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  1. This is no different than any other time you guys have been given evidence and chosen to ignore it. If it doesn’t fit the msm narrative, it doesn’t exist.
  2. If you see anything incorrect in all the people and jobs I posted, let me know. And if you dispute the FBI agent's report from 1981 that notes that Trump asked for agents in his casino undercover, please post it and tell me where that report is in error. I have a copy of it if you can't find it.
  3. I guess since we're playing 20 questions, let me ask you if you know some of these answers. Do you know who prosecuted the mob families in NY? Rudy Giuliani did. Do you know who led the gambino family prosecution in particular? Bob Mueller. Do you know who worked with him at the DOJ back then? Rod Rosenstein. Do you know who the Deputy Attorney General was in those days during the bush administration, subsequently becoming full AG? William Barr. Do you know who Barr's deputy was? George Terwilliger. George's son is Zachary Terwilliger...Interestingly, Zach Terwilliger was Rosenstein's Chief of Staff. He was also an Assistant United States Attorney and he served the Senate Judiciary Committee as a criminal counsel to Chuck Grassley. Then in 2018, he became US attorney for Virginia, where he replaced a guy named Dana Boente, who is now the Chief Legal Counsel at the FBI. All these guys, hanging around a guy who is now president and likely had a significant hand in bringing down the mob back in the day. None of them will ever disclose that, and neither will Trump. No MSN outlet will ever report on these relationships or the fact that Trump actually begged the FBI to let the FBI put agents in his businesses 24/7 (a fact that is stated clear as day in FBI reports). Why? Because the MSN wants everyone to believe Trump is in bed with the Russian mob....Which is utter nonsense, if one studies his history in business.
  4. First of all, credits are dollar for dollar, but deductions need to be tax effected before their dollar impact can be ascertained. So yes, the loss of 12K of deductions is covered with 6,000 of tax credits, because a credit is already stated in dollars. 12K of deductions at say $35% rate is is worth about 4 grand. With respect to the personal exemptions, most higher income people (income that was even less than 400K), lost the benefit of personal exemptions completely under the old law. So other than perhaps for state purposes, where you might have gotten some small benefit, the exemptions just didn't matter. For lower income people the loss of the exemption is offset by the increased standard deduction and the lower tax rate. As an aside, I don't think you'll get alot of people being sympathetic about 400K being considered middle class. That dog don't hunt in most of the country....
  5. I have an honest question for you- no BS, smartass stuff, just an honest question. Are you aware that Donald Trump offered to be an FBI informant on the mob in Atlantic City during the building of his casino in 1981, and in fact, there is documentation of that proposed assistance in the form of an FBI agent's report? And that in the course of that offer for assistance, did you know that he even suggested that undercover FBI agents be allowed to roam freely in his casino during and after construction in an effort to root out the mob? So here's a guy who does a ton of large scale construction projects in a city with the largest mob presence in the country (NYC), and who had every visibility into the mob's workings in the construction world...kickbacks, etc.. And yet, here he was, offering to help the FBI root them out of Atlantic City. Here are two operative passages from that agent's report: "In early April, 1981, writer and case Agent met with DONALD TRUMP. The purpose of this meeting was for DONALD TRUMP to express his reservations about building a casino in Atlantic City. TRUMP advised Agents ' that he had read in the press media and had heard from various acquaintances that Organized Crime elements were known to operate in Atlantic City. TRUMP also expressed at this meeting the reservation that his life and those around him would be subject to microscopic examination. TRUMP advised that he wanted to build a casino in Atlantic City but he did not wish to tarnish his family's name inadvertently." "TRUMP advised writer, who was in the presence of the Case Agent, that he, (TRUMP) , wished to provide full disclosure during the construction phase of this casino and subsequently, once the casino was operational. TRUMP stated in order to show that he was willing to fully cooperate with the FBI, he suggested that they use undercover agents within the casino." Now, after this offer in 1981, NYC went on a rampage against the mob. Did Trump turn informant on the mob? Valid question for which there is no definitive answer. If there was an affirmative, definitive answer, Trump probably wouldn't have survived the 1980s, because one of those crime families would have seen that he be taken out. But interestingly, most of the big players in that little foray against the mob continue to be involved in politics today. In fact, several of them work in and around the Trump administration. Interesting. So here's the question: how do we get from "FBI-informant-against-the-mob Donald Trump" 38 years ago to the "hypothetical criminal Donald Trump" who you're all absolutely certain must have laundered money through the Russian mob. Or committed some other crime that no one has any proof of?
  6. You're wrong on the child credit. Know where that phases out now? $400,000. That ain't middle class. It's now 2,000 a kid too vs. the $1000 previously. And they didn't kill the estate tax. Those that are truly wealthy still pay it, if they are too dumb to plan around it.
  7. I find it hard to believe that he keeps hammering this point if he isn't going to do something about it.
  8. The tax refund thing is just beyond stupid. I've said this a million times- people in this country that just say "I got $1,000 back last April and now I'm only getting $150 back this April" generally miss the point that their total tax declined from 2017 and they got more of the refund during 2018 through withholding, vs. getting it the following April. Apparently these folks also missed the fact that the withholding tables changed in early 2018. The psychology of the tax refund timing has always puzzled me.
  9. I'm planning on having a really good week. Spring is going to be in the air soon, and March madness will be starting. Life is good. Note how I was able to express myself with absolutely no caps.
  10. Detroit just needs to pack it in. this is one of the 90% of the games I expected them to lose in the last 10 games or so. But wow, toronto getting smoked by ottawa tonight helped a little bit. Did not see that one coming, even with as badly as toronto played this week. Ottawa was skating really well. We still have an outside shot at last, but it's getting tougher.
  11. The senate has nothing to do with the 25th. They've made a request to DOJ that revolves around the potential for that and/or other conspiracy.
  12. For the record, I don't view this exchange as personal. It's a matter of whether something is a crime or not a crime. There is nothing criminal about non-disclosure agreements, and plenty of attorneys and former FEC heads have said the same thing. It's a discussion about a matter of fact and law.
  13. AOC thought the state of NY was simply handing over 3B in cash in exchange for locating there. That is the operative point. That just isn't the case. The vast majority of it was taxes they never would have paid. She wanted those dollars reallocated somewhere else, like paying for teachers or fixing the subway. But the dollars don't freaking exist, because they weren't actual dollars....(unless NY just prints them out of thin air). The point is, there were strings on those tax incentives before they'd ever materialize...like creating 25,000 jobs. Which would have created sales and property tax revenue and corresponding economic activity that would be staggering. And when confronted with that reality, AOC had nothing to answer with, other than something nearly as stupid, which was that those jobs might not have even been "jobs for New Yorkers". Do companies often bring in 25,000 workers from out of state to make sure they get their tax incentive? I don't think so. I got nothing else on this one. NY was owned. Their new politicians don't even understand the deal that was on the table.
  14. I just signed a non-disclosure agreement this week. The intent is to keep the parties from talking. Both parties signed willingly for the consideration stated. In the MTS business law class, apparently I am also an unindicted co-conspirator. Good lord, am I glad I didn't get my degree here.
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