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  1. Well, yes, it's game over. But the democrats won't figure that out until they lose....yet again.
  2. But wait, there's more. https://en.interfax.com.ua/news/press-conference/625831.html
  3. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/ukraine-widens-probe-against-burisma-204018794.html Funny how the democrats and the MSM at large aren't making this front page news. I guess if Ivanka or Eric was involved instead of biden, they would be.
  4. Nice to see them beat down MSU. Next two will not be as easy though.
  5. This is where I don't understand josh gattis. They had an opportunity to step on their throat at the end of the half. What does he do? Runs the same wildcat he did for the other touchdown, which MSU snuffs out. Then he runs straight up the middle again, which they were waiting for. Then he's forced into a one on one on 3rd down. With the rhythm they had coming off the big pass play, he should have rolled patterson instead of two runs up the gut. Big missed opportunity.
  6. So let's see...the democrat's top three witnesses all said they know of no crime Trump committed. Then the former ambassador to Ukraine proceeded to commit perjury. Topped off by accusations that Trump intimidated her by tweeting WHILE she was testifying that she did a ****ty job. So now critiquing job performance qualifies as intimation to these morons. This is a bigger clown show than even I imagined it would be....
  7. You're missing the fact that there was no quid, pro or quo.....They got the aid on time, never understood that it was held up nor did they think they were pressured. Said differently, this situation has exactly zero elements of a quid pro quo.
  8. He didn't have to destroy him. Taylor flat out admitted he sucks as a star witness and has no first hand evidence of much of anything.
  9. It's a sports story, but it's very obviously a political agenda on the part of sportsnet. Because who out there can think of anything more terrible to teach children but to support your veterans and your military families? With all the things that people have said on tv over the years to get themselves fired, this was one of the most benign comments I can recall.
  10. Guess Ron forgot all about how grapes had his back during this one. Way to return the favor, Ron. https://www.thestar.com/sports/hockey/2012/05/10/don_cherry_defends_ron_maclean.html
  11. They were looking for a reason. But this is their reason?? He was basically fired for asking for people to support the troops. He shouldn't apologize at all and should immediately sue them for age discrimination.
  12. I don't have anything to worry about because I won't ever set foot inside one of these establishments. I just think it's amusing when the left gets what it votes for, then, quite predictably, will spend the next 10 years moaning about how the decline of those areas is all the fault of Republicans.
  13. I don't think that's accurate. I trigger you every single day. Most of the time without even trying.
  14. Maybe you're assertion is that this is not really joe biden in the video? You need some new straws to grasp at.
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