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  1. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    "Per NBC".... He might as well have said "Per Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Zeppo"....
  2. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    More than one judge says this is unheard of, particularly after a guilty plea has been entered. This is the question in my mind...Flynn has already entered a plea. What causes a judge to do this after the guilty plea? Do you think maybe the judge believes he might not be guilty? What other reason is there? I don't know if Mueller withheld something or had bad evidence given to him. But we're about to find out.
  3. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    There are others saying the exact same thing. All I know is if I’m Flynn, I’d be really comfortable right now knowing a dirty FBI agent who is about to have the OIG come down on him handled my interview. And now the judge in the case is calling the bluff....after I’ve given my plea.
  4. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    That will be after the doors get blown off of everyone trying to set Flynn up, so I think it's doubtful they are going to be in a position to charge him for something else. I've had a feeling for a while that nothing associated with his case makes sense. Which is why I have a hunch that he's going to come out of this looking alot better than the people investigating him.
  5. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Which, if the theory holds, will also be shown to be based on faulty evidence and never result in charges. Particularly after the OIG produces his report implicating the entire cast of characters involved in this farce. Front and center? McCabe and Strzok, among others. Increasingly it appears Flynn purposely set himself up to expose corruption at the highest levels. There's really no other answer for why a master spook like him ended up in this position.
  6. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Judge Sullivan issued an order on Friday requiring the government to produce all exculpatory evidence. If the government did not provide Flynn with all the evidence it had during his plea bargaining (both against him and evidence that would be in his favor), it is grounds for him to withdraw his plea. More than one legal scholar thinks this is exactly what will happen. I personally think there will not only be evidence that was withheld, but evidence that will essentially prove to be faulty and/or fraudulent. Nothing in Flynn's case has made sense from the start. Which is why I think the disposition of his case is going to surprise an awful lot of people.
  7. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Not basing my thought on gateway pundit.
  8. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Flynn is going to withdraw his guilty plea. I think the charges are ultimately going to be dropped.
  9. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Faulty logic. He's not been singing against Trump.
  10. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    At least he won't build one with a basketball court with no archives on site. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/obamacenter/ct-met-obama-archives-20171004-story.html
  11. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/04/simply-worst-obama-first-president-ever-not-see-single-year-3-gdp/ It must be George W. Bush's fault....
  12. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    Yes, as an average voter, I can say that I've never cut payola deals with foreign governments, ****** an intern in the oval office and I've never been involved in the indictment of a formal presidential candidate. So from that standpoint, I quite literally have nothing in common with any of them.
  13. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    You're assuming he was charged based on evidence that was accurate.
  14. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    This is a poster for keeping your friends close and your enemies closer....
  15. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    truth hurts, what can I say.
  16. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    It's so amusing that the people that are fine with Hillary and the DNC paying for a fake dossier that was put together with the help of russian agents and subsequently used as the basis to obtain a permit to spy on Trump via the FISA court are also the same people who are so consumed about "russian interference" in our elections. Irony much?
  17. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Mike Flynn is going to come out of all of this not only a free man, but completely vindicated. And in the process, he will be instrumental in exposing some really bad ****- and not about Trump. I'm not sure Flynn will even need a pardon at this point. I'm not going to put a date on the occurrence of this feeling/prediction, because minutia man will simply focus on whether the date and time are accurate...while ignoring the substance.
  18. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Way-beforeism? LOL. You've coined a new one. Alas, we've reached the time where the clock strikes pfife-boredom time. I only allocate so much time in the day for this kind of folly. The alternative universe has lost its appeal for me today.
  19. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    This is really clever. You've described marshall mathers, the "music" "artist" who has spent the last several months bitching on twitter that the President won't pay any attention to him. He's chasing the President around online and keeps coming up with air. It's not dissimilar to pfife chasing me...so good analogy.
  20. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    I know. And it's even funnier when it's true...
  21. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Sorry to disappoint you. Trump: President
  22. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Post archived for future reference....
  23. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    You mean the ones that were allegedly doing this since 2014...when you know who should have been stopping them?
  24. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    I don't ever recall discussing why details are not important in engineering, or credit protection, or various other disciplines. Primarily because...we weren't discussing those things. But this is what you do best- divert to unrelated topics and focus on details that don't matter. There are a lot of people that have those issues, so you're certainly not alone.