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  1. I actually think we need Boyd in the rotation and pitching well if we realistically want to make ourselves relevant for the rest of the season. The advantage we can get from the Price trade is to essentially trade one elite starter for two good starters if Norris/Boyd are able to join the rotation and pitch well. Remember, as of this moment we still have Simon and Farmer in our rotation - need to replace at least one of those guys, get Cabby back, and hope the pitching somehow gets hot if we want to to make a little run here. Not realistic in my opinion, but crazier things have happened.
  2. Am I the only one wants us to say F it and just extend Drummond right now? I understand that this hurts us as far as cap room for next offseason, but the big guy wants to stay and wants to sign the extension this season based on all the reports I've read. If there's anything to learn from the Monroe situation, it's the added value of keeping your cornerstone players happy. While losing Monroe won't hurt us too badly in my opinion, losing Drummond would be absolutely devastating. You took care of Reggie - lets take care of Drummond and continue to fill the pieces around those two for the next 5 years.
  3. I'm actually shocked we are still above .500 (for the next hour or so) considering the way this team is playing. I'm not the type to panic but I'm really starting to wonder if its not time for a managerial change. Something needs to change, I'm not sure its Brad's fault that the SP has been terrible and we can't score runs but I'm running out of answers. At the very least, I'd like to see a lineup change to the following: 1) Iglesias 2) Miggy 3) VMart 4) JD 5) Cespedes 6) Kinsler 7) Avila/McCann 8) Castellanos 9) Gose/Davis
  4. He may never ben the same - I hope he doesn't lose his speed or were screwed
  5. DD should be hitting the Rays phones for Longo with a package centered around Nick C - he's gotta want out of there after seeing the direction their management is taking the team.
  6. All for going as far as possible, as long as it doesn't end in another World Series loss to the Giants. Living in the Bay Area - not sure I can put myself through that again. The bandwagon force is very very strong out here. With so many teams, the casual fans can switch back and forth as they please.
  7. JD takes over right field next season, Dirks/Davis platoon in left, and we're looking for a CF. Re-sign VMart, sign a starter, and add a piece to the pen and we're ready to rock again next season. I would ideally like to keep Scherzer and trade Sanchez for maybe a CF or prospects but I just think thats highly unlikely, too expensive to keep Max. I think we're looking at a 5th starter stop-gap guy to fill in the rotation next season - but I guess thats a convo for a different thread.
  8. Any chance this contract is heavily front loaded? I sure hope so cause those last 4 years or so are gonna be devastating
  9. Well we know one thing - Cabrera will be batting third and martinez fourth so we can build around that. Looks like Ausmus is going with Kinsler, Hunter, Cabrera, Martinez, Jackson as his top 5 in the first game. I really hate Hunter batting second - we'll see what happens.
  10. Is it time yet to start playing with lineups? Below is what I'd like to see, only because I don't want Hunter batting 2nd: CF A. Jackson 2B I. Kinsler 1B M. Cabrera DH V. Martinez RF T. Hunter LF A. Dirks/R. Davis 3B N. Castellanos C A. Avila SS J. Iglesias
  11. Hard to imagine we will make any moves today - I fully expect Dumars to be gone this offseason and I don't think Gores wants him to make any more moves (the damage has been done). That being said, I may be crazy but I still think this team has some very nice assets. I'm extremely disappointed in the way we have been playing this season and I'm torn on whether this is a coaching issue, a maturity issue, or if our players are just not as good as I thought they were. I would love to see a more analytical gm/coaching staff take over this mess and see what they can do to straighten it out. I imagine that would involve moving one of the big men (Monroe/Smith NOT DRUMMOND) to hopefully get a wing or at least get a pick that could turn into a wing player. Such a huge disappointment for me this season though, I really thought we had the talent to finish in the 3-5 range - especially with how terrible the East is.
  12. True but we clinched with about a week left and coasted through the last week, that wouldn't have happened if the race was closer
  13. I firmly believe that this offseason is being used to transform us into a better playoff team. Getting rid of Fielder, adding some baserunning/base stealing to make us a little more multi dimensional, and improving the bullpen have all been moves that I think are meant to make us a more improved playoff team. We still have to add another piece or two to the bullpen to accomplish this but I really think that was DD's goal. It became very hard for us to score at times in the playoffs because we were mostly station to station - couldn't even score from second on singles sometimes. Also our bullpen failed us in the playoffs and I think those two things are what DD is focusing on. Willing to sacrifice a couple wins in the regular season in order to have a more versatile playoff team. Short inning releivers are not as valuable over 162 games but I think they become much more valuable in the playoffs.
  14. I'm on board with most of what your saying here. Such a huge improvement in our starting s5 talent wise. I like the idea - really what other alternative do we have? No superstar was going to sign here and we've sucked for 4 straight years but haven't hit lottery luck with a first pick - do you want to continue to tank and pray for Wiggins??? I sure dont. Joe went out and acquired talent and were going to roll the dice and see what happens. I like the plan - lets get some athletes and play some ball. If it doesn't work - we still have space next year and two talented players on decent contracts (Jennings and Smith) to use as trade chips.
  15. Sounds like Brandon Jennings is on his way to Motown in a sign and trade - I wonder who we're giving up....
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