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  1. Yes, saw her report on this last night. It’s baffling. And I’ll call it sinister.
  2. I’m actually shocked. I was thinking it wouldn’t be happening til December.
  3. Holy mackerel. NOW will the GOP open their mouths? If this were a movie, you would walk out of the theater because the storyline is too unbelievable.
  4. Why the **** is it even a question? This is maddening.
  5. I think her brand (for clothing, fashion, etc) will take a hit.
  6. .... and that’s the really good news. Thank God we’re doing better with treatments.
  7. You have more faith than I do. I think they’ll all walk away scot-free
  8. Can I also point out that this is not a three year old, but the goddam President of the United States?? Honest to God. Ridiculous
  9. ..... I believe you. I also believe if your “tantrum” child had gored the eyes out of your kitten, or set the squirrel on fire, you would have recognized something more dangerous than a tantrum.
  10. Come on guys and gals. Hasn’t this become obvious to you yet???, that the reason Trump and his staff aren’t letting Biden and his staff anywhere near anything to do with the Covid information? He’s looking to totally sabotage the distribution of the vaccine, so that Trump can say “look I got the vaccine made - he’s the guy that can’t get it to you!” You got to tell me you know this was happening. Come on
  11. They they should decline the invitations. Period.
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