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  1. Asmus should do the honorable thing and offer his resignation. Unfortunately nobody has that much honor these days.
  2. Stopping the clock gave the Jets time to run another play, about a 20 yard pass completion. Suddenly a 49 yard FG attempt became a 30 yard chip shot and a sure Jets playoff victory.
  3. So is it playoff win or bust for JC? Would an 0-4 start warrant dismissal? I have to believe the is an ultimatum attached to this retaining.
  4. Maybe the franchise should just hire whoever Ernie is in favor of. Then the Fords can imply to the league: we are gonna rely on the wisdom of the league. Then just maybe the football Gods (nfl) will look very favorably on the team and some really good things will start to happen as the league reputation will then ride on the success or failure of that decision.
  5. I will have marquee match ups on in the background, but is getting harder to give credence to the nfl. Poor officiating is ruining the game. I'm not saying games are fixed, but bad calls and non calls sure seem to steer the outcomes of too many games.
  6. How about some loyalty from the Fords to the loyal fans that have enriched that family. WCF Sr's 6 million dollar investment in 1963 is now worth One and a half BILLION dollars. 52years of futility has not worked. Clean house, top to bottom. Keep only players that have real value on the field. They can do this, or remain the biggest laughing stock of a franchise in the league.
  7. Mayhew is not the only problem. This franchise needs new scouts. With this current group evaluating the college talent we can kiss the next draft goodbye.
  8. It must be a ***** having all that money tied up in wealth.
  9. As of September, Forbes has has Lions valued at 1.44 Billion. That's up from 960 million in 2014. That ranks them 30th in the NFL, ahead of the Raiders and Bills. At this current value each of the four siblings is looking at 360 million or more, depending on how long OLF lives. It would cost any of the siblings a minimum of a billion to buyout the other three. I'm starting to think a sale could eventually be possible. I hope I live long enough to see it.
  10. When Old Lady Ford (I use that term with the utmost respect) goes onto that big mansion in the sky, I wonder who ends up with control of the team? Jr has 3 sisters. I have never heard that any of them were interested in the franchise. Assuming they each end up with a quarter interest in the team, do the sisters let Jr run the show? Or do Jr's 3 brothers in law decide they can clean up the mess Sr created? If Jr does get the final say, l am encouraged in the fact that he did bring in Mullaly to guide FoMoCo. Maybe something similar can be done with the football club. Also, one other thing. Does anyone here consider it a slap in the face that we still have to see that WCF patch on the uniforms. It's like still having his fingerprints on this team.
  11. Wow all of these great White Swan moments. Perhaps we've been a little too rough on this franchise...
  12. 1957 playoff vs 49ers. Down 24-7 at half, comeback to win 31-27 to gain a berth in Championship game vs Browns, winning 59-14. The last championship. A great two weeks. Too bad I was only five years old and didn't know it was happening. Thanksgiving game 1962. Greg Landry's 76 yard quarterback sneak In a 40-0 victory at Green Bay 1970
  13. I, maybe mistakenly, have always assumed Jr. has been biding his time and would love to have final control. When he brought in Mullaly to run FMC, it gave me hope he could do the same with Lions
  14. Add to the list: October 7, 1962. Lions at Packers. Less than two minutes to go, Lions lead 7-6, with the ball on the fifty yard line. Milt Plum passes to Terry Barr, who slips, Herb Adderly intercepts, returns to Lion 18. Paul Hourning kicks winning FG with 33 seconds left. This might be the cornerstone of Black Swan moments.
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