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  1. The team looks fine today. Some guys making plays and Fales looks a million times better. The young guys like Tavai, Harris, Reeves Maybin and Fulgam all made some nice plays. What I don't understand is why Stafford didn't get a series or two. He needs some reps to figure out the new offense. I'm assuming that he'll get a full half next week.
  2. I meant in the sense that he seems to be really committed to Drummond so I don't see him allowing Stefanski to deal him.
  3. They have the same owner though.
  4. Pretty much. The backups (although it was mostly 3rd stringers) getting torched by other backups and Kearse getting injured are the two things to take away from this game. One other thing is Crosby. What the heck does anybody see in this guy? He looks slow and out of shape. Some people were actually thinking this guy could be a possible starter? Yikes
  5. This is how the Patriots play for the most part, probably not the worst strategy. Stafford is no Brady of course but clearly the all or nothing passing approach hasn't worked in the past. A balanced offense is a must in order to compete for anything meaningful especially if you don't have an elite QB so if playing boring football leads to a more balanced offense and wins, I'm all for it.
  6. Oh come on. Signing an MVP PG wasn't enough?
  7. If the Pistons are in the playoff race, and I don't see why they won't be in this pathetic conference, Drummond is going nowhere. The signings of Rose and Morris signify the Pistons are "going for it" (had a hard time saying that with a straight face) in the Blake/Dre window so if anything, they would look to add at the deadline not subtract. I'd say there's a greater likelihood of them re-signing him than him being dealt. Personally, I would have done a fire sale this offseason but unfortunately Gores won't allow that.
  8. For some reason? That reason would be Zion. Get used to seeing him on National TV, a lot. The most marketable rookie by far since LeBron.
  9. It's all good. I was shocked myself to find an era worse than the last 10 years. I knew the Pistons were bad prior to the Bad Boy era but I didn't realize until I checked that it was that bad for that long. Sadly, I don't think this era of suck is nearly over yet. Actually, I'd prefer complete suck to kind of suck like we've been stuck in for the last 5 years or so. Kind of suck is the worst kind of suck.
  10. I mean, I wasn't around to see it but in the box scores, it looks pretty darn bad.
  11. People forget how good he was before the injuries. He was THE next superstar in the league but the injuries robbed him of that even though he was still a solid player thereafter.
  12. The 60s were worse, 70s weren't too much of a picnic either. This is the worst era of our lifetime though (I'm assuming that you're not THAT old).
  13. I don't think it's as bad as pretty much the entire Pistons history pre-Isiah but definitely worse than the "Teal" teams.
  14. The 90s was a forgettable decade in regards to fashion in all aspects, not just basketball jerseys.
  15. Oddly enough, I'd still take that era over this one even if those hideous jerseys came with it. Peak Grant Hill was the most exciting Piston I've ever watched outside of Isiah.
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