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  1. My thoughts also. The guy reminds me of a sloth out there where every move is an effort. Its very irritating to say the least.
  2. Spring Training Preview: Tigers by Bo Mitchell - Managing Editor, Fanball.com Sunday, January 23, 2005 Spring Training Home: Joker Marchant Stadium – Lakeland, Florida First Cactus League Game: March 3 vs. Phillies First of all, a tip of the cap to Tigers' manager and perennial Hall of Fame snub Alan Trammell, who squeezed an additional 39 wins out of his team in 2004. Sounds like a tremendous achievement, but given that they won only 43 times in 2003, some quick math reveals this is still a team that lost 90 times last year. They carried their modest momentum into the offseason and were the first club to make a significant free agency signing when they landed new closer Troy Percival. After that they, um…well let's just say it was the thought that counted. The Tigers pursued several other high profile free agents including Toy Glaus, Steve Finley, and Carl Pavano. There were even reports that they chased Carlos Beltran. But alas none ultimately signed in Motown, leading many to surmise that the Tigers' eagerness to spend this offseason resulted in them being used to drive up the price for free agents who eventually inked deals elsewhere. There's still talk that the Tigers are going after Magglio Ordonez (a.k.a. the consolation prize in the "Beltran Sweepstakes") but don't get your hopes up. Notable offseason transactions As mentioned, Percival was brought in from Anaheim, um…Los Angeles. Wait, they were still Anaheim then. Never mind. Percival came over from the Angels for two years and $12 million. Aside from Percival, the Tigers' most prominent free agent acquisition this offseason was (are you ready?) utility infielder Ramon Martinez. We'll pause while you stifle that yawn. Brace yourself for more excitement: the Tigers also traded shortstop Anderson Hernandez to the Mets for backup catcher Vance Wilson, who won't see the light of day too often with Ivan Rodriguez behind the plate. We know, we know, they tried to do more in free agency but nothing happened. Several Fanball editors have tried contacting Jennifer Anniston since her breakup with Brad, but where has that gotten us? Suffice to say, claiming outfielders Byron Gettis and DeWayne Wise off waivers isn't really the same as inking Finley. Those who have been playing fantasy baseball for the past decade fondly recall the glory days of Dean Palmer. Guess what? The oft-injured 36-year-old third baseman/DH is making one last comeback after not playing at all last season. That's all the time we'll spend on the guy who for a short period of time in the late '90s swung one of the most feared third base bats in baseball. We wish him well, but he's a long shot to make the team. Those who are headed out of Motown via free agency include Esteban Yan, who went to the (ahem) Angels, Eric Munson, who signed a minor league deal with the Twins, and Al Levine, who is still looking for work. What to watch A lot of attention will be on Percival, who is getting a little long in the tooth and has battled myriad injuries. If he manages to stay healthy, he can probably wring another two years of very solid ninth-inning relief from his right arm and stabilize the Tigers' pen in the process. After his signing it was speculated that Ugueth Urbina would be traded away, but it appears he'll be kept around as Percival's setup man. As for Urbina, still no significant developments regarding the kidnapping case involving his mother, who was abducted in Venezuela on September 1. Reports this week suggest All-Star shortstop Carlos Guillen might be ready to go at the start of spring training, which seems a little optimistic since he'll be only five months removed from knee surgery. Guillen underwent surgery on September 28 to repair the torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee, an injury that usually takes six to nine months of recovery time. This one bears watching. Guillen had a breakout 2004 campaign, batting .318 with 20 home runs and 97 RBI, easily surpassing his previous career highs of .276, 9, and 56 respectively. The early positive reports out of Venezuela could prove wrong, and his spring training or even the start of the season could still be in question. Next to Guillen will be Brandon Inge at third base…full time. No, we're not kidding. That's the plan going into spring training and Trammell is on record as saying he believes Inge could be a Gold Glover at the hot corner. Again, not kidding. Inge is a shortstop-turned-catcher-turned utility player (even in the outfield) who found his mojo at the plate last year. He eventually replaced Munson and since the Tigers didn't land Glaus or any other third baseman this offseason, the job is his. The plan entering spring training is to leave Bobby Higginson as the starter in right field, with fourth outfielder Craig Monroe stealing frequent at-bats. Speaking of theft, Monroe got into trouble earlier this offseason when he was arrested for shoplifting a belt that cost $29.95 from a store in Florida. Monroe, who made $335,000 last year, also had 18 dingers and 72 RBI in just 447 at-bats. Trammell has indicated that he might see even more playing time this season. It could hinge on whether his off-field problems are a distraction, but thus far this offseason Monroe appears to be responding well. He's tightened the belt by shedding about 15 pounds during core strength workouts in Texas with Twins outfielder Torii Hunter and Cubs reliever LaTroy Hawkins. One final question: is this the year first baseman Carlos Pena lives up to his potential? We'll be watching for clues during spring training, but his late season tear (14 homers and 31 RBI in August and September) might be a good indication. Position battles You would think there would be a lot to talk about in terms of position battles in Tigers' camp, but for all intents and purposes they are pretty well set. The right-field platoon of Higginson and Monroe is the only thing approaching a competition. A lack of solid options means the rotation is all-but-cemented with Jeremy Bonderman, Mike Maroth, Nate Robertson, and Jason Johnson in some order, and Wilfredo Ledezma in the fifth spot. The Tigers' pitching got better last year—their team ERA went from 5.30 to 4.93—but there is still much room for improvement. Should one of the aforementioned five hurlers get hurt or struggle during Grapefruit League play, former Ranger Colby Lewis, former Diamondback Andrew Good, or Gary Knotts could get a look. Updated on Saturday, Jan 22, 2005 10:28 pm EST
  3. That is not how you measure potential major league success. It may get you to the bigs, but it certainly doesnt mean your a shoo in.
  4. He has not earned the spot, thats all he is saying. This kid is not quite seasoned yet, still a work in progress. But the fact remains, that statement will be moot a couple of months into the season as things will change, as they always do.
  5. They did it again this year. They can go to Windsor and Ohio, but cant make it to the Lansing area for the caravan. I dont know, I just find this to be an insane way of running a publicity tour. The schedule makes no sense at all.
  6. Even thought this off season as been fairly non productive, I will be there watching and hoping, and cheering like it was a real time game. I just can't help myself, I love the darned team thru thick and thin. It will also give me a chance to play a joke on the wife. She will waltz into the living room and with a curious look and a frown on her face and ask, you mean to tell me baseball has started already? I will just tell her its winter baseball, something new they just started.
  7. That is correct. Dont know if he is still in the business however. He sort of dropped off the radar.
  8. Dont forget we have the replays coming up on FSD in a couple of weeks or so. I wish they would play more games, but its better than nothing.
  9. One of the best and a class act. I will be saying a prayer. Older folks dont react well to injuries and it can turn deadly quickly. You would be amazed at the statistic for death within 4 years after a hip fracture. It happened to my own dad.
  10. I was born in MI, but was raised in North Central Ohio. My dad was a Tiger Fan, so it was passed down. I had a built in hatred for the Indians growing up and that made for some interesting playground conversations. My earliest memory of being a true fan came in the early 60's when I was 10 or so, the Tigers were playing the Yankees. If I remember this correctly it was a double header and the second game went like 18 innings. It was one of the longest games ever at that time. My dad and I sat on the front lawn listening to both games. The second game did not end till the late late evening. So were taking more than 10 hours of baseball. I didnt flinch and enjoyed every minute of it. I think back on that day often. I dont know if I would do that now, probably not, but at that time the Tigers were my universe.
  11. Can we assume that since none of the other media picked up this story that this is just a rumor or is there any substance to it?
  12. It probably a little bit of everything mentioned in this thread. All I know is, it makes baseball sort of one sided. One one side are the haves and on the other the have nots. To me thats not fair competetion, but thats just me. The league should strive to make it more competetive, in my mind thats good for baseball. The Twins are a good example of how to run a mid western club, but even with their success they are no match for the "Haves". Being older and following baseball before free agency, the current situation makes me sad for the way things have turned out. Am I wrong wanting a league that is more competetive than it is now? Are you not tired of seeing the same team sign the better players every year and make us forever second tier? I am. I guess my problem is I see no light at the end of the tunnel, unfortunately. I would like to see them win a WS before I die, and at this rate, it aint gonna happen.
  13. Man you got that right. What a mess that was. They need to tell everyone to withold posting so questions and answers stay together. The way they are doing it makes it basically worthless to the reader.
  14. I will probably go this year since I skipped last. Ugh, I wish they could find a larger venue, its really crowded at the Joe and even at the fairgrounds. You risk getting run over if you even attempt to stop and view a display. Its really a testament to Tiger fans however, they turn out for the event even when the team stunk in past years.
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