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  1. Congrats on a great season BST, DTrop, FT, and Buddha. Commiserations chas.
  2. And now they've sacked DiMatteo. Brilliant. I take no pleasure in saying this DTrop, but the Baggies are going down.
  3. Unless Torres reverts back to himself circa '08/'09 and Chelsea run the table, they are not winning the title this year. It will be a tight race between the current top two, and this time I think it just might be Arsenal's year. It will be interesting to see what kind of Torres Chelsea is getting. Motivation should no longer be a problem for him, but he turns 27 in a few weeks and his injury record is spotty. Chelsea will be hoping his late 20s are more Drogba or Villa and less Owen or Shevchenko.
  4. Has every Prem team received a transfer request from their top goalscorer yet? Only a couple hours left to get them in...
  5. £30m bid by Liverpool for Andy Carroll turned down by Newcastle. Rumors circulating they will bid as high as £35m. I understand the Fenway group's need to replace Torres's goals (primarily) and show their willingness to spend (secondarily), but a £58m package for Carroll and Suarez seems risky in the extreme, for all kinds of reasons.
  6. I'm reading "Soccer in a Football World" by Dave Wangerin, a pretty fascinating read about the history of the the game in the United States. Just reading about some of the fledgling attempts to "go pro" back in the 1960s, and it seems Detroit had a team -- the Cougars -- that consisted of the entire Glentoran (Northern Ireland) squad on their summer offseason. Home games were played at Tiger Stadium and controversy seemed to follow them everywhere: pitch invasions, referee attacks, botched pre-games in which they were mistakenly led out behind a flag-bearer carrying a ROI tri-color, etc. The team folded after two seasons but it seems they are still remembered in Belfast. Guess I have a club to support in the Irish League now.
  7. They should splash the cash for "real superstars" like Mutu or Sheva.
  8. Someone in last season's thread thought the Inter kit was too cluttered. How about this new version? More patches than a Cub Scout uniform. And dragons.
  9. The entire northeast suffered FA Cup humiliation today: Burton Albion 2-1 Middlesbrough Sunderland 1-2 Notts County Stevenage 3-1 Newcastle
  10. Congrats FT, big win. Villa in the drop zone, who'd have guessed that 5 months ago?
  11. I give all the teams that came up this year a lot of credit, they try to play on the deck and have proven you can actually get results as well, unlike WBA of two seasons ago for instance, who stuck to their principles but were badly exposed. Blackpool have been a breath of fresh air and almost any neutral would love to see stay up at the expense of a team of cloggers like Stoke. Ollie needs to reign in the outbursts though, he's becoming a caricature of himself.
  12. Great game by Howard, did everything he needed to do, up to and including time wasting for the final 70 minutes of the game. You can't gift Everton early goals, they are so organized and battle for everything. Got the goals, parked the bus for an hour, job done. Nine goals in nine home games is nowhere near good enough for City, and with Chelsea looking old and confused and Arsenal typically fragile, United will walk the league as I predicted in August.
  13. More welcome news for the sport in this state. I'll probably try to go regardless of the opponents.
  14. What a weird game. TV timeouts in both halves, no stoppage time, etc.
  15. To add insult to injury, Sarkodie was lucky to be on the pitch. Horror tackle in the 1st half, could have been sent off but got away with a yellow card.
  16. Never a foul...joke of a free kick.
  17. Hughton wins the sack race. He had stabilized a crisis club, topped the Championship comfortably, managed some famous wins this fall, and pulled Newcastle up to mid-table. This kind of respectability just won't do on Tyneside and so he had to be sacked. And for a "more experienced" manager according to the official statement. I'm sure Kinnear will lead them to Europe.
  18. No host cities east of the Urals is what I heard. I do keep an eye out for Luch Energiya's results though. It would be hysterical if they qualified for Europe someday.
  19. When I say they were humiliated, I'm not talking about the bid failing, but the fact that they really grovelled for this one. Cutting out all references to "football coming home", playing friendlies in Trinidad & Tobago, etc. To do all that, then have your bid shitcanned in the first round is pretty galling.
  20. Meant to say adult lifetime. I was a kid and didn't get to any games.
  21. They don't do badly for themselves. In six years they'll be the first European country to host a major tournament five times. And I consider FIFA and UEFA to be in lockstep. It doesn't even annoy me really. I visited France in '97 and the excitement was palpable even then. They've got the pedigree, facilities, everything. What they also seem to have is the political nous, and based on today's results I think England can either further debase itself or pack it in for the next generation or two. It was an embarassment.
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