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  1. Political Pot-pourri

    You guys must be pretty darn miserable, not being able to be happy during one of the best 10 month stretches in the history of our markets.
  2. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    http://www.dailywire.com/news/22585/jimmy-carter-unleashed-russians-didnt-alter-joseph-curl# Jimmy apparently isn't drinking the Dem's cool aid....
  3. Michigan vs Penn State

    Yes, really. and I doubt jim harbaugh will let a kid who just had his 7th “miscommunication” between himself and the Secretary of State on the field, because, to use dantonios words “we needed him to play”. His 7th infraction in two years, mind you.
  4. Michigan vs Penn State

    MSU will be in an irrelevant bowl this year as well.
  5. Michigan vs Penn State

    LOL. Your head coach is letting your top running back play after his 7th charge of driving on an expired license. That's not the kind of coach I want running my program.
  6. Michigan vs Penn State

    Has Michigan State woken up and realized it's not 1966 anymore?
  7. Michigan vs Penn State

    People are all over harbaugh, but you are absolutely right. Plus, with Michigan State, if there isn't a once in 10,000 time fluke play on that muffed punt, Jim is 2-1 against state, not 1-2. I don't like what I see this year, but there wasn't ever the expectation in my mind that we'd go anywhere anyway.
  8. Michigan vs Penn State

    Speight was not playing great at all to start the year. But he had experience and Okorn does not. Whoever he is, you generally can't take a team's starting QB out and expect them to be any good.
  9. Cabrera's mistress wants more child support

    Wonder if Miggy's wife knows about this. If she does, it's brutally obvious why she's staying with him. If she didn't know about it before...she does now....
  10. Michigan vs Penn State

    Lots of young players on this team that aren't ready for prime time. QB is a second division guy at absolute best. A few decent throws, but he can't hold onto the ball when it counts. Do we play purdue next year? if so, it will be interesting to see if we can break their quarterback's neck and not get a penalty....
  11. Michigan vs Penn State

    Probably not the game you put one of them into no matter what the score. I'm predicting 52-3
  12. Michigan vs Penn State

    Before this started, I thought they were going to get killed. Two drives for penn state....now I know they are going to get killed. Yes, Gary was getting massively held.
  13. Self Driving Cars

    a. Yes b. I meant that distracted driving has been around forever-well before cell phones. c. I view it as just another thing that can be all too easy to hack.
  14. Upcoming signings

    That's great. I couldn't make it today, but Lance is always a pleasure to talk to. I think he's probably a perfect minor league manager- a very calming influence. He never gets too high or too low. Always had great concentration and is a really good baseball guy. I have no idea what his game management skills are like, but as far as teaching young players how to play the game, I think he's probably really good at that. I think these are the reasons he was always so underrated as a catcher- he stayed very consistent and never was a huge rah rah guy for the cameras.
  15. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    What they are doing is basically what all of you guys have been doing for the last 10 months. You guys just do it with keyboards. I meant that it's the truth that he is essentially disagreeing with anything Trump proposes because he hates Trump. He got angry at the question because he knows it's the truth.