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  1. The Math is Right, the not-so-popular spinoff of The Price is Right.
  2. Ordonez' stats are likely inflated due to his fluke age 33 season, when he batted .363 and finished 2nd in MVP voting. If I recall correctly, most of the criticism in his later years were related to his lack of homers, giving him the nickname Singlio. His overall numbers weren't bad, but the criticism was most likely due to not living up to unrealistic expectations of his near MVP season.
  3. Reyes took a step forward? *Checks baseball-reference. Well, I'll be damned. I've been away from baseball too long.
  4. Well, most of the Tigers players had "off" seasons.
  5. The Tigers will have to go 8-4 the rest of the way in order to avoid being the 2nd worst team in franchise history, measured by winning percentage.
  6. Also, not all left-handed people bat left-handed. And vice versa.
  7. It didn't work yet. Baltimore can still catch us for the #1 overall pick next year.
  8. They also thought they had depth at the middle infield position. They had Eugenio Suarez, Danny Worth, Hernan Perez, and Dixon Machado and they thought they would all become similar players. They also just drafted Willy Adames and thought that he would become the SS of the future, so the plan was to keep Iglesias until Adames was ready while using Suarez, Worth, Perez, and Machado as utility players and trade bait. Plans changed and Suarez become an all-star. Blame Tiger scouts for not noticing Saurez' potential or give a lot of credit to the Reds for player development.
  9. Nick is 7 for his last 12, bringing his September stats to .333/.349/.667 with an OPS of over 1.000. Only 1 walk though.
  10. Miggy has a history of being a clubhouse cancer, and I have shown you evidence of it. I am holding Gardenhire responsible because he is currently the captain of this ship. Losing control of the clubhouse was a frequent complaint with Ausmus, so Gardenhire should be held to the same standard. In contrast you have shown nothing that I have posted to be untrue. You have this mental image that Miggy is this lovable guy that gets along with everyone and anything that contradicts that image is simply not true. Yet, you haven't shown any evidence. Yes, I do not like Cabrera. I wish he wasn't on the team. But everything I have said about him is true.
  11. The thing with Cabrera is that it's nothing new. This was written back in 2011. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/613267-miguel-cabrera-and-all-30-mlb-teams-most-uncontrollable-player-ever#slide0 Cabrera has always had problems in the clubhouse, but fans blew it off because he was an MVP candidate and the Tigers were winning. "Miggy being Miggy" was used as a playful throwback instead of the "oh no, this is concerning" that it should have been.
  12. When it comes to the clubhouse chemistry, I will believe the journalists over some random fan that doesn't have a clue on what's going on in the Tigers' clubhouse. Seems to me that you can't handle the truth about Cabrera and his clubhouse presence.
  13. Well, I made my post 3 months ago. It was relevant at the time. And I disagree that the article is "made up." The incident really did happen.
  14. https://detroitsportsnation.com/report-detroit-tigers-dh-miguel-cabrera-mocks-teammate-post-game-interview/apowell/detroit-tigers-news/06/29/2019/206235/
  15. If you notice, Avila seems to target "nice guys." He (or more specifically Gardy) does not want to have a toxic clubhouse. This seems to be the complete opposite of Leyland, who wanted "dirtbags."
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