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  1. 9-7 and not any good is better than 9-24 and not any good, no? Caldwell had to go but in comparison to Patricia, he's a coaching genius. The thing about Caldwell is despite his vanilla schemes that limited the potential of his teams, his players played hard for him and he was a well respected coach. This big slob of a coach who is a self proclaimed genius is an embarassment on every level and now his team has quit on him on top of all the systematic flaws of his scheme. This is just as bad if not worse than the Marinelli era. Think about this for a second, this might be the worst era of Lions football with arguably their best QB of the Super Bowl era, a franchise that has won one playoff game in 62+ years. Let that sink in for a minute.
  2. I'm still going back to Quinn not being content with Caldwell going 9-7. 9-24 since then.
  3. What we need this season is for them to be really bad so this trash regime is forced out or really good so we look stupid for calling them a trash regime. The most likely outcome, unfortunately, with a healthy Stafford is something in between and a regime (and fanbase) that is kept in limbo. A win today would be par for the course in accomplishing that mediocrity and unanswered questions that we so don't desire. For those hoping for real change, and as much as it sucks, we should hope for a humiliating loss today.
  4. This isn't true at all. Kawhi had a really poor Game 7 but the guy has been money in the playoffs ever since he has been a go to guy. He had one of the best ever playoff runs just last year. I'd probably take playoff Kawhi over playoff Lebron to be honest.
  5. LOL Clippers and they gave 5 1sts for Playoff Pee I believe. Couldn't have happened to a nicer group of guys. Oh and that Bam block was probably the best playoff block in the playoffs that I've seen considering the circumstances and how impressive it was. Prince on Reggie Miller and LeBron against the Warriors get honourable mentions. This Miami team is a lot of fun to watch, lots of old school grit.
  6. The Patriots defense got better when Patricia left and the Lions D got a lot worse when he arrived. He's never done anything well. A fraud who thinks his **** don't stink. Hindsight and all but they made a big mistake zoning in on Patricia and not making a run at Vrabel.
  7. Patricia is 9-23 (9-15 with a healthy Stafford). 9-7 wasn't good enough according to Quinn and Patricia has 9 wins in 2+ seasons with numerous 4th quarter collapses sprinkled in. Blame the offense, blame the defense, blame the special teams, blame the mascot, blame the virtual fans. None of it matters, the head of the snake is Quinn and Patricia. This is their team, their players, their culture. They suck at their jobs, somehow made a pretty crappy Lions team a whole lot worse. If/when the Lions go 1-3 or 0-4 to start the season, it's time to start the "blowing up" process. Fire Quinntricia then trade Stafford in the offseason (for his sake mostly) and start anew with a new GM, coach, QB trio and pray that the new regime doesn't get "Lionized" like all the ones prior to them over the last 60+ years. Essentially, I agree with you and am just piggybacking on your point.
  8. I admire your passion. I hardly feel anything for them anymore.
  9. We've been used it to our entire lives outside of any 80+ year old folks who might be posting here.
  10. That was the most SOL game ever. You just have to laugh at this point.
  11. It's absurd. Just ditch it completely.
  12. Nice to see the young guys show up on the final drive. They need to design more plays for Hock, he gets open a lot. Foles must have had an unbeliveably bad camp to lose out to Trubisky.
  13. And top receiver and top FA signing. Restore The Roar baby
  14. I'm surprised it took this long for one of them to do this and that it wasn't JR Smith who was the trendsetter.
  15. I gotta agree. In a vacuum, I like the Peterson signing (he's still effective even at his advanced age) but when you draft a running back in the 2nd round a few years ago, another one in the 2nd and then the 5th this year, it seems like a waste when you're bringing in a guy who had the very least will share about half the load and cut that 5th rounder who you never gave a chance to make room for AP. Meanwhile the Vikings pick up a high end pass rusher for an offer the Lions could have easily beat to fill their biggest need. Oh well, the move can't hurt but considering all the capital they've invested in the running game it's a bit of an odd signing even though they probably needed a vet to add to the mix anyway.
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