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  1. Andrew doing a smack Down on his brother—— deservedly so.
  2. States need to act now to enable by mail voting.... I think we’ll all need to have that option and probably USE it.
  3. OMG. when does the *** kissing stop? It’s embarrassing to watch. How do any of these people look at themselves in the mirror after the nauseating sycophantic behavior? ugh.
  4. I’m surprised that no one had a comment about this. 🤔 I thought this was encouraging
  5. Here’s some news that I find encouraging, because Mt. Sinai Hospital/Medical is outstanding, and if they’re getting involved at this level, it’s the road we need to be on.
  6. And now it gets real. Four cases in our town. The first one reported (a male- ) about a week ago.... tonight we’ve been notified that he died. I’m devastated for his family. I am also scared to death right now.
  7. Why is TP still a thing? Didn’t everyone that wanted their 42 rolls already score them in the last 2 weeks? Can ya leave a roll or two for the rest of us that didn’t go on that scavenger hunt?? Jeez. Madon.
  8. True. That’s me...and **** em, I’m not ready to check out yet.
  9. God, Rob.... I’m so sorry to read that. Like all this isn’t stressful enough for our older citizens, now they get to see/hear people in positions of power offering them up as sacrifices. I don’t blame her for drawing that conclusion. Damn them all to ****. 🤬
  10. This cracked me up because ..... Truth. 😂
  11. Can’t watch him. someone please recap afterwards.
  12. Lol. One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor.
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