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  1. So at what point do they tell Lugo and Candelario to **** off and find someone else to play 3rd until Paredes is up?
  2. Since Skubal has a high impact fastball, even if he maxes out at a mediocre breaking ball, he'll be more than okay.
  3. The attempt was low quality. Id say just as many, if not more, pitchers have mediocre breaking balls than not.
  4. Not having a "shut down" breaking ball is no where near the same thing as "having no breaking ball."
  5. Why? Stroman is a FA after next year and he doesnt K anyone. His return was never going to be top end. The fact they got what the got is a miracle. His situation and boyd's situation arent comparable.
  6. There is no reason to keep Greene. His value wont be higher next deadline and this team is going to be trash next year too. You take the best offer for him. If Greene is a Tiger Aug 1st, Avila failed yet again...
  7. Franmil Reyes was there to take without giving anyone up. Unsurprisingly, Avila took the wrong Reyes in the rule 5.
  8. Boston has nothing of value for Boyd. That said, Avila's stupid *** will probably trade Boyd to Boston...
  9. This is the most likely outcome.
  10. Unsurprisingly, Al took the wrong Reyes in the rule 5. The other one is 6th in the NL in HRs.
  11. You can just write him off at this point.
  12. Having no one that can hit is a sure way to lengthen the rebuild.
  13. Assuming theyre available and want to sign here...
  14. It makes shopping Boyd even more necessary. He is their only shot to get an impact bat(s), as they have none at any level. Greene might be one in 4 or 5 years, but who knows. IF your rebuild is largely centered around pitching, its probably not going to end well. And if their plan is to add one potential impact bat a year via a top 5 DP, its probably not going to end well either.
  15. I made plenty of posts back in 2015 about how JD absolutely needed to be traded. I was the only one. I made posts back then about how JV needed to be traded. There's no hindsight 2020 nonsense here. The obvious moves were obvious. Al didnt make them. Here we are.
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