited big man to a cap crippling contract. Just don't let him walk for nothing, get what you can for him.
  11. Playing Sekou down the stretch over Maker would hurt the tank. Well done Dwane Casey, well done. That was a big clutch loss and I really mean that. Anything that could distance Gores from the delusion that this is a playoff team is a good thing. Also, I hope that teams eyeing Drummond get enamored with the 28-22 stat line and ignore that the guy he defended had a 35-14 stat line. Classic Andre
  12. Furthermore, the Giants are in the sweet spot for a trade down moreso than the Lions. There's no fear of the Giants taking a QB so I don't see a big motivation to jump them, plus it would be a bit cheaper to trade down to 4 so everybody keeps saying the draft really starts at 3 but realistically it starts at 4. I'm sure the Lions are zoned in on just taking the best defensive player on the board or whoever fits their scheme.
  13. I think this is a good draft to have the #3 or #4 pick in the Giants case in the sense that a trade down is a good option but as far as talent available is concerned at positions of need, not so great for the Lions. Jeudy would be a great pick at 3 but I don't see Quinn taking that leap. Tua getting injured was a rotten break for the Lions too because this pick could have had massive trade down value if he had stayed healthy. @Jason_R I think Okudah's numbers were down a bit because he usually shut down things on his side and wasn't targeted that much. Similar to why Slay hasn't gotten a lot of interceptions in recent years, because QBs don't throw much to his side anymore now that he's a known commodity.
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