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  1. Ballplayers behave, that what they say when we’re quarantined And watch how you play They don’t understand and so we’re… Running just a simulation, holding on to this season Trying to get a game in tonight and then you put the numbers in And we calculate upper bounds and then you say I think we’re alone now, There doesn’t seem to be anyone around I think we’re alone now, The tapping of our keyboards is the only sound Look at the outlier, we gotta post what we’re doing ‘Cause it’s all about SABR If they ever knew and so we’re… Running just a simulation, holding on to this season Trying to get a game in tonight and then you put the numbers in And we calculate upper bounds and then you say I think we’re alone now, There doesn’t seem to be anyone around I think we’re alone now, The tapping of our keyboards is the only sound
  2. Bobrob’s 2020 Preseason Prediction – Maxwell M. Scherzer Since the Tigers acquired Max Scherzer, he has won 3 Cy Young Awards, pitched two no-hitters, and even managed to win a World Series. Over the last seven years, Scherzer has accumulated a 2.82 ERA; only one year (2014) his ERA finished north of 3.00. In those last seven years, Scherzer has never finished below 5th in Cy Young voting. Unfortunately, Scherzer suffered some injuries in 2019. It was the first year that he didn’t record at least 200 innings since 2012 and the first time he didn’t get at least 250 strikeouts since 2013. During the timespan of 2013-2019, Max Scherzer has been one of, if not the best, starting pitcher in all of baseball. In that timeframe, Scherzer has the most wins (118), third in ERA (min. 1000 innings, behind Clayton Kershaw’s 2.19 and Jacob deGrom’s 2.62), the most strikeouts (1863), and first in fWAR (44.1). And talk about durability. He has started 223 starts, just one less than Jon Lester and Jose Quintana, 10 complete games and 5 shutouts, both in the top 10. All with the Detroit Tigers. Unbelievable! Max Scherzer is entering his age 35 season and did have some injury problems last year. He could be starting his decline, if he wasn’t the superman pitcher that he is. I may be over optimistic, but I don’t think Scherzer has had his best year yet. That year is going to come in 2020. Look out Cy Young, Walter Johnson, Roger Clemens, and Pedro Martinez, Max Scherzer is about to break all the records! Can you imagine Max Scherzer pitching for any other team but the Detroit Tigers? Always a Tiger. Experts’ Predictions/Projections: Steamer – 195 IP | 14-8 W/L | 3.27 ERA | 1.04 WHIP | 258 K | 48 BB ZiPS – 174 IP | 13-6 W/L | 3.00 ERA | 0.98 WHIP | 236 K | 39 BB THE BAT – 196 IP | 14-9 W/L | 3.39 ERA | 1.04 WHIP | 254 K | 51 BB RotoChamp – 198 IP | 16-6 W/L | 2.73 ERA | 1.03 WHIP | 262 K | 48 BB CBS Sports – 163 1/3 IP | 11-6 W/L | 3.03 ERA | 1.09 WHIP | 198 K | 43 BB ESPN – 188 IP | 15 W | 2.92 ERA | 0.96 WHIP | 257 K | 38 BB My Prediction: 2019 Prediction – 172 1/3 IP | 11-7 | 2.92 ERA | 1.027 WHIP | 243 K | 33 BB 2019 Actual – 172 1/3 IP | 11-7 | 2.92 ERA | 1.027 WHIP | 243 K | 33 BB 2020 Prediction – 377 IP | 32-0 W/L | 0.95 ERA | 0.736 WHIP | 384 K | 8 BB
  3. Just have the whole season be computer simulations. Remember that old saying, the game is played on the field, not on the computer? Well, let's debunk that theory this year. I bet Al Avila and Ron Gardenhire wish they had applied more sabermetrics to this team now.
  4. Replying to the fact that he didn't play past the age of 34. His career ended abruptly due to injury.
  5. Cochran's career ended when he got hit in the head with a pitched ball.
  6. Every other Tigers Hall of Famer has their number retired. I assumed it went hand-in-hand. And the reason why they waited so long to retire Trammell's number.
  7. I think they stopped the player from choosing when Wade Boggs threatened to go in as a Devil Ray instead of a Red Sox.
  8. I guess I assumed he didn't go in as a Tiger because they never retired his number. I'm also wondering if his underratedness is a generational thing.
  9. It was the first time they became relevant after the Ty Cobb era. Hence why I used the word "again." If you don't attribute it to Cochrane, than who? Greenberg? Gehringer? They couldn't get the Tigers to finish above 5th place without Cochrane.
  10. It's beginning to Look a lot like baseball, everywhere you go. Take a look at the field and stands, it's doing the wave once again. With strikeouts and errors that they over throw.
  11. It is my belief that Mickey Cochrane is the most underrated Tigers player of all time. Yes, he is in the Hall of Fame, but as a member of the Philadelphia Athletics. He is the primary reasons the Tigers became relevant again. He got the Tigers to the World Series again as a manager after a 25 year absence and won MVP in 1934. Then the Tigers won the whole thing the following year, again with Cochrane as skipper. Yet he hardly gets an accolades. He doesn't have a statue, no number retirement, not even a part of the ballpark named after him. And most of the time gets overlooked as a great Tigers player/manager, often getting overshadowed by Bill Freehan and Lance Parrish at catcher and Sparky Anderson and Jim Leyland as manager. For someone who won the Tigers their first World Series ever and the first MVP award since Ty Cobb, he doesn't get mentioned nearly as often as he should.
  12. Bobrob’s 2020 Preseason Prediction #12 – Cameron Keith Maybin This is Cameron Maybin’s 3rd stint with the team that originally drafted him. And yet, only 10.5% of the games he has played in the Majors has been in a Tiger uniform. He’ll likely be the primary starting right-fielder, although Victor Reyes may steal some playing time away from him. Most experts are also projecting Maybin will be the primary lead-off hitter (at least that’s what all the computer simulations have done). Cameron Maybin had the best season of his career in 2019, possibly because he only played in half of the games. He hit a career high in home runs (11) as well as wRC+ (127). His WAR was only 1.6 due to the lack of games and declining defense. He is one the wrong side of 30, so it’s likely that he hit his peak in 2019 and will begin his decline. However, he got the majority of his at bats from left-handed pitchers (where he hit .311/.387/.528) so the Yankees put him in a position to succeed. Ron Gardenhire is more likely to use him as an everyday player, so we can expect to see lower averages overall. When Cameron Maybin last played in Detroit in 2016, he hit career highs in batting average (.315), OBP (.383) and until last year, OPS (.418). When watching him play in that season, especially early in the year, he had a sparkplug mentality that was rarely seen in players. Personally, he was just very fun to watch and it looked like he was having a lot of fun. I believe he enjoys playing for the team that originally drafted him and a player playing in an environment that he enjoys can definitely impact performance. Hopefully we can see that kind of play style again in yet another boring rebuilding year. 2016 was the last time the Tigers had a winning record. I’m being conservative in my prediction, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he surpasses it. Too many factors to consider including playing time, lineup position (leading off could put too much pressure on him), age (entering his age-33 season), and playing environment. Experts’ Predictions/Projections: Steamer – 384 AB | .256/.338/.394 | 10 HR | 45 RBI | 14 SB | 46 BB | 100 K ZiPS – 326 AB | .258/.340/.390 | 8 HR | 33 RBI | 12 SB | 39 BB | 85 K THE BAT – 405 AB | .247/.326/.376 | 9 HR | 39 RBI | 14 SB | 46 BB | 104 K RotoChamp – 325 AB | .262/.345/.406 | 9 HR | 34 RBI | 14 SB | 41 BB | 87 K CBS Sports – N/A ESPN – 217 AB | .253/.335/.410 | 6 HR | 23 RBI | 6 SB | 26 BB | 57 K My Prediction: 2019 Prediction – N/A 2019 Actual – 239 AB | .285/.364/.494 | 11 HR | 32 RBI | 9 SB | 30 BB | 72 K 2020 Prediction – 345 AB | .246/.329/.432 | 10 HR | 31 RBI | 14 SB | 41 BB | 88 K
  13. Add on another reason for the mistake of not putting on a dome at Comerica Park.
  14. Bobrob’s 2020 Preseason Prediction #11 – Spencer Ketcham Turnbull Injuries to Michael Fulmer, Matt Moore, and Tyson Ross gave Spencer Turnbull an opportunity to stay in the starting rotation at the Major League level all year long. He has done well enough to keep that role to start the 2020 season. Last year in the first half, he was a bright spot before falling off in the second half. Fatigue probably played a role as he increased his innings. 1st Half – 89 2/3 IP | 3.31 ERA | 8.4 K/9 | 3.4 BB/9 2nd Half – 58 2/3 IP | 6.60 ERA | 9.5 K/9 | 3.8 BB/9 I think strikeouts are the single most important thing when it comes to pitchers, and Spencer Turnbull’s strikeout rate actually increased in the second half (21.5% to 23.3%). This is definitely an encouraging sign. However, his walk rate also increased in the second half (8.7% to 9.4%) as well as his batting average against (.250 to .293). This explains his struggles in the 2nd half as hitters started to figure him out. Another area of struggle for Spencer Turnbull is against left-handed batters, who batted .296/.370/.436 last year. Turbull primarily uses a sinker as his “out pitch” and left-handed batters hit .400 against that pitch last year. He is going to have to find a better pitch to put away left-handed batters in order to take the next step. Against right-handed batters, the slider is his go-to pitch and it has worked awesome as right-handed opponents only hit .205 against it last year. Combined with his 4-seam fastball, 67.8% of his strikeouts have come on the fastball/slider combo. Going into 2020, I’m cautiously optimistic. I think he can take what worked in the first half and work on what didn’t work in the second half and have a decent year. Experts’ Predictions/Projections: Steamer – 131 IP | 7-9 W/L | 4.63 ERA | 1.39 WHIP | 120 K | 49 BB ZiPS – 143 2/3 IP | 9-10 W/L | 4.64 ERA | 1.41 WHIP | 142 K | 57 BB THE BAT – 141 IP | 8-9 W/L | 4.37 ERA | 1.37 WHIP | 127 K | 53 BB RotoChamp – 157 IP | 11-7 W/L | 3.67 ERA | 1.39 WHIP | 153 K | 61 BB CBS Sports – N/A ESPN – 150 IP | 7 W | 4.20 ERA | 1.37 WHIP | 145 K | 62 BB My Prediction: 2019 Prediction – N/A 2019 Actual – 148 1/3 IP | 3-17 W/L | 4.67 ERA | 1.385 WHIP | 135 K | 51 BB 2020 Prediction – 152 1/3 IP | 8-8 W/L | 4.37 ERA | 1.392 WHIP | 151 K | 62 BB
  15. I think people also felt the nostalgia of having another Fielder on the team, at least those that remember when Cecil was playing.
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