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  1. That is 10 consecutive soft outs. can the Tigers get 6 outs before the Tribe scores twice . I doubt it.
  2. Te to Jim Leyland.....Phil Coke is not a lefty specialist if a game is in question that load can't get a lefty, riighty or my gradmother out and she has been dead for 25 years. If you have pitcher dominating a team and he gives up one hit let him pitch to the next batter. Stay in the run way and smoke a camel
  3. seriously if you manage like Leyland you could just let computer do it and save the salary. If they blow this game Leyland should take the flight to Pittsburgh not cinncy
  4. I hate him leyland. I hope Phil Coke never pitches for the Tigers again.. If the players don.t lose the game don.t worry smokes leyland will screw it up.
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