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  1. motown blues

    December 2018 Game Threads

    I count at least 9 players who won't be here in 2 years if contracts allow for it.
  2. motown blues

    Game 9 Detroit @ Chicago. The City of Big Shoulder Pads

    As many years as it takes before the fords to sell.
  3. Not a personal question, rehtorical in nature. And iv'e already explained that i don't continue to post every game.
  4. But nonetheless, those decisions are hers. And she 's responsible.
  5. If i were trolling i'd be making comments every week. I don't do that. If you want to keep believing that they'll get it right one day thats alright.
  6. So 60 years of futility hasn't convinced you?
  7. I don't. I buy neither tickets or merchandise. I gave up on this franchise about 10 years ago when I finally realized it wasn't going to change. I come on this Lions board once a year and see the same complaints year in and year out. State my case and leave.
  8. Why do you keep supporting this team? One year everyone complains about how the offense sucks. Then the next year how the defense sucks. Then the OC sucks, then the DC sucks. And then the GM sucks. Then the coaching sucks. What sucks is the ownership. 60 years of futility is a good barometer to measure from.
  9. Look,Ford ownership is the only constant in 54 years. They've tried everything else in that time and nothing seems to work out. it's time to move on.
  10. Sell the team after WCF died.
  11. Nothing changes until the Fords are gone.
  12. motown blues

    Jets and Lions Gameday thread

    could we see 0-16 again?
  13. motown blues

    Jets and Lions Gameday thread

    How long before Patricia becomes lionized?