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  1. Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    What? That's a good deal for him, he's still a very effective runner and one of the best short yardage runners in the game which quite frankly could have won them a few games last season. As far as the big name DT's are concerned, they signed with contenders over the Lions so not surprising. It still makes you wonder what the reasoning was behind the Ebron release if they aren't going to spend the freed up money. At least we aren't the Jets. Did you see how much they gave up to move up to 3rd? Yikes
  2. They haven't quit on him? So you're saying they put in maximum effort and are still THIS bad? Yikes
  3. Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    I prefer to draft playmakers and make smaller free agency signings to build depth rather than overpay a higher profile free agent, some of the contracts given out this offseason are absurd. I'm glad that Quinn is staying away from that, so far.
  4. Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    Ok, this doesn't make any sense unless they have a grander plan to fill a big need elsewhere. Is it just me or did Ebron show a lot of promise towards the end of last season? If they had a contingency plan in place to replace him then I can understand it but I'm not seeing anything on the horizon. I'm just not a fan of cutting a young player right when he was starting to fulfill his potential. It's not the end of the world by any means but I'm just trying to figure out the plan.
  5. Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    I wanted Butler too but the Titans paid him a kings ransom, way too rich for the Lions to pay a #2 corner that much when they have much bigger issues on the defensive line. I might be in the minority but I'd rather keep Ebron. It seemed like he really started to come into his own towards the end of last season so I'd rather see it through with him for at least another season than cut bait and have to fill that hole.
  6. Utah is on an unbelievable roll in the last 20 games. Granted, they beat a D League team tonight but they are destroying teams routinely and looking at that lineup, I don't how they are doing it.
  7. Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    Trust you? Do you have a source for this information that he hated everything about Detroit? I don't think he loved this place but I'm pretty sure he left to go to the highest bidder. I'm kind of meh on Suh anyway. He's getting up there in years and isn't quite the pass rusher he used to be. I'd rather draft an interior pass rusher and spend money elsewhere, Malcolm Butler would be a really good get for one. Wouldn't mind DeMarco Murray for cheap either although not sure how much gas he has left in the tank.
  8. Game 66: Bulls @ Pistons, 03/09 @ 7pm

    I'm still in "I'll believe it when I see it" mode when it comes to the Warriors or Cavs losing in the playoffs. Outside of Houston, the west is pretty weak relatively speaking and I don't know if I trust Houston yet because they are way too reliant on the 3, even moreso than Golden State. They could easily shoot themselves out of an early round playoff series especially if they meet up with OKC or San Antonio with a healthy Leonard (big if of course). On the other hand, the east has gotten a lot more interesting. Toronto is legit, this is the deepest team they've ever had, we all know about Boston, the Wizards are always dangerous with those guards, The Process and even teams like Indiana and Miami are legit playoff teams. The east hasn't been this wide open in years and this is coming from somebody who previously thought that it was Cleveland and then everybody else.
  9. Game 66: Bulls @ Pistons, 03/09 @ 7pm

    And won 11 in a row on the road and they aren't just winning, they are blowing teams away. Crazy Lots of interesting storylines this season. Ultimately, it will probably be Cavs-Warriors again but the road for both will be a lot bumpier than it has in years' past. The east looks a lot stronger than it has been in years past, it's about time.
  10. Game 65: Raptors @ Pistons, 03/07 8:00pm

    When Sydney stops doing those lone poster play by play GDT's, you know it's bad. Looks like he finally found "something else to do". Damn you SVG. Still haven't seen a minute since the Pelicans loss and still won't until the Pillsbury Doughboy is canned.
  11. Game 63: Pistons @ Heat

    I'd be shocked, absolutely shocked, if he doesn't get fired. He hasn't won one playoff game in 4 seasons, only made the playoff once, made constant "win now" trades by mortgaging the future without actually winning. This season, he made a team that had an 8 game losing streak even worse somehow by handcuffing their future cap even further. It's an unmitigated disaster, and no matter what one thinks of Gores there's just no way that Gores allows this to continue for another season. Good luck to the next GM and coach who has to clean up this mess.
  12. Game 61: Bucks @ Pistons

    You're a true fan Sydney but it's over. Embrace the apathy my friend.
  13. Because a lot of these one and done players are only going to college because they have to, they are merely just trying not to get hurt and they certainly aren't in it for the education. Why shouldn't they have a right to earn a living after high school and help them and their family financially, so schools can make money off of them? Other sports allow 18 year olds to play pro, why should basketball be different? At least if there was the 2 year rule, they have a choice in the matter.
  14. I think his views on the NCAA eligibility rules (calling it racist, wtf?) are idiotic too. Don't know why everything goes back to racism, it's a big problem in this country and creates even more divisiveness but I digress. As far as NCAA eligibility is concerned, I think high school players should be allowed to jump straight to the NBA but if they commit to college, they have to stay for 2 years or, like in football, if they redshirt 3 years.
  15. Game 60: Pistons @ Raptors

    I refuse to watch a minute of Pistons basketball until Ron Jeremy is fired, haven't seen any games since the Pelicans loss. I know that Gores is an abject incompetent but I can't possibly imagine that SVG gets another year. He has blown the entire future of the Pistons only to make them worse and they are getting blown out every game. There's just no Fn way that he gets another year, I refuse to believe it