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  1. Heck, he practically did that last year. The fact that Nick is only 27 and you're supposed to improve as you enter your prime years is what makes it so frustrating. Add to the fact that Nick has improved every single season since reaching the Majors. This team doesn't care about winning, they don't care about extending Nick, so why should Nick care? He will definitely benefit from a change of scenery and some team is going to make out really well by buying low on him.
  2. I believe they are prepping Niko Goodrum to be the everyday RF when Nick leaves. At least for a year or two. Daz Cameron might also be ready by then.
  3. At this point Fulmer is just like Mark Fidrych without the goofy antics. Rookie of the year, then oft injured afterwards.
  4. Tigers made the trade on 12/4/07. They extended Willis on 12/21/07. They first extended Cabrera on 3/24/08.
  5. Not only that, but they replaced him with Grayson Greiner, who is hitting .170.
  6. Nick Castellanos is hitting .262/.315/.464 in his last 92 PA. He is hitting .262/.313/.443 overall.
  7. And now the pessimism: Ronny Rodriguez is hitting .135/.154/.243 in his last 78 PA. Grayson Greiner is hitting .115/.233/.231 in his last 60 PA. My bet is Rodriguez goes back to AAA when Harrison or Mercer is ready. How much longer are they going to pretend Greiner is good?
  8. Time for some optimism: JaCoby Jones is hitting .359/.407/.679 in his last 87 PA. Christin Stewart is hitting .347/.422/.500 in his last 83 PA. Miguel Cabrera is hitting .323/.386/.484 in his last 70 PA. Niko Goodrum is hitting .289/.337/.494 in his last 89 PA.
  9. Tigers are now 29th. We're moving on up...
  10. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/14741413/free-agent-outfielder-delmon-young-arrested-charged-battery That's the last thing that I've heard from him.
  11. I believe someone else already has that one covered.
  12. I guess Niko Goodrum is out of his slump. Now, who to pick on next...
  13. Yes, but it's no fun talking about the things you like when you can rant and rave about the things you don't like.
  14. Inter league scheduling is horrible. Why in the world do we keep playing Pittsburgh every single year? Inter league was introduced so that teams can play different teams that they normally don't see. How is it different if we keep playing the same team every year? I guess we can't miss out on that lucrative Pittsburgh money.
  15. I wouldn't be so sure. While Gardenhire has reached the post-season 6 times, he has only advanced to the ALCS once. The last three years that he reached the post-season he was swept in the ALDS. He has a an overall 6-21 (.222) record in the post-season with a current 12 game losing streak.
  16. Whenever Chris Ilitch states, "ok, now you can start to spend money again."
  17. Another question with hindsight being 20/20, are you glad the Tigers got Gardenhire, or should they have gone a different direction? Or are you completely indifferent because the manager makes very little influence to a team's overall w/l record?
  18. Ok, so the general consensus here is that they already have Gardenhire under contract and since the Tigers are not going to compete this year just keep him. Why bother paying for two managers when the owner is trying to save money? This seems to be the logical choice. So now the question is, what do you do once Gardenhire's contract ends? Do you extend him? Is he going to be the best manager available to lead the Tigers once they are competitive? Has anyone been impressed with the way Gardenhire has managed? What is everyone's overall opinion of him? Hall of Fame worthy? Run of the mill? One of the worst managers ever?
  19. Ho-hum. We saw this news story for 4 years with Ausmus at the helm.
  20. Scherzer is relying more on ground balls this year. His GB rate is usually in the lower to mid 30% range, but this year it's 45%. His average launch angle is 10.7 degrees, down from 20.3 degrees last year. Hitters might be hitting the ball harder off of him this year, but if they are ground balls, they won't do much damage. He lowered his already low HR/9 this year to 0.7. If he's trying to rely on getting more ground ball outs this year, the higher contact rate might be by design. Not that he needs to rely on getting ground ball outs. He still leads the NL in strikeouts (102) and K/9 (11.9). Scherzer is suffering from a bit of bad BABIP luck. His BABIP is .359. His xwOBA against is .280 while his actual wOBA against is .300. He leads all of MLB with a 2.30 FIP and 2.8 fWAR. Even with his 3.26 ERA, he is T-4th in rWAR at 2.6. Scherzer is having another dominate season.
  21. When teams are as horrible as the Tigers, someone usually gets the blame and gets fired. Give me a reason why that someone shouldn't be Gardenhire. I asked this question before and no one could give me an answer: What does Gardenhire bring to this team that no one else can't bring?
  22. From Ron Gardenhire himself. It's all I've been hearing about ever since they signed Gardenhire. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/mlb/tigers/2019/03/27/detroit-tigers-ron-gardenhire-talks-his-label-legacy-and-high-hopes-2019/3275741002/
  23. It's not about wins/losses. It's the little things. Errors on routine plays. Running into outs, etc. If you want to disagree that these things happen due to lack of talent as opposed to lack of fundamentals, then ok. But I see lack of fundamentals and that's something I was promised wouldn't happen under Gardenhire. Sure, I have issues with Avila and Ilitch too. That's another rant for another day.
  24. Go back to my very first post here. No sloppy play. Using Sabermetics. These are the promises that we were told and are not being used.
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