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  1. Former Tiger Announcer and Current M's Play by Play Guy... Rick Rizzs 1/1 Signature Card
  2. Will sell the remaining cards for $50. Thanks, GoTGRS
  3. Interesting Post. I am not sure I have a top ten list. I have most of the players on your list and I am down to only a handful of living Tigers I don't have. Mike Marshall would probably be my number one as well. I have not paid the outrageous fee based on personal principal, but I will probably give in at some point.
  4. I am in need of a signed cards for my collection of a few of the pitchers that have bounced between Toledo and the Tigs this season. Does anyone have extras of: Luke Putkonen Jose Ortega Thad Weber Luis Marte I would also be interested in setting up some sort of 50/50 or consignment with someone on a Mud Hens team set. If you are interested please let me know, Thanks, gotgrs
  5. Former Tiger GM Joe McDonald 1 / 1 signature card
  6. Cleaning out my collection and I have a extras to sell. All are cards. All autographs were obtained through the mail or in person. Shipping is $1 per card and .50 for each additional. PM me if you are interested. Scans and Pictures are available upon request. Thanks for looking! Last First Card Ink Belliard Raf. 93 Topps Blk Shp $2 Benoit Joaquin 04 Topps Total Blu Shp $3 Brookens Tom 85 Topps BLK Ink $2 Cary Chuck 87 Topps Blk Shp $2 Damon Johnny Sold Davis Storm 83 Topps BLK Ink $1 Light Sig Demeter Steve One Year Winner BLK Ink $3 Evans Darrell 88 Topps Blu Shp $2 Slight thumb print Evans Darrell 86 Topps Blu Shp $2 Gardner Phil 2000 Topps Blu Shp $2 Gohr Greg 90 Score Blk Shp $1 Guillen Carlos Sold Halter Shane 2003 UD40 Blk Shp $2 Hare Shawn 92 Fleer Blu Shp $2 Hoeft Billy TCMA BLK Ink $2 Hudson Charlie 88 Fleer Blu Shp $2 Inge Brandon 06 topps Total Blu Shp $2 Jackson Austin Sold Jackson Austin Sold Jones Jeff 81 Topps Blu Shp $1 Light Sig Knapp Rick Signature care Blu Shp $2 Laird Gerald 08 Donruss Blk Shp $4 Certifed Card Lamont Gene 92 Topps Trad Blu Shp $3 Lary Frank TCMA Blu Shp $2 Leyland Jim 2006 Topps Sold Leyland Jim 90 Topps Blu Shp $3 Paniagua Jose 96 Bowman Sold Patterson Jarrod Minor league card Sold Perry Rick 2010 Topps Blk Shp $3 Certified Card Polanco Placido 04 Fleer Blu Shp $2 Porcello Rick Signature card Blu Shp $3 Reed Jerry 88 Fleer Blu Shp $2 Richie Rob 90 Topps BLK Ink $1 First Name Only Rule Vern 78 Topps Blu Shp $5 Rule Vern 79 Topps Blk shp $5 Scherzer Max 2009 A.Ginter Blu Shp $3 Seale Johnnie One Year Winner BLK Ink $3 Sims Duke Sold Thomas Clete 2008 A.Ginter Blu Shp $2
  7. Al Avila - 1/1 Signature card. Included business card.
  8. Paul Carey the forgotten voice of the Tigers 1/1 Signature Card!
  9. Do you have any interest in trading or selling Weber and Putkonen? GoTgrs
  10. In the mail today: 1/1 Octo Dotel, signed 2006 Heritage in thin blue sharpie, it is gorgeous!
  11. Thanks, I would appreciate the help. I am looking for former Tiger coaches as well as players, which is how Whitmer and Doug M made my list. thanks, gotgrs
  12. I am looking for autographed cards of the following players, Please let me know if you have any you would like to sell or trade Last First Allanson Andy Bean Billy Bernazard Tony Brown Darrell Brunson Will Burnside Sheldon Dalton Mike Defelice Mike Dolsi Freddy Duran Roberto Farnsworth Jeff Garcia Freddy Gonzales Dan Graterol Beiker Harris Gene Havens Brad Henriquez Oscar James Art Jiminez Jason Mansolino Doug Marte Luis Miller Eddie Nosek Randy Oliveros Lester Pearson Terry Pemberton Rudy Powell Brain Rapada Clay Ruffin Chance Stidham Phil Tolar Kevin Urdaneta Lino Vazquez Virgil Veres Randy Whitmer Dan Young John
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