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  1. He got what he wanted. She got the thing she wanted taken off the table. That's called losing if you're nancy. But she's too stupid to realize that.
  2. He got the dollars he wanted. Nancy got her item taken off the table -i.e., she doesn't get it at all.
  3. Is there a section in the mueller report about following the Trump money to Russia? Is there anything like that in the report? Answer: No. As for the less redacted version of the Mueller report and what it contains, you should ask your democrat congress person that question. It has been available for viewing by the committee....but to date, no democrat has viewed it. Only Republicans. Why is that?
  4. Got his funding, got the government opened, dems lost the item he was offering them. Most expert negotiators would say that if the other guy got everything he wanted and their side got the one carrot thrown at them yanked off the table in the process, they got their clocked cleaned.
  5. 400+ page report found none of that. If Mueller thought there was a crime, he could have gone to a judge and requested the tax returns and the public never would have known about it. Yet there is no financial section like that in the Mueller report. Why? Because 19 highly skilled forensic white collar investigators on the Mueller team couldn't find any sort of link. But you guys continue to dream one.
  6. Nancy and Chuck were offered a deal for the dreamers and passed. Trump got his funding anyway, opened the government and painted the dems as holding the government hostage by putting our safety at risk. Pretty much a clean sweep win there.
  7. I doubt you're ever going to fully understand this, but Trump is protecting his proprietary interests. While in no way indicative of total financial worth, there are positions in a tax return that could be gleaned by sophisticated real estate investors (and their advisers) that could shed light on competitive strategies that he doesn't want known. Any sane business person in his position would not want that information out on the street in the hands of competitors and negotiating partners, because those proprietary interests will endure far after his second term is over. Now, if you're a random senator who rose to the presidency and had a W2 and some interest income, there's nothing to be lost by releasing that tax return.
  8. Pelosi and Schumer sure were expert negotiators. They were offered a concession in a negotiation. Instead, they turned it down and he still got what he wanted anyway.
  9. Honestly, you could have 10 years of his tax returns in your hands and it wouldn't do you any good. Why? Because it's a ******* tax return. Nobody's tax return will tell you what they are worth. It isn't a financial statement....it's a tax return. Two very different documents. But that apparently continues to be lost on you.
  10. They already did. They let him sign a deal to reopen the government and get the funding necessary through an emergency declaration. They could have gotten something they wanted in the process, but instead, he got what he wanted and put the government back to work.
  11. This is kind of a wasted discussion. The vast majority of the country has a W2 on their tax return and has never run a business in their lives. I wouldn't expect folks in that group to understand why the top real estate guy in the country wouldn't want his competitors seeing his tax returns.
  12. Why would a smart businessman voluntarily hand you proprietary information for no reason?
  13. You mean the old bag got told she wasn't getting infrastructure done? Like that was going to happen anyway? We all know the dems would have loaded any bill down with so much green nonsense it never would have passed the senate. This is Trump telling her to go pound sand without the hassle.
  14. "Transparency" https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/politics/top-democrat-elijah-cummings-wife-may-have-gained-illegal-private-benefit-from-his-committee-activities
  15. What the **** is wrong with the A's, bitching about the tarp being put on the field? You're up 5-3 in the 7th. With the weather that's coming, this is about to be an official game. All you have is a short trip to Cleveland tomorrow- so you have to wait around for a little while. It should be the tigers who are ticked off about the tarp going on a little soon.
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