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  1. MDMAzing

    What exactly does this team need?

    And where did I say Tom Brady turns everyone he plays with into pro bowlers? He and other elite QBs make the players around them look better than they actually are. That's kind of what superstars do...
  2. MDMAzing

    What exactly does this team need?

    Its just yet another example of how horribly run this org is. No other team would of stuck with that bum for as long as we have all while giving him those ridiculous extensions. Decisions like paying a QB that elevates the play of no one and can only perform if he is surrounded by superstars at every offensive position 15% of your cap is why the Lions are perennial losers.
  3. MDMAzing

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    Great news for the tank because Matt Moore is absolute garbage.
  4. MDMAzing

    Game 11 Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions: Happy Thanksgiving

    If we got paid every time a streaking WR had to slow and/or stop his momentum to catch a Stafford ball only to have immediately go to the ground or have the defender catch him, we'd all be rich.
  5. MDMAzing

    Game 11 Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions: Happy Thanksgiving

    Having a strong arm means nothing when you have no accuracy, or smarts for that matter. It wasnt just the game ending stare down pick six that was the epitome of Stafford career, that swing pass to Riddick was the literal definition of Golden boy's illustrious decade of service. You know what im talking about? The one where the WIDE OPEN Riddick could of cart wheeled in the endzone but Stafford threw it behind him causing Riddick to slow down, turn his back to catch it and have his momentum carry him out of bounds at like the 8 or so. They ended up scoring a TD anyway, but how many of those ended in a punt/FG/TO all because Stafford cant hit a WR in ******* stride? I remember when Caldwell was fist hired, he said Stafford has to learn throw a "runners ball." He still hasnt learned...
  6. MDMAzing

    Game 11 Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions: Happy Thanksgiving

    CHI made that trade because they are paying their QB pennies on the dollar. Meanwhile, the Lions are paying a complete bum that elevates the play of no one(except the other teams defense) 15% of the total cap space. Cooter is here because Stafford wanted him here, what does that tell you about Stafford? and he's about to get yet another OC fired....
  7. MDMAzing

    Game 11 Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions: Happy Thanksgiving

    $30 million "franchise" 10 year vet outplayed by some journeyman bum. Who didnt see that coming? 6-10 here we come. But hey, thats basically a SB victory for the Stafford lovers. ******* mind boggling how people constantly defend and make excuses for this guy.
  8. Cmon, everyone knows its not until year 12 that a starting QB finally hits his stride...
  9. After JBC gets fired, how many QBs that have been in the league as long as Stafford, while winning nothing of any remote significance, have survived 3 different HC's and 4 different OC's? We all know the Lions are one of worst run ORGs in sports history, but Jesus ******* Christ, any competently run franchise would of moved on already.
  10. 10 years of the same bull****. Doesnt matter how many different HC's, OC's or offensive personnel, its literally the same ******* offense every year. How people recycle the same excuses every year with a straight face is beyond me at this point. They need to draft a QB within the first 2 rounds next year to begin the transition.
  11. Jesus ******* christ throw the ******* ball away.
  12. Truer words have never been spoken. This team will NEVER win with Stafford at QB. If you havent figured that out TEN YEARS later, youre straight up clueless.
  13. MDMAzing

    Fist City: population...Rod and Mario

    During the heyday, the Tigers had the highest rated TV broadcasts in MLB pretty much every year. That definitely plays a part in how much these two were making and I have no doubt they were paid much as Henning stated. Too bad for them they couldnt get over their petty bull****. Oh well.
  14. Yea, no kidding. That's why i find the whole "Stafford comebacks" talk funny. Offense only looks good when the other defense is in prevent mode.
  15. Just imagine if he could hit wide open guys...