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  1. What exactly was Boise States system? I mean, they ran plays out of every formation. Kellen Moore is a very smart and very accurate passer. If he can put on some weight to be able to take hits from NFL players he should develop into a good backup. At the very least he will be a good coach on the sidelines. (Because that's what 3rd QB's are anyways.) I guess if we are saying the system made Kellen Moore, then we should say the system made Titus Young right? I fully expect Kellen Moore to have the back up job by the time Shaun Hills contract is up.
  2. Great pick up. Kellen Moore will take over then back-up role when Shaun Hills contract is up. Very, very smart QB and is very accurate. I love the pick up. How in the hell does he go undrafted but Russell Wilson goes in the 3rd?
  3. Just looking at it. Pahokee highschool was stacked. Martavious Odoms Vincent Smith Alphonso Smith Dwight Bentley Janoris Jenkins Anquan Boldin Rickey Jackson Dang. I wonder if the Lions discovered this guy as they were doing some research on Jenkins?
  4. I wouldn't be to worried about the ACL. Wes Welker seemed to recover pretty good from it. Plus he tore it in early November, he should be/feel 100$ come September. Curry would have been a good pick to. I actually thought that was who we were taking. Maybe it means they have faith in signing Avril long term.
  5. Yeah he played with Deion Sanders back in the day. Forget his TV commentary. He holds (or at least did hold, I don't know about this year) a combine training thing for all the DB's. Last year he told Mayhew that Peterson was the only CB worth drafting in the first round. Either way, I think Mayhew knows what he is doing. He's earned his right to make questionable picks.
  6. We've got to remember, Mayhew was a corner and he played with Deion. Plus he talks with Deion after the DB camp he does before the combine. So Mayhew has some pretty good Intel on CB's.
  7. It depends on when he had his surgery. Usually when you tear your ACL it's at it's weakest point between 6-12 weeks post surgery. Then after that it's pretty much just weight lifting to get your leg back to normal strength. Seeing how he tore his ACL in early November he should be ready to go pretty soon. I've been told your 100% at about 6 months, but you don't feel 100% until about 9 months or so.
  8. Boykin and Josh Norman still available, not sweating to much.
  9. I think I like the pick. Broyles is a great receiver, he just tore his knee. Everyone comes back from ACL's now-a-days. I think he can be our version of Wes Welker. Looking forward to see him in the Honolulu Blue and Silver. Also, what was with this second round? I was expecting between 6-8 corners to go off the board, but there was only like 3. Weird.
  10. Don't worry about Titus. He's gonna be pretty good. I liked to watch a lot of Boise State games when I could, he's the real deal. He was banged up and missed most of training camp, but that could also have something to do with the lockout. I remember seeing one mock draft where the Lions took B.J. Cunningham in the 7th, and being a Michigan fan, I wouldn't be to upset with that. I thought B.J. was a really good WR, but I don't know about his return abilities
  11. Does Jenkins carry to much baggage? Yes and no. If he we drafted him in the 1st I would have said yes, but if he falls to us in the 2nd I don't think you can pass on him. Ok so he smoked some weed big whoop. He has 4 kids with 3 women, ok, but remember. The Lions were going after Antonio Cromartie when the Chargers were trying to trade him, and he has like 16 kids with 14 women (slightly exaggerated). But when you got a talent like Jenkins falling to you in the second round, I don't see how you can pass him, unless there's more to the story that we don't know yet.
  12. I think WR is a semi-need you definitely need a 4th WR and a good slot guy that can return kicks and punts and eventually take over for Burleson when he retires. Joe Adams has been linked to the Lions a couple times, but that's more like a 4th round guy. 3rd round though. The guy I want is Josh Norman CB out of Coastal Carolina. We need more dogs! We don't need no kitty cats! We need Dogs!
  13. I'd like to see Cordy Glenn (if he falls) Maybe a Peter Konz Janoris Jenkins Brandon Boykin Bobby Wagner Maybe even a George Illoka.
  14. I thought it was a great pick to. We needed to get younger on the O-line and we did, he could probably come in and start at RT right away. But the whole thing is for him to take over for Backus in a year or two. Helps the run blocking as well. I like the pick. Look forward to seeing him play.
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