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  1. Remember that president's day when pfife engaged in the 'wrap up smear'? Oh, wait, you do that every day....never mind.
  2. What I'm saying clearly is, all the democrat's candidates suck. They all have significant electibility concerns. There isn't one of them that won't be ripped to shreds by Trump on a debate stage. That isn't idolistic- it's fact. They are running against a guy with a terrific economy and a significantly riled up based due to all the democrat shenanigans. So I smile anytime one of them says something that can be easily inserted into a campaign attack ad.
  3. No. I was just pointing out the ready made campaign commercial he teed up for Trump with that quote. Bloomberg would be a complete disaster for democrats. Come to think of it...so would all their other candidates....
  4. No, it's the old people. They shouldn't get health care.
  5. If they were "professionals", they would still be on the job.
  6. But in reality it has nothing to do with gender. She's just boring.
  7. Of course you do. Who doesn't love an FBI agent conspiring against a duly elected president?
  8. Try typing "born in Kenya" into your google images search.
  9. I'm not sure if you're aware of this but if you type "avenatti" in the search box, it brings up all the crap you guys ever said about him. It was all of a 5 minute "research" project. But then again, I'm pretty efficient.
  10. This is how I know the two neiborhood lefties here are just in the tank for ideology. Can't even applaud a scum attorney going away for fraud. It's all deflect deflect deflect.
  11. Except for the evidence, crime and conviction.
  12. I would have loved to see the look on his face when they tell him they know he was programmed in Russia as a sleeper agent in 1988....
  13. Not surprising. My response was five lines. I forgot your attention span limit is one line. Alternatively, you responded this way because you know you are wrong but can't admit it. That is certainly not surprising either.
  14. the carefully worded phrase "arising from the referral of the office of the OIG"? Those words? Yeah, I read that. That means it is limited in scope to that issue or "matter" as referenced by the government. Doesn't cover other pending investigations. Thus, this is either being dropped to preserve him as a credible witness in the FISA abuse case or it is not needed because he is already subject to indictment in that case. Either option is hunky dory. You're usually into minutia and details that don't matter. Not shocking you missed the detail that does matter.
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