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  1. a prime example of that is Verlander. although he was very good in a tigers uniform, I'd argue he is a better pitcher with the Astros than he was with the Tigers.
  2. they have a very realistic shot at the '62 Mets record.
  3. it was a wall of noise at the palace too. Thats why I never went back.
  4. Even if the pitching staff can end up with a team ERA of around 3 they"ll still be lucky to finish with a .500 record.
  5. To really get things turned around they need to find themselves a goalie. Seems like forward and defense are shaping up nicely for the future.
  6. Just letting you know where they sat. mute point now.
  7. Consecutive innings without scoring a run? 48. 1906 Athletics, 1968 Cubs.
  8. I count at least 9 players who won't be here in 2 years if contracts allow for it.
  9. Not a personal question, rehtorical in nature. And iv'e already explained that i don't continue to post every game.
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