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  1. Omg. I’ve never seen that guy before. Freaking hilarious!😂
  2. Yes. For one thing, my Chewy pet stuff delivery box weighs a ton... no way a drone is going to be dropping that on my doorstep.
  3. What other way can you qualify his remarks, other than to say he’s a ******* idiot?
  4. .... just because it made me laugh...
  5. Yeah. When I read that earlier today, I thought for sure his bail would be revoked and he’d be waiting for his trial from behind bars.
  6. This is what I’ve been thinking. i want all those names as part of the official historical record. Aaaand, yes, it would help in same states to dislodge them.
  7. This was the most disturbing, nauseating story. I can’t even imagine that this President has to have staff that needs to “protect” him from seeing McCain’s name. So very, very creepy. If this doesn’t twist your gut, something is very wrong with you. God help us all.
  8. 😂 What a fantastic display of childishness, cowardice, and fear all rolled up into one brief Rose Garden appearance.
  9. A reduction in cravings... that’s pretty interesting. Granted, a small sampling and study, but interesting results. 👍
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