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  1. Oh, he has absolutely shown a proclivity towards real violence. By proxy. His own son is also rattling the cages, urging his folks to form an army. Quote: ==== “We need every able-bodied man and woman to join Army for Trump’s election security operation,” he said, the words “ENLIST NOW!” plastered next to his face. “We need you to help us watch them.” End quote. ===== Heather Heyer would disagree that there’s no proclivity towards real violence. Trump didn’t need to be the actual person behind the wheel. It’s his doing. And his “army”? They’ll bring guns. Oh yes. He definitely has the proclivity.
  2. At what point will anybody, and I mean, ANYBODY finally call this kind of answer what it is .... treasonous. Absolutely outrageous.
  3. So, yeah, the lie about kids not getting it is disturbing. Very. But it looks like nobody even blinks anymore when he dismisses the deaths of “it’s mostly old people with existing conditions”. Like they don’t matter. Like big deal if they die. Like we should assume they should die. Nobody. Says. Anything.... as a response to THOSE utterances. So, yeah. He’s convinced everyone that they don’t matter. I don’t matter. You don’t matter..... oops... I mean you don’t matter if you’re “old” and/or have pre-existing conditions. Or come from blue states. Everyone has now bought into it.
  4. Two things - 1. Is there no way to tract your mail in voting in your state to see if it has been received / counted? I can in my state. 2. If you lost your “secret envelope”, so haven’t therefore mailed it, don’t you have the option of in person voting and filling out a provisional ballot? Couldn’t it be “rectified” in that manner?
  5. Also wanted to add that NJ voters can also track their ballot to confirm when it’s received / counted. I plan on completing mine immediately, and dropping it into one of the 3 official ballot boxes that are within a 5 mile radius of where I live. btw, these ballot boxes will be emptied daily, under the supervision of a sheriff, a rep from the DNC and a rep from GOP.
  6. Not an option in NJ. As in the primary, all registered voters will receive a mail in ballot. These are being sent early October. When filled out, you can either mail them, or drop them off at ballot boxes in designated areas. Election day, disabled voters (& I’m guessing they have to be previously noted as such) CAN go to election centers, and cast their vote behind the curtain. Those who have received mail ballots can also drop them off on Election Day at these polling places (which will be far fewer than in regular years) Now, if you didn’t receive your ballot (or lost it, or whatever), you can go to the polling place and fill out a provisional ballot.
  7. I’m thinking perhaps it’s not a ploy to keep powers , but to keep the infection rate as low as possible, within reason, while waiting for better treatment and a viable vaccine that can be distributed. What do you think these “powers” do for her personally? Nobody likes having to do / not do all the things we used to, and anyone making the decision to curtail heretofore “normal” things surely isn’t making anyone happy. So, is the idea that no elected official should do anything? I’m not seeing how that helps, most especially in states that have densely populated areas. I don’t envy any of them currently trying to stick the proverbial finger in the dike.
  8. This is what Trump actually said in North Carolina, addressing the women in the crowd at his rally - =========================== Trump pretended to poll the crowd on who to nominate when he apparently recognized some of the women in Fayetteville from other rallies. “Ok let’s do a poll. Oh there they are. How many of these have you come to?” he said. “What is this, number what? Like, 90? I see ‘em all over the place, they’re great. I hope your husbands are okay with it. Are they okay?” ========================== “I hope your husbands are okay with it”?????? WTF? Ugh. Welcome to 1950.
  9. So sad. I’m sorry for her , and her family, that she couldn’t have some peaceful time at home, because she was trying to stall the inevitable. This is awful news. 😢
  10. This. The quote from the Woodward book where he says he “didn’t want to cause a panic”. He was not talking about causing a panic among PEOPLE, he was talking about causing a panic on the stock market. The STOCK MARKET. The investors, the brokers, his billionaire friends. Isn’t that obvious to everyone? He does not care about people.
  11. Trump insisted “Nothing more could have been done.” Nothing more could have been done... The most powerful man in the world’s most powerful country says this. As I continue to pack bags/clear out my father’s closets, dressers, etc., this revelation of this last quote from President is like a continual stab in the back. Every. Damn. Day. My anger and grief is growing, rather than lessening. This President has discounted every family in this country who has lost someone. We don’t matter. Not even a little.
  12. Lol. Oh, Bill, Bill, Bill. They’re panicking now. Big time.
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