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  1. So if I am put into a time out, we'll know it is because I simply called out an individual for wishing someone gets an infectious disease. That's ridiculous and wrong- in any setting. Tiger- wish you and your family all the best, as I said. Sorry if you viewed that as inappropriate against you. It wasn't intended that way.
  2. I'm just pointing out what should have been pointed out by the whole board. His comment has no place anywhere- about anyone.
  3. You find his comment appropriate, for anyone, anywhere? It was way out of line. He can't see the line it was so far out.
  4. Haven't you heard? We need to suspend elections. You get 4 more years of Trump by default. It's going to take some time to eradicate this massive overreaction of a virus....
  5. I hope this is not the case and that he tests negative. Just out of curiosity, did Casimir wish that he got the disease like he did with Trump this afternoon?
  6. As if you all wouldn't have been whining about the cost of modernizing all of this without an outbreak. You know this is how the federal government works, right? Everything is ancient until it's stress tested and needs to be overhauled.
  7. I literally have zero respect for you based on what you just said, but I would never say what you just said about you. Must be upbringing.
  8. This is about as low as intelligence of a post as has ever been made here. Completely out of line. Why would you say this about anyone- including any former president of either party, or anyone else on the planet? It's asinine.
  9. Why would anyone take you seriously when you spew crap like this?
  10. I never suggested you cancelled sporting events. Where did that come from? I said it was an illogical reaction by the leaders in the various institutions. This has been going on for months and we don't have more than 137K cases and 5K deaths? That doesn't seem like something that requires this level of lock down. I have no issues with appropriate safeguards. This is just not proportionate. Now, if it had gone to 10M cases overnight between March 3rd and 4th or something with very significant deaths, that changes the game. We haven't seen that. By the way, I have not insulted you or suggested you supress your opinion. That is apparently an acceptable level of discourse here. I'm willing to watch you act like a child.
  11. No, it's not like that. It's split personality. Like you see something on tv and it drives your next comment. It's really weird.
  12. You seem to have this split personality. You've gone back and forth between being respectfully conversational and a complete ****. Sometimes within two posts of each other....it's quite odd.
  13. when you are completely not accepting of alternate views, what else is there to say? I'm not saying you have to agree with me. In the converse, I don't agree with most of you, but I never just try to shut you down.
  14. Shutting down businesses, putting children in Detroit at risk of no decent meals for 3 weeks, cancelling university classes while the kids all remain at the campus anyway, those are all "what is right?"
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