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  1. Has Giuliani been subpoenaed? If he has is he saying he has immunity? He’s not a government employee. If he’s been subpoenaed send the police to his door, drag him out ,and sit him in that ******* chair in front of Congress.
  2. I was walking my dog .... did he say this to Nunes? And what had Nunes address him as?
  3. Man, Nunes is laugh out loud ridiculous. What a dick.
  4. An all-in traitor to the people of the USA. I’ll see your deplorable and raise to despicable.
  5. Incredible thread. This **** is scary as ****, because we all have to know that this in all likelihood isn’t the only instance of extortion to garner Trump-centric value info. Better be looking wherever Giuliani and company have been visiting in the last year. This might only be the tip of the iceberg
  6. *raises hand* Forty yard line - old Meadowlands stadium.
  7. True. However, totally inaccurate to characterize it that the ambassador was the reason for problems in Somalia. Dishonest. A lie. A lie meant to intimidate.
  8. Trump is signaling to his henchmen on the committee that he expects them to attack her the first chance they get this morning.
  9. I hate hate hate the absolute agony that gets piled on to families who are dealing with actual life and death situations.... it’s abominable what we have to accept as “normal” health costs in this country. It’s evil.
  10. Do people who think “global warming “ isn’t mis-named “climate change “ really still exist? Can these folks have this much tunnel vision? I guess so. Science deniers.
  11. Yeah. Nice that an apology. Was issued, but chances are that a good percentage of those that saw the initial inaccuracy - believed it, and responded to it , and won’t internalize the correction.
  12. No doubt. But in fairness, just about ALL of them (D & R) leave DC and walk into a lobbyist type position. We really could use legislation that doesn’t allow these jobs until you’re out of office for at least 3 to 4 years. Of course, that will never happen.
  13. You’re correct. These excusers are the problem. Shame on her. I hope when she attempts to run again for any office, her opponent slams this interview in her face.
  14. Russian asset in the Oval Office
  15. Yeah, I’m fine with being silvered.
  16. ........ As I’ve tried to say before, (and here it is straight from the horse’s mouth), you are all allowing Stan to waste pages playing you. I can’t quite figure out why any of us here won’t/don’t just pass by his entries without responding.
  17. Why, oh why, are you letting Stan play you? His responses are more ridiculous and other-worldly each time. He’s not going to acknowledge that a previous statement of his proved wrong. Let em pass. Silly.
  18. I’m sorry, but that was a Trump ***-grab. He is a freak.
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