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  1. You just knew it would happen, too, didn't you? As a Lions fan, you just knew. I can hear the angry folks outside.
  2. All these sunshiney October days are just rubbing it in now.
  3. I was surprised at how brutally quiet the crowd was. But I don't know if I could blame their loss of faith. Seemed people went to the ball game to witness defeat.
  4. Dammit to hell, Sanchez looked fresh out there. But everything has come the hard way. What a rollercoaster. Two games down, lets hope they have it in them. I'm drained.
  5. Coming out of the woodwork to say we suck. It has worked in our favor in the past. Usually.
  6. Yeah, no, we're not playing Little League teams. We are the Little League team.
  7. I will learn to cheer for Nathan. I will learn to cheer for Nathan. I will learn to cheer for Nathan.
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