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  1. I highly doubt if Holland sees any of this as his fault.
  2. never forget the time O'connell scored into our empty net on another teams delayed penalty. We pulled the goalie and he backhanded a pass into our net.
  3. I think its going to take Y more years than he thought originally.
  4. Just curious if any city has had the four worst teams in the four major sports in one year like Detroit has right now.
  5. from what i've seen is that they don't have any high end skill or playmakers. And that includes Larkin and Anthanasiou.
  6. what the lions organziation has done is nearly impossible to achieve in todays NFL. they've managed to stay s****y for decades in a league where relatively quick turnarounds is attainable.
  7. so much dead weight. Yzermans got lots of work ahead of him
  8. join me, stop watching the bull****
  9. i hope everyone is waking up to the fact that the NFL sucks bad. Need to abandon this game completely.
  10. a prime example of that is Verlander. although he was very good in a tigers uniform, I'd argue he is a better pitcher with the Astros than he was with the Tigers.
  11. they have a very realistic shot at the '62 Mets record.
  12. it was a wall of noise at the palace too. Thats why I never went back.
  13. Even if the pitching staff can end up with a team ERA of around 3 they"ll still be lucky to finish with a .500 record.
  14. To really get things turned around they need to find themselves a goalie. Seems like forward and defense are shaping up nicely for the future.
  15. Just letting you know where they sat. mute point now.
  16. Consecutive innings without scoring a run? 48. 1906 Athletics, 1968 Cubs.
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