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  1. how much longer can we keep Greene in the rotation??? is there a worse starting pitcher in baseball???
  2. Ok so what exactly will it take to get Asmus fired? Nice guy, former tiger player, but he just seems to make all the wrong decisions. He has to feel snake bit.
  3. Well just when Justin gives you hope with a strong game he follows up with his now typical stinker.
  4. Should be bases loaded with nobody out if not for Krauss proving he needs to look for a new career.
  5. Krauss if all people breaks up the no hitter with a "willy mays hays."
  6. You know after being 1 hit last night you'd expect the Tigers to be more patient, work the count. Nope a pathetic 6 pitch inning. I can't tell if our players are just too stubborn or Brad just lets them have free reign and doesn't game plan.
  7. Yup it happens time and time again. It was a 1 run game and Asmus threw in the towel by sending and keeping Rondon in.
  8. Man we just can't figure this guy out. Sad things is that kinsler and cespedes made such quick outs that he'll probably make it through the 8th inning.
  9. God damn it brad. Why ruin this good game by leaving him in for this inning?
  10. I agree but we all know Brad won't do that. He'll make him pitch 2 or 3 batters beyond the point where anybody can see he's out of gas.
  11. How long do we have control over JD? He's about to become very expensive!
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