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  1. I also agree that the 100 day goal I a safe “yes”, and we’ll likely be able to exceed that. I’m also thinking I’ll find my first dose before March. 🤞🏼
  2. Hearing more stories about shot #2, but thought I also saw a blurb somewhere about some questions about maybe a “bad batch” of vaccine out there? Don’t know if it was Moderna or Pfizer, and it was a specific region that this was a concern. Sorry... I know that’s real flimsy info, but I wonder if anyone else read something similar. I still can’t get an appointment anywhere... hoping Jersey gets more vaccine sent in the next few weeks 🤞🏼
  3. In all seriousness, there needs to be a reckoning. In every branch of the government, those that gave aid and comfort to, or WERE the enemies, need to be identified, charged, removed, and jailed when warranted.
  4. Home from work... been waiting to kick back and chill and celebrate our new President and Vice President.
  5. Almost like butts all over America becoming unclenched. 😬
  6. Lol. Ok..... but I want the last word. DJT: Welcome to the Karma Cafe. There are no menus... but you will get served what you deserve.
  7. God, we’ve needed a Tim Russert, haven’t we?
  8. Tonight - Lighting a candle (or other lights) in memory of the 400,000+ that we’re missing terribly. Love to all of you who have lost family, or friends, or neighbors.
  9. Actually, that sounds right. 👍 Total factual reflection of this Administration’s mental age. Which is about that of a 10 yr old.
  10. lol. The chutzpah of this gang is absolutely laughable. Could they possibly be this “un”- self aware?
  11. How sad is it that this is literally the last day of the Presidency, and we’re looking at a statement of obvious fact, but feeling “hopeful” because it’s been spoken by someone in power who has used the last 3yrs 364days to provide cover for a lying, un-American wanna-be despot? The answer is: incredibly sad.
  12. And let’s not forget about the “silent” pardons... the ones not broadcast now, but that will exist in the pockets of a few who’ll present them if/when a charge is made. Which could also include his self pardon. He won’t broadcast it now so that no one is aware of it while the impeachment vote in the Senate is going on.... Because that may actually sway some Republicans to finally say no more, and vote to convict. However, then Trump can pull it out when a federal charge is made against him , and at that point it would go to the courts to see if it was , in fact legal to self pardon. Meanwhile he’s bought himself another year or so of freedom, and fund raising, and criminality.
  13. 2 different women bosses I’ve encountered in my prior business life handled things in opposite ways. One, recognized her shortcomings in her writing, and made sure she hired a secretary with top notch grammatical skills (note: this was in the days before software corrected spelling and grammar). Her memos were perfection, which of course presented her in the best light, and helped her move up. Another woman boss absolutely did NOT allow her secretary to change anything (she had tried, when she first got the job)..... and I’ll never, ever forget an email we received from her following a particularly challenging software conversion: ”Youse guys did good!” I’m serious. That’s what she sent out.
  14. Ain’t that the truth. They’re like chain-smokers denying the increased lung cancer risks. You can’t challenge their beliefs by presenting them with facts. Their head will explode. I have absolutely no confidence that, even with the orange menace out of office, no more than 3 or 4 GOP Senators will vote to convict. I would love to be proved wrong in this thought. I’d be thrilled to be wrong.
  15. There isn’t an emoji here that fits how I want to react to this.
  16. Expel. Arrest. Convict. Throw away the key.
  17. This doesn’t even address the really big bucks that have been flying around to get these pardons. Openly. They don’t even feel the need to hide the fact that many of these pardons has a price tag attached.
  18. For pete’s sake. Did NO one call them on that insane response?
  19. I heard the question asked (and answered by a “pardon” expert) that he can issue a blanket pardon to anyone who was at the Capitol Jan. 6th, even if he doesn’t have their names. That kinda gave me nightmares. She also gave the opinion that he can have “silent” pardons... that you don’t know a person has a pardon until you maybe serve them, and then they whip it out(the pardon, that is). He doesn’t even actually have to write it, if he says it to someone and there’s a witness that’s also good enough. That whole conversation last night on Lawrence O’Donnell show was a freaking nightmare.
  20. Pretty damn shameful. I’m mad about all this leniency. It’s such an F U move to citizens who are trying to remain hopeful that their government has their back.
  21. Lol. Yeah, reading that last page made my day. “My people” 😁
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