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  1. I'll say one thing about the Browns, that defense is legit. If Mayfield gives them merely above average QBing, I think they could make the playoffs. That's probably the most compelling division in the league.
  2. For sure. He isn't sticking around for a rebuild.
  3. The Patriots just gave up there. That was weird. And of course, Belichick gives Patricia the coldest handshake possible. Don't ever change Bill. I can't wait until Brady retires and the Patriots return to obscurity.
  4. Glue Kerryon to the bench. Don't take our 100 yard back away from us.
  5. 100 yards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sit him the rest of the game and bust out the champagne. Go Crazy Folks Go Crazy
  6. A 1,000 yard back that is a big threat to catch passes as well. I loved the pick when it happened and love it even more now.
  7. They still have no pass rush but the secondary has played great tonight. Really hard to grade the offense because they are playing against a horrendous defense but there's tons of growth potential in that group. Would really like to see Kerryon become a bigger part of the offense going forward, kid is really REALLY good.
  8. I'll take it a step further. He has star potential. Lots of high end pieces to work with on offense, it's the defense that's the big concern although tonight they are playing great.
  9. Impressive start. There might be many positives to start the season but there's two things that stand out to me. Kerryon is going to be really good and Ragnow is great at run blocking (not so much in the passing game yet). Two solid building blocks there.
  10. I'm actually intrigued to see how bad this gets. They are a guaranteed 0-4 going into the Bye Week then they go on the road against an improved Miami team so likely 0-5 then perhaps their first win of the season against the Seahawks with the Vikings on the road to follow. It could get really bad before it gets better. Could be a real train wreck of a season and if that comes to fruition, I think they need to consider dealing Stafford while he has plenty of value and tear this thing down. This is definitely an overreaction on my part but in a way, I prefer this over a mediocre 7-9 or 8-8 season in which they have no direction. Don't really care much either way to be honest, I've reached total apathy for the first time in my Lions fandom and it feels oddly settling.
  11. NYLion

    Jets and Lions Gameday thread

    Stafford is 30 years old, they can't just tear it down. Tearing it down would have to include dealing Stafford which has zero chance of happening anytime in the near future. This team is supposed to be built to win now if you look at the offense especially with lots of vets on that side of the ball. The problem is that Quinn did virtually nothing to address weaknesses to put this team in "win now" mode and just assumed that a chance of coaches is all the team needed.
  12. NYLion

    Jets and Lions Gameday thread

    Man, you guys are old.
  13. NYLion

    Jets and Lions Gameday thread

    Ypu poor poor soul. So you had to witness the pre-Barry Sanders Lions? Nobody deserves that torture. At least I became a fan when Barry entered the league so at least there was something exciting to watch even when they were failing as a team. The last game I got really upset about was the Cowboys playoff debacle because I felt like that team had a chance to do some real damage in the playoffs. It was quite possibly the best Lions team in my lifetime, sadly (Never really bought into the '91 Lions or any of those mid 90s Lions teams with the explosive offense). Once they let Suh walk for nothing (why they did is beyond me) previously compounded with drafting Ebron when there were so many better options on the table, I sort of knew it would be a steady decline from there and I started caring less and less. I think the one time when I got legit upset about an outcome since then was the Falcons game simply because the Lions got jobbed by the officials (AGAIN) then I just laughed it off shortly thereafter. It's sad in a way but I feel nothing for the team I once loved. I still watch and I like discussing them with you fine folks but I don't get consumed by game days anymore. Even yesterday, I walked my dog for a good 30 minutes during the 1st quarter which was foreshadowing of the eventual outcome of the game as he was dropping deuces in the grass.. I never would have missed a minute of Lions football previously unless I had a prior obligation.
  14. NYLion

    Jets and Lions Gameday thread

    No, the defense was awful, well below the realm of questionable. They let a rookie QB and a whole bunch of nobodies do whatever they wanted all night long. It was the Diggs interception return (which was handed to him basically), an Ansah sack then bupkis the rest of the night.