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  1. I’m guessing this characterization difference is likely generational. Being a young adult when Saigon fell (.....Or was “liberated”...), most of my teen years had each nightly tv news update the #of casualties of that war. And of the horrors perpetrated (yes, by both sides). When I remember the video of those last souls trying desperately to board those last helicopters out, I’ll likely always have the headline “Fall of Saigon” accompanying it.
  2. It’s always been referred to as “the fall of Saigon”. Never heard it as a “liberation”. That’s plain and simple re-writing history, IMO.
  3. I’m tired of this crap. Happy Easter and Passover, folks. I’m done.
  4. Stan. What does (did) posting a chart about feces incidents in SF have to do with political discussions currently in this thread? Does it enhance conversation? No.
  5. Stan. Really? I’m going to ask you to, on your own, delete your post. It is not “fun”, it is not “political”, it is not welcome here. You have 3 minutes.
  6. Just cause I’m feeling especially stupid today.....
  7. Obstruction and tampering.... as plain as the nose on your face.
  8. Absolutely laughable. Give us the ******* report.
  9. What a den of wolves/thieves. Despicable. Deplorable.
  10. Johnathan Jena ._______________________ We remember Brian. RIP.
  11. Lol. Stan being Stan. Had a lucid moment this morning, then slipped back into Stan-mode.
  12. Yes. Saddened by the fire to that magnificent, historical structure. (Thankful that the stained glasses weren’t destroyed.) But comparing it to 9/11 is ridiculous and insulting. I would wager that if you ask the common Parisian about making that comparison, they’d also find it absurd. Let’s remember that you can always find someone in the media to utter idiotic statements. Easy peasy lemon-squeezy.
  13. Sanders will have some ‘splainin to do when she meets her maker.
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