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  1. I wonder how long its going to take to remove Harrison and Jones from the roster? If you arent going to dump him, at least remove him the lead off spot.
  2. Gattis is unemployed and wont cost that much. Throw a mil his way and he'd have a hard time saying no.
  3. Greiner has 0 business being in MLB. Sign Gattis and get rid of this guy.
  4. Robson needs be given a chance. 24yo and has hit at every level. Draws walks and has 7bb to 1k so far this year. Plays CF and has speed. Mahtook OBV needs to be gone and Jones is a 4th/5th OF since he cant hit.
  5. Id have a hard time taking medical advice from someone who is morbidly obese.
  6. good for boyd. Was never much of a fan, but maybe he turned himself into something useful. Or at least something to trade in July.
  7. I mean, maybe. But id take Jimenez by himself over all 3 of them combined and im a big Cameron fan.
  8. Morosi or Rosenthal said that the cubs offered this and were turned down so they moved on to Quintana. There was a video of one of them saying it posted here somewhere.
  9. Thankfully the great Al Avila didnt take Jimenez and Cease for Fulmer when offered...
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