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  1. Jeez. I’m a boomer.....OK? Man, the way all boomers are dumped into one basket is really getting... shall I say it? OLD. I just wrote a bunch more, then deleted it, because, you know... “ok, boomer”. Very disheartening to see and read. Very.
  2. ... then, they’ll get the government they deserve.
  3. I’m kind of infuriated that he’s referring to these injuries as “headaches”. He is absolutely despicable, and I fear for every member of the military with this man as commander-in-chief. Cannon fodder. That’s what he thinks of you, your family, your service. ugh
  4. Don’t think they necessarily influence many, but some of these utterances are just annoying. Benjamin Franklin
  5. ... on the 4 Line -subway (in the Bronx - you can take the 4 to YS) 😂
  6. Stacey Abrams. Amy Klobuchar. Kamala Harris. Marie Yovanovich. Amy McGrath. Katie Porter. (She’s flipping awesome)
  7. This movie is horrible. i want my popcorn to go, and my money back.
  8. The depth of slime surrounding this man is nauseating
  9. Despicable. Absolutely so. Say, couldn’t that also qualify as deplorable? Damn right. If the shoe fits.....
  10. Lol. Yes. I almost responded to that person, (who seems to like to lol at my posts a lot), then I stepped back and wondered -based on other responses here- can I only See it due to being a GOD... I mean mod? 😉 (Power. I feel so powerful right now)💃👑 lol Regardless, it’s a move that seems a weee bit creepy... I mean, why not occasionally actually respond as to why you want to classify another person ‘s post laughable.
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