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  1. stanpapi

    The National Emergency Over the Wall

    The border patrol has said it is and that it has worsened. There have been well documented attempts to rush the border, resulting in border patrol engaging with illegals, caravans, etc. They are the ones on the front line and they are saying it's an emergency. I would have liked to see this dealt with sooner, even though I think he did try to do things to fortify the border with the military and increased agents. There were plenty of Republicans who previously didn't want to give Trump a win on this, and some of those are no longer in congress. But this has to be fixed for the long term, so taking the stand now is fine by me.
  2. stanpapi

    The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    It's clear from the video that he interjected himself into their group first. I don't know a damn thing about the guy, but if you're walking into a group of people and you're doing it in a way that could be considered inflammatory, it's possible that group could become violent. They didn't. They stood there, smiled and looked at him. I fail to see how this is a national story. If any of the kids did anything that was disrespectful, they should be punished by the school, but there was no violence and no police intervention in any of the videos. Unfortunately, social media has already decided that they know the name of the kid who was standing there smiling. Except pictures of the kid they named that have been posted by news outlets make it abundantly clear that he is not the correct student. Different eye color, teeth, etc. Social media vigilantism strikes again.
  3. stanpapi

    The National Emergency Over the Wall

    The proposals he received previously would have stretched the funding out for a decade. That's nonsense and it was rightly rejected at the time. I'd actually prefer that he didn't declare an emergency and find other creative (legal) ways of redirecting funds. But there will come a fulcrum point where it has to end, and at that point I suspect he will pursue the strongest option available. If that is declaring a national emergency, so be it.
  4. stanpapi

    The National Emergency Over the Wall

    Because that is their job. It's not like everybody goes there and gets their own way on everything.
  5. stanpapi

    The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    I'm not "supporting" anybody. I watched the videos. The native americans walked into the group of kids beating drums- the kids did not appear to go looking for them. When the native americans got there, the kids stood there and looked at them. Did they mock them or yell obscenities? I don't know. If they did, the school should identify who did and punish them. It was hard to hear anything specific with all the chanting in the crowd, but based on all the videos, nothing violent happened at all.
  6. stanpapi

    The National Emergency Over the Wall

    Why would he wait that long? I don't think he has any intention of waiting until his second term. I'll leave it to Trump to determine when the timing is right- He's quite good at that. In the interim, he's using the pulpit of the presidency to repeatedly paint the democrats as obstructionists and demonstrate that they aren't interested in negotiating (at all, let alone in bad faith).
  7. stanpapi

    The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    So from various accounts, the native americans inserted themselves into the kids' group. Then some of the kids stood in front of a native american beating a drum and didn't get violent, or even threaten to get violent. Somehow this is a story? If they were disrespectful to him, the school should deal with that, but other than standing in front of him after he walked into their group, what did they do? We've had many protests over the last two years that have become very violent (on both sides). Given what we've seen previously, I fail to see how this is even a story. Incidentally, I don't recall any similar outrage when all those antifa protestors chased that old man down streets in Portland, breaking his car windows and violently threatening him, for instance. All the videos I have seen of this particular "incident" reflect no violence and no police intervening. Just people standing around and chanting. And the kids weren't anywhere near the native americans- the native americans inserted themselves. There is video of them walking right into the kids' group. As an aside, it is somewhat ironic to hear a native american criticize a government for wanting to protect its territory and its people (including the native americans).
  8. stanpapi

    The National Emergency Over the Wall

    He's provided several opportunities for them to negotiate and they haven't. Assuming they don't, there will come a point where he just declares the emergency. That could be done at any time. I believe he'd like to avoid that if he can, and he's attempting to do this in a bipartisan fashion if at all possible. But as he said today, it will happen one way or another. Trump has publicly made a point to demonstrate they haven't negotiated at all, and have in fact left town (Puerto Rico junket with lobbyists) and attempted to leave town a second time (overseas trip that he pulled the plug on). He made a proposal today that was rejected before he even gave his speech. Again, I've said several times, Trump may very well be willing to take something less than 5.7B. But the democrats don't even know if he will (or won't) take less because they aren't willing to ask. They expect him to completely concede the only leverage he has before they even sit down with him. That's not how a negotiation works. If that's the way it continues, there is no negotiation and he does it through a national emergency (or finds the funds another way that has not yet been publicly disclosed).
  9. stanpapi

    The National Emergency Over the Wall

    Trump knew nancy wouldn''t take this deal. Just a lead up to declaring a national emergency. He's demonstrated he will compromise, dems won't take it, so he'll get it another way.
  10. stanpapi

    The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    My prediction for Trump's speech today. Whatever he offers, grandma nancy will turn down. This is nothing more than a speech to paint her as the obstructionist she is. He knows that no matter what he offers her, she won't take it. It's all PR, which is fine. Keep hammering them.
  11. stanpapi

    Harold Baines is in the Hall of Fame?

    I don't know how you keep mattingly out of the hall now. Or Steve Garvey. Heck, let's put Ken Oberkfell in now...
  12. stanpapi

    The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    What canyon did you jump to come to that conclusion? The guy that has charged cohen came out and said the story wasn't true. Presumably he knows the specifics around Cohen's case since, you know...he is the one who charged him.
  13. stanpapi

    POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Let me get this straight. You want me to make a bet with an entire board full of people who were wrong on the 2016 election (among so many other things) and who just got punked yet again by a false “news” report? And to boot, you want me to actually bet on the level of stupidity Democrats could actually exhibit?
  14. stanpapi

    POTUS Impeachment Watch

    What’s make believe about me pointing out that you guys continually fall for fake news, then when your beloved special counsel comes out and debunks it (of all people), you criticize me for quoting that same special counsel who you’ve been hoping would take down Trump for 2 years?
  15. stanpapi

    POTUS Impeachment Watch

    If you guys get this cranky over a single discredited news story, I can't imagine what it will be like here when things really hit the fan.