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  1. Made even better by it being Barry Bonds on the receiving end.
  2. Anybody get the feeling that you used to cheat at Monopoly as a kid?
  3. Anybody have video of Leyland kicking out the reporters? I do love seeing Jim get hot.
  4. Again, this isn't something that would go to a jury, where innocent people can be convicted and guilty people set free. An arbitrator makes a decision based on one thing, the evidence in front of him. No bowing to public pressure or rendering a ruling based on what they think might have taken place. Without hard facts that Peralta and the others were guilty, the suspensions would have been struck down in a heartbeat. The fact that nobody is appealing shows just how strong the evidence is against them.
  5. I'm not angry at all. Peralta was caught cheating and is now paying the price for it. If any other Tigers are using, hopefully they get caught too. I find it sad that so called "fans", Tigers or other, are defending cheaters.
  6. There is no chance that an arbitrator would rule in favor of MLB without sufficient evidence. Stop looking at this like it's a jury trail where anything can happen. Peralta and the others are 100% dirty, or they'd be fighting this.
  7. Oh bullcrap. If Peralta was innocent, he could protest the suspension and keep playing until MLB was able to prove to an arbitrator that there was sufficient evidence for the suspension. There is absolutely no reason for Peralta to agree to this if he wasn't guilty.
  8. Bye bye you cheating scum. Now do the right things and release him.
  9. Last I heard, it was only a trial run for this year. Have a link saying it's permanent? Not doubting you, just curious.
  10. 2013 MLB Playoffs bracket - playoff tree Tigers vs A's, hope they've forgotten about 2006....lol I really like the two wildcard format, hope they make it permanent.
  11. Yeah, he could have just laid there and let the thug beat him to death.
  12. Hopefully the Tigers do what they should and don't bring him back for the end of the season and playoffs. Then hopefully the Tigers win the World Series and this piece of crap cheater can live the rest of his life knowing that his cheating cost him a World Series ring.
  13. It was, but they could always make an exception. Would be an awesome gesture. Not a huge deal to remove a couple of bricks and replace them.
  14. If the Jags can get the ball into his hands at least 5 times a game, he'll have an impact.
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