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  1. Is Gores really that worried about going over the luxury tax? There's other owners (namely OKC) who have gone deep into the luxury tax to keep their team together. Cut Johnson, keep Wood. They have enough "Iso" guys on the roster so "ISO Joe" isn't needed. Edit: I see that you crunched the numbers so easy decision then. Bye Joe, you had a great career but it's time to hang them up.
  2. There's no way they can justify cutting Wood when he's significantly outplaying Maker and they have a plug like Joe Johnson taking up a contract spot. I know contract status comes into play in these situations but this is common sense really.
  3. Nah, he's "misinformed" - Lebron probably.
  4. Shut up and dribble Lebron. Seriously though, he needs to stay out of political discussion. I guess what's best for business supersedes anything else humanitarian or otherwise. He's just another corporate stooge.
  5. Again, the Lions made two stops. 22-13 they sacked Rodgers on 3rd down which would have led to a punt and on the last drive, they made the stop on 3rd down and would have forced a field goal with almost 2 minutes left and plenty of time to come back and score. They made the stops so lets not pretend like the only reason why the Lions lost is because of the Lions. They could have done more to put the game away but they got screwed by the refs, it's a valid "excuse" on this night. Most games I'd agree with you that blaming the refs is a copout, not this one.
  6. He was a Patriot. He is now a Lion
  7. I mentioned it earlier in the thread. Up 22-13 with under 9 minutes left (I believe), sacked Rodgers which would have made it about a 4th and 16 then the flag comes out after the sack. No flag there and it's more than likely game over. The Lions should have put the game away sooner but the Lions did plenty enough to win the game until the bogus call changed the entire complexion of the game. In any event, it doesn't matter anymore. Everybody can ***** all they want but at the end of the day, the Lions lost and all the outrage will cool down eventually as the season wears on and this game will become a fading memory. Time to move on.
  8. The one that always gets me is the half the distance to the goal penalties. It was a minor one last night but the Lions get penalized 5 yards for a false start then the Packers get penalized 3.5 yards for an offsides. Just make it 5 yards for an equal infraction. It's even worse when it's a 15 yard penalty.
  9. Yep, that's part of what bothers me just like the 2014 team that I thought had a real shot at big things. A win here changes the entire complexion of the season and validates the Lions as a contender. Now, they are in the pack of mediocre not because they lost a game but because it was taken from them. If the Packers had earned it like the Chiefs did, I would tip my cap to them and move on. This was a thievery and could have very well derailed their season.
  10. Actually both were very late flags. Man, this whole.night has been surreal. I never ever buy into ref conspiracies... until tonight. Seriously, when was the last time a hands to the face was called in a huge moment once nevermind twice. What Flowers did happens on every freaking bull rush. I need to just move on and go to sleep because my head literally hurts right now. I haven't been this upset about a game in any sport in a very long time. Since Pettigrewgate perhaps?
  11. They sacked Rodgers to make it a 4 th and forever up by 9 with about 8 minutes left then comes the first phantom Flowers call. Say what you want about missed opportunities but the game is effectively over right there if the flag wasn't thrown.
  12. I'm actually contemplating it after this game. I love the NFL but what's the point when there's such obvious favouritism.
  13. This is right up there with Kings Lakers in 2002, worse than the Cowboys playoff game. Disgusting, absolutely disgusting. Inexcusable. Patricia better say something about this.
  14. Lol. I'm so full of rage now, I just can't do this anymore man.
  15. This thing is over. That's about it for me.
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