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  1. Screwball, Although I suspect you already know this, using the word “injun” is a slur, and pretty awful. I’ll ask that you don’t throw that out there again. It’s offensive. Very. And in no way funny.
  2. And here go again. Two pages wasted on rebutting the dishonest nonsense that Stan posts. Why?
  3. Ugh. She’s a disaster. Needs to go. As does Steyer, Castro, Harris.Yang, too. So far, a good night for Pete and Amy. They’ve helped themselves.
  4. He’s not a member of the Cabinet, or Administration. Or any government agency. Private citizen. Go collect him - and toss him in jail. period.
  5. He doesn’t care. He can’t wait for his next rally so he can tell everyone how he’s kept his promise to keep us out of wars. He’s an abomination. As are his buddies - Putin, Erdogan, Kim jung Un, etc. An abomination.
  6. PSA: Chill. You’re going to rupture an artery. Have a nice cuppa! ☕️
  7. Jesus Christ. To invoke an ancient term - “what a waste of band width”!! For crying out loud, enough already. Please. Let’s try and at least PRETEND to have adult conversation.
  8. Often, not very nuanced, either.
  9. It just needs to be said. You are a pathetic fool.
  10. Hmm. Uh, yeah, that absolutely was the reality. For. Sure. Did you also know that before a law was passed in 1974, if a married woman wanted a credit card, she needed to have her husband’s permission? On a personal note, working at a bank (back office & data processing- I was an analyst) in the late 80’s, when I asked my boss why I was passed over for promotion that was given to a guy in the office, his response to me was “well , he has a family.” This is not ancient history.
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