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  1. Again, you should probably re-read what I said. I don't think either Washington or Oregon makes any sense. I don't give a **** where they spend money though....They have boatloads to spend. Flood it everywhere and anywhere. Might just pick something up you didn't expect to that way.
  2. There was previous reporting that the northwest looked promising due to the sheer number of individual donations. I believe the article I saw was Washington state, but wouldn't surprise me if they see it in Oregon too. I personally think it's not realistic, but who knows. The GOP just had another record month of donations. There is going to be massive amounts to spend, so if they see any opening, why not.
  3. I'm ok being right again while you all believe the polls. That was not exactly unsatisfying for me last time.
  4. You know, Reagan was divorced. I don't believe in divorce, so I could be outraged. Clinton was a philanderer, I don't believe in that so I could be outraged. George ******* washington owned slaves...I don't believe in slavery......so what exactly is the point? We elect presidents to do a job...not saints or people that do everything personally the way any of us individually would choose to do in our own personal lives.
  5. This reaction is why everyone on the board but me was wrong on 2016. But that said, it isn't a surprising reaction 3 years later.
  6. You mean the guy that wasn't legally allowed to question him under house rules? Fat Jerry wants it both ways. He wants to act like it's an impeachment inquiry but doesn't have the balls to actually bring an impeachment inquiry.
  7. The insanity of the democrats actually introducing articles of impeachment after everything that has transpired cannot be understated. They would be pushing the lever to flush any already tiny chances their predictably weak candidate would have by doing that. Of course, you can never underestimate the depths of dumb a democrat will sink to.
  8. I wonder if anyone has ever thought of mitigating this sort of thing by having the attorney hire all their financial professionals and asserting attorney client privilege over their activities? Yep, that type of arrangement was blessed 58 years ago. U.S. v. Kovel, 296 F.2d 918 (2d Cir. 1961).
  9. No special treatment has been received. There is no law requiring tax return disclosure. Tax return disclosure has simply been a custom followed by other presidents. Now, there are campaign financial disclosures that are very much required by law. He complied with those. Quite frankly, those will actually tell you a ton and are more meaningful than a tax return. They've been sitting online since 2016 if anyone is interested. As far as the general public is concerned, a tax return is going to tell you the guy is a real estate developer who took a ton of depreciation deductions that created tax losses. That is very legal, but it will have little bearing to what is actually going on from an economic perspective, which is what some people seem to be infatuated with. That being said, to a skilled real estate developer (competitor), certain information could be gleaned from the returns that Trump wouldn't want out there from a competitive standpoint. So I think he's very much within his rights to hold firm and not release them. He has economic interests to be concerned about post-presidency.....whereas our former presidents actually CREATED their economic interests as a RESULT of their presidencies. A big difference.
  10. When will the cries of voter fraud come now that the dems got swept in both house races tonight?
  11. Name one of his predecssors that had anything close to the massive business interests he had coming into office. Trump is a completely unique situation. Frankly, if I was him, I would consider my tax returns to be proprietary business information, and it appears that is exactly how he views it. Remember, his predecssors largely got rich after leaving office, so there was nothing on their returns worth a damn coming into (or during) office. Conversely, Trump will still be one of the largest real estate investors in the country after he leaves office in 2024. I've said this before....I wouldn't share the tax returns either- purely for business reasons. There is no reason his competition needs to see them. Competitive information- however small- could be gleaned by those in his industry who actually understand what they would be reading....as opposed to the media and the general public....who would all ooh and ahh at massive tax losses and assume he's bankrupt. Candidly, that would be half the fun of him releasing them- making fun of the people who would make fools of themselves trying to discern what they mean.
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