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  1. I’m truly sickened by all this. A golden idol? Hawley getting a standing ovation for challenging the electoral college vote? Cruz making light of the assault on the Capitol when people felt their lives were threatened? Congressmen saying they can’t attend House votes due to “public health emergency”, but they’re slated to speak at CPAC? If you’re still standing and supporting the GOP, and making excuses, I have to honestly tell you that I question your moral compass.
  2. True stupidity. I want every candidate opposing every GOP member to hammer them with their refusal to increase the minimum wage.... because better than 60% of Americans, spanning all political spectrums, KNOW and agree that it needs to be raised. And , please, also remind the general population out there that the GOP gave away billions to corporations in tax cuts, coupling with refusing to raise the minimum wage for regular Americans.
  3. Oy vey. Really? I guess it’s not really surprising, but every day brings information that just makes me more distrusting of what I used to refer to as “my fellow Americans”.
  4. Ugh. Can we not continue to step lightly around everything Russian, and lower the boom, please?
  5. Identify.... investigate...prosecute... and then, Nail these traitors to the wall. I’m sick of “letting it go”.
  6. Same here. Had the windows down, the music cranked up. The sun actually came out! It’s a miracle.
  7. That thought crossed my mind, too, but I couldn’t remember which state “honored” Limbaugh with that.
  8. Lee, you should be able to be excused, or at least postponed. I don’t know how they handle that in MA, whether you can request it beforehand, or if you have to report day 1, and address it there. Good luck. 👍 Hope you can find an ear that will be reasonable.
  9. And.... it won’t be corrected on any news agency that caters to the mob. So, like that tree in the forest, will it matter / make a noise? Truth seems to be dead in this country. Still can’t get certain congressmen to admit the election was fair, and there isn’t a landslide being hidden.
  10. And this is proof of what? ...... then this will also be another topic..
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