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  1. His power numbers are practically the same at home as away (.184 home ISO vs. .190 away ISO), despite the lack of home runs. So he shouldn't care that much about losing homers at Comerica, especially now that most general managers are evaluating players using advanced stats. He is not going to lose value in free agency because of the lack of homers if that is what he is worried about. This is not the 1990s. The use of traditional stats might be the result of hanging around Gardenhire too much.
  2. Randy Smith's #1 picks included: 1996 - Seth Greisinger 1997 - Matt Anderson 1998 - Jeff Weaver 1999 - Eric Munson 2000 - Matt Wheatland 2001 - Kenny Baugh The best player selected was Jeff Weaver, and he was drafted later than the other players. The draft is still a crapshoot.
  3. All Baltimore has to do is win tonight and then the they will be tied as far as the number of games back. The problem lies in that Baltimore would have played four more games than the Tigers and each game counts as 1/2 game. If they win tonight, they would be 2-2 in those four games and thus tied with the Tigers, despite having a better winning percentage. If Baltimore losses tonight, they will be a full game back of the Tigers.
  4. As I go through this farm system of prospects I have visions of the trade markets That this team has this look and demeanor Filled with being younger and leaner What becomes of Nicholas Castellanos? Who has love that ebbs and flows Avila knows he has to find Someone at the trade deadline Maybe…
  5. Well, I wasn't legally of age to drink in 2003.
  6. The coaching staff is intentionally giving him bad advice so that he doesn't perform well.
  7. Conspiracy theories: A. The Tigers don't like Gardy, so they are intentionally losing so Gardy will get fired. B. Ilitch, Avila, and Gardy are telling these players to lose so they can secure another #1 overall pick. C. Avila really is not embracing advanced analytics like he says he is. D. Gardy is just this terrible of a manager and so are his coaches. E. These players really are giving 100% effort and are just this terrible. F. Miggy has tainted the clubhouse so much with his personal problems and it is causing the Tigers to not care about winning.
  8. Gardy was managing the Twins to their 4th straight losing season when the Tigers hired Ausmus.
  9. He got awarded with an extension, so he must be doing something right.
  10. Personally, in 2003 I was only in my 5th year of being a Tigers fan and I didn't know anything about advanced stats and I never experienced a winning Tigers team as an avid fan.
  11. Other stats: The 2003 Tigers team went 35 games, from July 18 - August 23, without winning back-to-back games. The current 2019 Tigers team has not won back-to-back games in 37 games...and counting. The longest losing streak for the 2019 Tigers is 9. The 2003 team had 4 separate losing streaks of 9+.
  12. The best stretch I could find was May 4 - May 26, where they went 10-11.
  13. It goes both ways too. Fans tend to like players more based on things like, race, sexual orientation, where they grew up, and religious background. These things should not matter at all, but to some fans they do. It's human nature.
  14. https://nypost.com/2018/03/14/disturbing-video-shows-baseball-player-attacking-girlfriend/
  15. Did he beat up his girlfriend in the clubhouse or in the privacy of his own home?
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